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Skill Samurai Announces New Franchise in Carlingford, NSW: A Purpose-Driven Duo at the Forefront

CARLINGFORD, NSW — 15/11/2023 — Skill Samurai, a leading provider of Coding and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education, proudly announces the opening of a new franchise in Carlingford, NSW, led by dynamic husband and wife team Jayesh and Trisha Mehta. This new territory marks another step in Skill Samurai's mission to revolutionise STEM education across Australia.
Jamie Buttigieg, CEO of Skill Samurai, is enthusiastic about the partnership. “Jayesh and Trisha’s passion for education, fuelled by their experience as parents, is palpable. They’ve seen firsthand the gaps in our current education system and are driven to make a real difference in our community. Their decision to bring Skill Samurai to Carlingford is a testament to their commitment to enriching the educational landscape,” says Buttigieg.
Jayesh Mehta, reflecting on the journey, states, “As parents, we’ve always sought the best educational experiences for our children. Joining Skill Samurai allows us to extend that passion to our community. We’re excited to offer a learning environment where every child’s potential can be realized.”
Trisha Mehta adds, “Our vision for Skill Samurai Carlingford is to create a space where learning is both fun and meaningful. We want to empower our students with the skills they need for a future in a tech-centric world, something that the traditional education system often overlooks.”
The Carlingford franchise will offer Skill Samurai’s signature programs, including After-School Coding Classes, MathCode™ Mastery (maths tuition), and innovative School Holiday Camps. These programs are specially designed to engage and challenge students, fostering a lifelong love for STEM.
"At Skill Samurai, we move away from conventional mass teaching methods. Our focus is on creating customised learning experiences for each student, ensuring their unique potential is fully realised. This dedication to personalised education is a key differentiator for our brand," explains Jamie Buttigieg.
Skill Samurai continues its commitment to providing high-quality, personalized STEM education to young learners. Through its growing network of franchises, Skill Samurai is dedicated to equipping the next generation with critical skills for future success.
For more information about Skill Samurai and the new Carlingford location, please visit www.skillsamurai.com.au or contact:
Jamie Buttigiegua.moc.iarumaslliks%40eimajSkill Samurai Franchisingwww.skillsamurai.com.au1300 726 872
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