How to make your first game on Roblox Studio - Beginners Guide

Free, fun, kid-friendly. These are the main features of Roblox. So, many kids today worldwide are really spending so much time playing this awesome online game. Roblox consists of over 64 Million active players in its online community. It is accessible to any through its free platform. 
Besides its fantastic highlights, Roblox also offers incredible knowledge and experience about code learning for kids. How? Roblox uses an example of a block-based coding language that allows the children to experience code learning for kids.

Who can learn Roblox?

Anyone can learn Roblox, especially those individuals who have their gadgets that can download the application. It is free, which makes it accessible to anyone. Your kids can also be active players of Roblox while letting them learn to program. Through this, kids can both enjoy and gain knowledge. In this case, everyone can try the Roblox Studio experience and begin their Roblox journey. 
Are you ready to make your child play Roblox? Here are the beginners guide on how to build your first game on Roblox Studio.

Step 1: Account Setup and Roblox Studio Installation

The application requires you to set up your free Roblox account and Roblox Studio. Kindly visit, and you can now guide your child to fill out the forms. 
1. Please identify the birthday, such as the month, day, and year of your creator’s birthday. 2. You can now type the username or screen name. It will determine your character in the game. Make sure to use a username different from your real name to maintain privacy and keep its fictional concept of the account holders. 3. Create a strong password and add it to log in. 4. Once all the forms are completed, just click “Sign Up.”
After setting up your account, you must now move forward in installing your Roblox Studio. Step 1 requires you to prepare all the digital tools and platforms before entering the game. So, here is the process to install Roblox Studio.
1. After filling out the forms, you will automatically be directed to download and install Roblox Studio. 2. Click “Create” then “Start Creating.”3. Then, click “Download Studio” once it pops out the screen.4. Open it and run the program on your device. 5. Once everything is downloaded completely, you need to log in again. 

Step 2: Check Out the Game Examples.

Roblox Studio provided samples from different types of games created on the platform. It includes survival games (natural disasters), hides and seeks games (crime and searching), tycoon games (theme park, restaurant), and so on. You can view these games and see how they work. You can also compare the games to what is best for your child. Asking your child about their preference for the games samples would not hurt too.. 

Step 3: Learn the Basics of Roblox Studio Editor

After browsing the games created from Roblox Studio, you can start building your own by familiarising the Roblox Studio Editor. You can start by creating an obstacle course, also known as “Obby.” Obby is where the navigation takes place. 
Open the editor and begin navigating the movements on the base plate. You can try to move forward, backward, left, right, up, and down. Each key button has its navigation. Additionally, you can also rotate by holding the right-click button of your mouse. 
After navigating, you can start inserting and moving parts. Try to click the “block” and drag it to the editor. You can make it larger or smaller and move it in any direction.
Then, the shape or block is now in a floatable part of the Obby. In this case, you need to anchor the details using the menu box. 
You can start adding more blocks through a block anchored to make steps and even build parts you wanted. 

Step 4: Plan and Design Using Roblox Studio Editor

After building the fundamental steps using different shapes and blocks, you can now begin designing your Obby. You can use other shaped parts and materials to bring out other styles on your Obby. Afterwards, you can use your imagination to build your platform. 
Once you accomplish your desired design, you can test the game. Just click the “Play” button and move the character. You can navigate it to different sides or even use a spacebar to jump. After testing the game, just click “Stop” to return your screen to the Roblox Studio Editor. 

Step 5: Roblox Scripting Basics

Other than the blocks and shapes, Roblox also highlights Lua, a scripting coding language. It is a fun idea for your child to try this too. Lua scripting language is present in other popular applications and games. Besides that, it is also a fantastic way for code learning for kids. So, Roblox Studio added this user-friend text editor for the child to manipulate easily. It can also add up to their knowledge with the code learning for kids. 
In using Lua, the Roblox Studio game developer can bring out its creativity by making new heights, characters, materials, and other components on the game. Therefore, it is possible to build the whole idea into the interface.

Step 6: Teach Roblox Studio to Your Child

After you become aware of Roblox and Roblox Studio’s works, you are now ready to teach this to your child. Let them try creating a game on their own with your supervision. Help them with the process, but have them work on the platform independently. In this case, you are instructing them to build, design, and learn on their own.
Follow these steps above and let your kid enjoy the Roblox Studio experience. However, to further make a great gaming time, you should secure them from dangers whilst playing online. Check out the reminders given here.

