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How to Make a Minecraft Server

Minecraft is a popular game that has been crazed for both kids and adults. It sold over a hundred million copies globally, which made it very well-known. Minecraft has its very unique features of mining and crafting or even Minecrafting with other active players. You can work with strangers or friends online. 
Besides its entertaining benefits, Minecraft has also input practical skills to players. Minecraft includes social skills, creativity, innovativeness, problem-solving skills, and analysation while playing. Therefore, it lets people think while they are enjoying the game
So, if you let your child play this game, they will acquire something other than playing. In this case, Minecraft is the right choice of an online game for your kids. 

Minecraft and Its Limitation

Minecraft allows the player to connect with other players around the world, which makes it more exciting. However, it is not entirely safe for your kid rather than the adults. You must verify first the players your kid is playing with. It will make sure that your child interacts with sound and the right people, especially those you know in real life. 
Through this, Minecraft offers you to build your Minecraft server to create your mod. It is a private version of the game that lets you control the players to join. Minecraft gives you a chance to build a server for your kid. So, you can just send invites to the players you know.

Can you help your child build their own game?

Here are the steps to follow for you to create a Minecraft server for your kid. Remember, you must familiarise yourself first before introducing this game to your child. Once you become fully aware of the game, let them try it on their own to experience how to build their games. 
Follow the steps indicated below for you to begin your child’s Minecraft experience.

Step 1: Check Minecraft Java Edition.

Minecraft uses Java to run. So, you must verify if you own Minecraft Java Edition. You can purchase and download it online.

Step 2: Install Java’s Latest Version.

Once you set up the Minecraft Java Edition, you need to move forward in checking with the latest version of Java. Please make sure that you use the newest version to prevent issues on the server. If it is not updated, you can easily download it online at https://java.com/en/download/.
Just click “Java Download” and “Agree to Start Free Download.”
Visit your “Downloads” folder on your computer, and check for the file name JavaSetup executable file. Run the application and allow this application to make changes on your computer. Finally, just click Install Java. 

Step 3: Get Minecraft Server files.

After completing the Java installation, you need to move forward by downloading the central Minecraft server. Go to the Minecraft website and download the Minecraft_server.jar file.
Once it is completely downloaded, copy “minecraft_server.1.11.jar” and add it to a new folder. Rename it as “Minecraft Server.”
Double-click it and run the program.

Step 4: Run the Server

Right-click the folder you rename earlier and select “New” and “Text Document.”
Rename the new document as “Run.” 
Through its notepad document, paste the line: cmd /k java ‐Xms1G ‐Xmx1G ‐jar minecraft_server.1.11.jar 
Save this as a batch file which lets the file Windows run the command line. 
Click “File” and “Save As.” 
Select “All Files.” 
Use “Run.bat” as the file name.

Step 5: Agree to the EULA

Once the license agreement popped up on the screen, just click "Agree." Edit the file "Eula.txt" to confirm your agreement. 
Just double-click "Eula.txt."
Read the agreement or copy and paste the text from the file. 
Change "eula=false" to "eula=true". 

Step 6: Launch the Minecraft Server

You double-click "Run.bat" to launch the server.
As long as it is open, your server is running, which enables players to connect. 

Step 7: Familiarise the Server Window

Keep track of the server window. Then, check the memory using the Stats panel. Afterward, consider also the connected players. View server messages and chats. You can also add server commands on the field on the bottom right. 

Step 8: Join the Minecraft server

Now, you can run Minecraft. Just click "Multiplayer" and "Add Server." On your Server Name field, name your server. Type "localhost" and select "Done". Choose your server and click "Join Server."
You can now play on your home server. Then, you are going to proceed with the internet connection setup for other players to join you. 

Step 9: Port Forwarding

Prepare your router. This process has a different procedure depending on your router. Verify your router here and see how it can enable others to connect. 

Step 10: Find the External IP Address

After fixing your router connection, you need to determine the external IP. 
Go to your browser and visit google.com. Search for external IP. Then, Google will tell you the external IP address. 
Once you got your external IP address, save it. It serves as the code for other players to connect. 

Step 11: Connect Others to Your Server.

Let others enter your game by clicking "Multiplayer" then "Add Server". Give them the server name and ask them to enter the external IP address you gave them. Click "Done" and wait for the server to connect. Once connected, click "Join Server".

Step 12: Alter Properties if needed.

