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● 1 Coding Class each week
Perfect for those looking to explore the world of coding

● Enrol Any Time, no need to wait until beginning of term!● No lock-in contracts● Pay as you go, pause any time● Sibling Discounts AvailableRead FAQ's

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● Up to 2 classes each week● Includes Robotics & 3D classes● Priority first access to School Holiday Camp bookings● 25% off School Holiday Camps● Monthly Parents Night Off: Drop the kids off Friday night and enjoy a night off.

● Enrol Any Time, no need to wait until beginning of term!● No lock-in contracts● Pay as you go, pause any time● Sibling Discounts AvailableRead FAQ's

Parents night off & camps subject to booking availability.

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My son attended a Coding class today at Skill Samurai Castle Hill. I was able to stay and watch and Coach Jamie is a fantastic teacher! He was clear in his communication, delivered the class well and is very patient with the students.

Mary-Anne R.


My 11 year old son recently attended an introduction to coding workshop... For someone that has never done any coding related activities whatsoever he thoroughly enjoyed the session. They managed to create their own webpage... The facility and resources were great and kids were amazed to see a 3D printer in action on site. Friendly and helpful staff and teachers enhance the whole experience. I would highly recommend Skill Samurai to all inquisitive and aspiring young minds!

Anitha A.


My kids thoroughly enjoyed their School Holiday workshop and I've signed them up for next term! 

Rebecca H.




  • Do you offer make-up classes if my child misses a class?

    Yes, absolutely. We've designed our classes to be family-friendly! Our goal is to be the most flexible in the industry. The make-up class can be in the same week or following week. 

  • If we miss a class will my child fall behind?

    No. Your child will never fall behind at Skill Samurai. Each child works on their own projects, at their own pace. 
    If you miss a week, or more, they will pick up right where they left off. It's the way education ought to be!

  • How does your pricing work, what is a membership?

    We think 'pay-by-the-term' is outdated. We believe in 'pay-as-you-go'. 
    One simple weekly price, no contracts. The most flexible in the industry. 
    Pause your membership at any time. Need to go on holidays or take a break? No problem, we have you covered. Why pay for a serve that you aren't using, that's outdated! 

  • My child is struggling at school, will coding help? 

    Most people don't know, but coding helps kids improve across almost all subject areas (The research proves it). We also know that some kids struggle with maths/English Tutors, so coding classes can be a great way to bridge the gap and help students improve exam grades and build a love of learning. 

  • My child already learns coding at school, should they do more?

    Definitely! Like many subjects, school introduces students to the basic concepts. If your child has shown an interest in coding (computer programming), our classes will build on that knowledge and take students to advanced levels, which schools currently can not provide. Our curriculum builds into long-term career skills! 

  • What if my child doesn't like it?

    No Problem, there are no contracts or pre paid terms. Students attend class on a pay-as-you go basis. If at any time your child loses interest, simply let us know and we'll stop your payments. Just try to give us 7 days notice so that we can process things. We are parents too, which is why we believe in keeping things simple and flexible! 

  • I have a busy schedule, how flexible is your timetable?

    We get it, family schedules can be hectic. We've designed a world-class curriculum that is project based and self-paced. What does that mean? It means that your child can attend any scheduled class, any day. If you need to cancel at short notice, no problem, our booking system allows you to easily cancel, book and rebook. We've designed it for busy families.  

  • My child can't focus for long periods, is coding right for them?

    Our classes are one hour in duration, the perfect length to hold a students attention and achieve learning outcomes. Each class is divided into bite sized video lessons and focused on a project that is aligned with their interests (i.e. Minecraft, websites Roblox, apps, etc)... Perfect for kids with short attention spans! 

  • My child already has a maths/English tutor, do they need to learn coding?

    Most people don't know, but coding helps kids improve across almost all subject areas (The research proves it). 
    Coding is a perfect supplement for kids who are already working with tutors. 
    Coding can also be a good alternative to tutoring. If your child needs a break from tutoring, but they still need help, coding is the perfect solution. This is surprisingly common, when a child is struggling with say maths or English, the last thing they want, is to attend attend classes/tutoring. 

  • My child is addicted to devices and gaming, is more screen-time a good idea?

    Learning to code can be one of the best ways to change their focus and reduce their addiction. Instead of passively consuming videos and games, students learn how their favourite websites and games are created. 
    Students then crave knowledge and learning, they find themselves wanting to create their own technology rather than being controlled by it! 

  • My child is struggling socially, how can coding classes help? 

    Put simply, coding is a great way to bring like-minded kids together. Some of our curriculum and holiday camps are team oriented, so it's a great way to build social skills. You never know, they might meet (or become) the next Steve Jobs or Elon Musk. 

  • As a parent, I don't know anything about coding? Do I need to learn the basics? 

    You don't need to know how to play Beethoven's Piano Sonata No.14 in order to teach your child the piano... That's our job... Not teaching piano, but teaching kids to code. 
    Seriously though, you don't need to be tech savvy, our coaches will guide your child so that they thrive... not just as programmers, but as tech creators, innovators and students. 

  • Are the classes face to face or online? 

    Our classes are all conducted face to face in small group settings. Kids are experiencing online learning fatigue, we believe that face to face learning produces the best results and leads to other important outcomes like teamwork, leadership, confidence and resilience.