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Low start-up costs | Flexible business model | Thriving education sector




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Flexible Business Model

Run your business mobile, or build a bricks & mortar campus. Suitable for a wide range of investments.

Work-Life Balance

The typical franchise operates after school and holidays, leaving you plenty of time to work ON your business. The way a Franchise ought to be!

High Demand

Coding and STEM education is a booming market. Technology and careers are moving so fast, the education system cant keep up.

Franchising for Good

Preparing children for tomorrow’s workplace, while helping you build a bright financial future.

Meet the coolest kid in school

Our coding classes are fun, designed to help children thrive academically and socially. Skill Samurai students are known as the cool kids in school!
This isn’t your average tutoring business, we’ve modelled our business on some of the world’s leading membership businesses, so you'll enjoy reliable, predictable revenue.

Finally, a more flexible franchise

3 Franchise Opportunities


Our 'On-The-Go' brings Skill Samurai to your community. Partner with schools and community programs and take our curriculum to kids anywhere they are, so they can have access to the technology skills they need.

Brick and Mortar Learning Centre

With a permanent location, your centre will become a vital part of your community. Kids will come to you for education, school holiday camps and birthday parties! 3 recession-resistant businesses in one!


Do you have a bigger vision? If you have experience in supporting multi-site businesses, perhaps you can secure a number of prime territories. If you’re passionate about people, sales and processes, let’s talk.

What's included?

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A comprehensive Start-up Plan

Let's be honest; if you're successful, then so are we. We'll bend over backwards to support your new business. 


Franchise Growth Manager

You'll have access to your own business coach. You'll learn best-practices and avoid some of the typical mistakes that most new franchisees make.

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Curriculum Development

We are working tirelessly behind the scenes to develop new courses to keep students engaged and keep pace with technology.

Business Management Technology

Technology and systems are required for success, but it can be daunting starting from scratch. No worries! Websites, social, booking software, CRM, Marketing... We've got you covered.

Marketing Support

Our marketing support team helps you promote upcoming classes, camps, and events through various web and social media channels. We have developed a variety of advertising materials and sales aids to make things easier!

A powerful and supportive Network

The power of a Franchise group lies in it Franchisees. We believe that culture is important. When you join Skill Samurai, you'll join a supportive network of ethical, like-minded entrepreneurs. 

Multiple Revenue Streams

Earn income from monthly memberships, school holiday camps, school excursions, birthday parties and career certifications. 5 Revenue streams to build your business... Your way. 

The Industry and Opportunity

The global private tutoring market to exhibit strong growth during the next five years.

October 2020

Source: Private Tutoring Market: Global Industry Trends, Share, Size, Growth, Opportunity and Forecast 2020-2025

The Global Smart Learning market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 17.5% by 2027.

February 2020

Source: Smart Learning - Global Market Outlook (2018-2027)

Over the five years to 2024, industry revenue is anticipated to continue rising.

March 2019

Source: Tutoring & Test Preparation Franchises - Industry Market Research Report

The global market for Private Tutoring is projected to reach US$218 billion by the year 2027.

September 2020

Source: Private Tutoring - Global Market Trajectory & Analytics


Predictable, reliable income

Other education franchises offer term-based programs. Skill Samurai is a membership model, which means you'll earn predictable, recurring revenue. That's one less thing you'll have to worry about!

Coding to Learn, Not Learning to Code

Computer programming is a life skill, rather than a job skill. Learning to code is as important as Maths and english - Jeff Hughes, Founder

Creativity and Problem Solving

Communication & Resilience

Logical and Critical Thinking

Leadership and Teamwork

A Franchise you can be proud to call your own

Join us in creating a profitable, ethical brand that delivers positive impact to our next generation.

Do you have what it takes?

Join us on our mission to change the world. Here's what we're looking for.

Passion For Technology

At Skill Samurai we believe that anything is achievable through technology. We're seeking Franchise owners who not only share our passion for computer science, IT, and other tech-oriented concepts, but love sharing it with your community.


Growth Mindset

Technology and business is always changing, Skill Samurai Franchise Owners must be able to change with it. Our ideal Owners exhibit a readiness to scale their business.

Sales & Marketing Oriented

We're seeking exceptional people to join our network. Do you have a background in business management, sales and/or marketing? Contact us now for a confidential discussion.

Networking Know-How

Are you an active participant in your community? Do you have an “in” with local schools, recreation centres, or other youth-focused programs? We find that Franchise Owners who actively network with other businesses are most successful.

Integrity & Resilience

We teach kids many things, these virtues are at our core. We're looking for people who can get back up when knocked down, people who can lead by example and inspire our next generation.

Coding is the new literacy of our generation. It's less about getting a job with Google or Amazon, rather it's a necessary lens for understanding the world. Kids deserve access to a world class coding curriculum, that's where we come in.

Jeff Hughes - Founder

More ways to grow your wealth

More revenue streams than our competitors


Monthly Coding Memberships

Our curriculum and retention system is designed to ensure our student stay longer. 


Birthday Parties

Earn money by hosting parties. You have the unique opportunity to introduce each guest to your campus.


School Programs and incursions

Work with local schools to develop school programs. A great way to introduce your brand to kids. 


School Holiday Camps

Camps are a great way to generate revenue and bring new clients into your other revenue streams.


Career Certifications

A profitable, low-touch income stream. Own a business that does good things in your community.