Skill Samurai Australia
Updated on: 18/9/2023Contact: Jamie Buttigieg, Child Safety Contact Person
PurposeWe strive for children participating in our programs to experience a nurturing, safe, and positive environment. We hold in highest regard the well-being of our children, their families, and our team members. 
IntroductionThis policy is aimed to guide all Skill Samurai team members—both paid and volunteer—on acceptable conduct while interacting with children. The document also outlines our commitment to an inclusive, transparent, and child-friendly atmosphere that promotes children’s well-being and active participation.
Children's ParticipationSkill Samurai encourages children to actively participate in decision-making processes and in the programs we offer. We utilize multiple channels for children to offer feedback and raise concerns, ensuring their voices are heard and respected.
Recruitment & ScreeningAll candidates will undergo a robust recruitment and screening process, which includes but is not limited to interviews, reference checks, and a mandatory Working With Children Check. 
Training and InductionAll new team members will undergo an induction program, which includes a detailed discussion on this Child Safe Policy, led by their line manager. Regular training sessions will be held to keep the staff updated on child protection laws and best practices.
Code of ConductAll team members are expected to abide by the Skill Samurai Codes of Conduct & Behaviour Policy which outlines acceptable and unacceptable behavior towards children.
Complaints Management & ReportingWe encourage all stakeholders—children, parents, or employees—to voice their concerns by emailing .ua.moc.iarumaslliks%40olleh Our follow-up process is as follows:1. Preliminary investigation led by Jamie Buttigieg, with a neutral witness present.2. If actions are found to violate child safety, reports will be made to relevant authorities.3. The alleged individual will be temporarily suspended pending an investigation.4. Support, including access to Skill Samurai’s EAP counselling program, will be provided to the alleged victim.
Legal FrameworkWe adhere to local and national laws concerning child protection, including but not limited to:- Child Protection (Working With Children) Act 2012- Children and Young Persons (Care and Protection) Act 1998
CommunicationBoth children and parents will be given copies of the Child Safe Policy, Code of Conduct, and Complaint Handling procedures upon joining our programs. 
ReviewThis policy will be reviewed biennially and updated to include suggestions from stakeholders such as employees, children, and families.
For more information regarding this policy, please contact:
Jamie Buttigieg Child Safety Contact Person📞 1300 726 872  📪 P.O. Box 273, Windsor NSW, 2756  📧 ua.moc.iarumaslliks%40geigittub.eimaj