Is Roblox safe for your child? 

Online games are highly accessible to other users, so it is pretty dangerous for kids to play. However, as parents, you can make varying ways to protect your child whilst enjoying playing Roblox. Here are some of the reminders you need to follow. 
Roblox parental controls. Parents can use parental controls like account restrictions, parental pin, and chat functions. Through your child’s account, you can set an Account PIN to protect features like the email address, password, and privacy settings. 
1. Go to 2. Click the Gear icon located in the top right corner3. Select Settings, then proceed to Security 4. Adjust the button and enable the Accounts Restrictions slider
You can now filter your child’s interaction with other in-game or out-game Roblox users through this case. It can also allow you to access your parent’s account settings to check up on your child’s information. 
Monitor your kid’s account. To help your child have a blast experience using Roblox, you also need to remind them how important to be safe online. So, as their parents, you should consider tracking the histories they did whilst using the game. You can check their records through the following sections:
1. Direct and small group chat. Check the Chat and Party feature location in the lower right corner of the apps. You can review there the individual messages they sent to other users. However, it only caters to Friends and Friends of Friends.2. Friends and Followers. You would be able to check who your kid interacts with.3. Private message history. You can still check the people who talk to your kid online. 4. Recently played games. If you have access, you can see the games your child viewed or played. It will help you verify if they play games inappropriate for them. 5. Purchases of virtual items and trade history. You can also review your child’s transactions during the game, especially if they ordered a thing for the game.If you monitor your child’s activities in Roblox, you can warn and remind them of the danger online. Through this, you are helping them to become aware of improper users and games.
Roblox Online interactions. Roblox users can communicate with other users through written and voice messages. It is possible, especially if they are friends with the person. To prevent unnecessary interactions of your kid with strangers, you need to adjust the settings.
1. Go to 2. Click the Gear icon located in the top right corner3. Select Settings, then proceed to Privacy4. Adjust the Restrictions through Content Settings and Other Settings.
Even if you set it this way; it is still open for friend requests. So, you should check your kid’s friend request page to prevent strangers from coming along your child’s account.
You can also do blocking of users through settings and even inside the leaderboard. Roblox designed this way to protect users from strangers with whom they don’t want to interact. You can also use the Report Abuse button to report chats from strangers and friends. Finally, you can adjust the Chat settings only specified to friends. 
Roblox In-game Purchases. Roblox is highly entertaining for kids as it enables them to change the player’s outfit in games. It also provides extra equipment for them whilst playing the game. So, kids seem to enjoy purchasing these items online. 
To help you with this issue, you need to keep in mind to use a password for your credit cards and mobile banking. In this case, your child cannot easily purchase anything they want online. 

Additional Tips on How to Make Roblox safe for your kids

Besides the indicated reminders above, here are some of the ways to protect your kids further. 
1. Perform parental controls and use them to adjust Roblox settings.2. Teach your kids who they are allowed to talk or chat with within the game. Groom them as good digital citizens.3. Encourage them to play in an open room with people stead of playing behind closed doors. It helps you to supervise them whilst playing.4. Prevent your children from making alterations to the Roblox account. So, you need to create a new password that is not familiar to your kid. 5. Keep an open line of communication with your kids. 
If you follow these recommendations, your child would have a great experience in playing Roblox. It also allows them to enjoy all its features without any worries about interacting with strangers. 

Why should you let your child play Roblox? 

Roblox gives players a chance to enjoy its incredible features and concept. But other than its entertaining qualities, Roblox Studio caters to learning for its players. They let them understand complex and intellectual games while mastering creativity. It also allows your kids to practise planning, building, organising, and designing structures using blocks of code. Through this, your kids can generate more ideas and improve their understanding. 
Besides these, your child can get benefits from playing Roblox. Here are the reasons why.
Kids learn real-world coding skills in Roblox. Roblox Studio introduces coding activities, enabling your kid to try kids coding. It also helps them learn basic concepts of code learning for kids whilst inspiring them to pursue careers in computer sciences.
Kids receive ideas about game development and digital designing. Besides entertaining your children, Roblox also gives them the skill of the game, animation, and app development. Through this, they are received career-ready competencies that can be lucrative skills in the future.
Roblox offers tutorials and educational activities. Several activities are present in Roblox Studio, allowing kids to try and discover new things. Moreover, Roblox can give your children excellent learning tutorials to master game designing, digital civility, entrepreneurship, and even coding. 

How can you further help your child learn to code?

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