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Google Associate Cloud Engineer - Get certified before you leave high school

What is a Google Associate Cloud Engineer?
Google Associate Cloud Engineer has various tasks, including deploying applications and monitoring operations of various projects. This individual is also responsible for handling enterprise solutions to maintain the goals and target performance metrics. 
Some of the most common materials they are using are the Google Cloud Console and command-line interface. These platforms uphold the maintenance of one or more solutions to ensure a Cloud solution’s successful operation. 
Associate Cloud Engineers are also in demand for companies today as they are the ones to plan and perform solutions on the Google Cloud Platform. This job has an average salary of $85,000 up to $128,000. So whether you finished a degree in computer sciences or even own certification for Associate Cloud Engineering, you can still acquire this job opportunity.
Students of Years 10, 11, and 12 (and recently graduated from year 12 with ages between 15 to 18 years old) are welcome to take courses for Associate Google Cloud Engineer Certification. 
They can complete the certification course, pass the certification exam, and receive their validated certificate. They are capable of being certified and licensed Cloud Engineers even if they are not yet graduating from high school. 
So, if you want to become a Google Associate Cloud Engineer or prepare yourself for Google Associate Cloud Engineer Exam, you can start the learning course for the certification. 
What Will I Learn?
Associate Google Cloud Engineer Certification Course will teach you the different roles and functions of a Cloud Engineer. This course introduces the basic learning path to learn the required skills fit for the job description. 
This course will also provide you with the following:
1. You can have a solid understanding of setting up cloud solution environments and other successful operation methods. 
2. You can learn the basics of Google Cloud Platform products and services. They can also understand cloud concepts for containers, networking, and virtual machines.
3. You can learn how to plan and configure a cloud solution. It will even discuss the deployment and implementation of a cloud solution as it ensures the overall operation. 
4. You can gain knowledge on configuring access and security. During the learning process, you will be introduced to various cloud projects and accounts.
5. You will learn installation and billing configuration management. This course will cover Pricing Calculate for GCP product pricing. You will also be able to practice planning and confining GCP compute resources, data storage options, and even network resources.
6. You as a student will also handle resources from Compute Engine, Google Kubernetes Engine, Cloud Functions, Cloud Run, and App Engine. You will then deploy and implement solutions from these resources. Then, you will also be familiarised with Cloud Marketplace and Cloud Deployment Manager.
7. You will be able to determine the database resources. This course will teach you how to manage these storage, resources, and database solutions, so you will start monitoring and logging.
All in all, the Associate Google Cloud Engineer Certification course will guide you to cover different cloud management for identifying, accessing, and handling service accounts, auditing, and other managing services.
This course will primarily help you focus on preparing for the Google Associate Cloud Engineer exam. 
Each section in this course will guide you through different learning paths to make it comprehensible for students. The topics are prerequisites of each course. After each learning section, there are practices and quizzes that will test your knowledge and skills. When you have completed the whole course, preparatory examinations will be conducted.
Now once you pass the exam, you will receive a Google certification to be recognised as a certified Cloud Engineer. So, you can add this certificate of recognition to your resume and curriculum vitae as a reference for your future employment.  
How can I get training and Certification as a Google Associate Cloud Engineer?
Enrol in the Skill Samurai Career Ready Program. For information on how to enrol, see our Career Certification Webpage.
Who is it for?
For Students in Years 10, 11, and 12 (and recently graduated from year 12)
Did you know that your child can earn an industry certification while they are still in High School?
What does the training look like
We offer online, face-to-face coaching. You'll be assigned a teacher who will guide you through the content and offer you support.
You'll also be assigned a virtual classroom, and you’ll have been part of a Facebook group with your fellow students. This is very motivating and can also keep you on track. 
You'll have access to all of the curriculum and programs on video. So if you miss a session, no problem! You can always complete the module when you have time! This is also great, especially when you have some challenges (we all have them!) because you can go back to each module and watch them as many times as you like. 
PLUS, we have live sandbox software environments, so you won’t need to purchase or install expensive software, it's all provided for you! Students will be able to practice the concepts they learn in each module (without worrying about messing up a company's data). 
Even if you are unsure of which certification you'd like to sit, your teacher will provide you with several introductory courses to understand the tech sector’s available career paths. Together, you can identify your strengths and passions. From here, your teacher will place you on a career learning path to become certified. 
Skill Samurai offers the most flexible learning and career paths available. So, even if you are not sure which certification is best, get started today, and soon you'll be on the path to a thriving career (Without the painful university debt). 
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