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After School Kids Coding Classes & Maths Tuition

Flexible Timetable

The most flexible timetable in the education industry. Miss a class? no problem, get a free make-up class.

Ideal for Busy Families

Book any available class with as little as one hour notice, or book the same time every week!

No Contracts

Enrol any time. No contracts, pause of cancel your membership at any time.

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Project based, tailored learning

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Each student is assessed, then assigned their own self-paced projects. Each course is recorded into digestible video-learning modules. No child will ever feel like they are falling behind... If your child is advanced, they can progress faster.

Customised Learning

The curriculum is completely customised to your child. Our coaches monitor and asses your child’s progress, then assign new projects and coding languages based on their skills and interests.


Unlike online learning, coaches are always on hand to guide your child, help them overcome challenges and ensure that they are always engaged. When kids are engaged, they learn better, they become more confident and do better at school!


Parents receive regular feedback on their child’s progress. Our coaches are available before and after each class to answer any questions. We strongly value parent communication.


Our reward and recognition systems extend beyond academic achievement. We recognise and reward students when they show kindness, courage, resilience, respect, honesty, self-discipline and generosity… These are the Skill Samurai Virtues. We believe that behaviour and values are as important as academic success.

Put simply, we think there is no better after-school activity to help your child build self-confidence and perform better in the classroom.