You can also make changes to the game through the Server.properties file in the Server Folder. 
You may open the file using any text editor and alter some properties in the lines. The game mode or number of players can be adjusted. 

Step 13: Build your own Minecraft Mods.

After all the steps, you can now begin planning, designing, and building your mod. Make your dimension, creatures, biomes, and other special effects on the game. 
Let your child play with it and experiment with new styles. Try code learning for kids like Minecraft coding to master Java programming and even enjoy building Minecraft mods independently. 
What are the requirements for the server to work on my computer? 
Before you jump into the thrilling and delicate work of building a Minecraft Server, you must first understand the demands of the game. Here are the primary necessities to make it possible for you to run a Minecraft Server. 
1. Java Runtime Environment (JRE) in version 8 or higher version is recommended. You can also move to Java Development Kit (JDK) as it also carries the tools for Java application development. 2. 1 GB of RAM for the server itself to assure the whole size and storage of the Minecraft server3. CPU with good single-core performance as it needs to handle the entire server operations.4. A wired connection, not wireless internet access, ensures a faster and smoother server creation. 5. Technical knowledge about the Minecraft server is about making changes to your primary computer network and system. 
Several requirements are still available, but you seem ready to complete the Minecraft server as long as you meet the significant materials.

Is making a Minecraft server safe for my computer?

Creating your Minecraft server is risky but manageable. It is somehow tricky as it opens your server to other players and strangers. It can also affect your system configuration, especially if people tend to attack it. However, creating a Minecraft server is still possible if you maintain to stay out of trouble. How?
The only way is to ensure that you know and understand the following process and information.
1. Utilising command lines and editing configuration files2. Networking for IP, ports, DHCP, and others 3. Your system configuration4. Your network configuration5. Your router configuration
If you keep all these safe and you are familiar with handling these matters, then you will be fine. You may still follow some tips online to run your Minecraft server. 
But then, if you are still worried about this, you might not give yourself a chance to try the impeccable Minecraft server creation. Tons of Minecraft servers became popular today, and it seems like these are all safe and incredible to experience!

What are some of the best Minecraft servers?

Mineplex. The largest Minecraft server is the Mineplex. It includes multiple zones, arenas, and areas for heavy game types. Thousands of players enjoy this game as it has Minekart and other intense gaming experiences. Minecraft owners “Sterling_” and “Spu_” are known to create one of the oldest Minecraft servers, the Mineplex. 
Brawl. Another huge Minecraft server is Brawl, as it highlights shooty-bang-gang thrills to the users. They also carry the last man standing Minecraft server game, making it more exciting for the players. 
Pixelmoncraft. Pokemon-themed serve is the main feature of Pixelmoncraft. It includes various games and activities with Pokemon elements and items. It also reunites Pokemon fans who also love Minecraft games.
Darblock. As for the creative Minecraft server, Darblock is very popular. It promotes high-quality content with varieties of games available. What’s more exciting in Darblock is the survival and creation mode that the user can go on adventure maps for Earth and Mars!
Mineland Network. Another famous creative mode of Minecraft is the Mineland Network. It brings out colourful, unique, and bright designs in the game. It also welcomes players to love building, and they even conduct contests for the best designs, making everyone experience friendly and happy competition within the community.

What are the benefits of making your own Minecraft server?

Like the Minecraft server’s discussed successes, you and your child can also embody these feelings. That is why it is really a recommendation to try to build your own Minecraft server. Other than that, here are some of the fantastic advantages of you creating your Minecraft server for your child.
The game is in your hands. Because you are the owner of the server, you can choose from the rules of the world! You can also make the design, content, and theme itself. Aside from that, is it exciting for you to control anything for your Minecraft server? In this case, you can assign, deny, edit, and adjust landscapes, physics, spawn rates, and so on! Remember, it is your game, after all. 
You can build a community. You may prepare a community for your child, especially their friends and families who play Minecraft. It will help them have fun while enjoying the games available on your server. For the safety of all, you may not invite strangers. Through this, your kids can enjoy their personal gaming space.
You can enjoy installing any mods. Because you carry the whole server, you can also add any mods! It will help you include any modifications you want to add and make inside your server. It can improve the interface, create new items and objects, and other exciting projects within the modding!
The game can cater to server administration for kids. You building a Minecraft server also teaches your child how to do basic computer sciences and kids' coding. It also allows them to observe how to handle server administration while you involve them in digital literacy. One day, you might be surprised to see them build their own Minecraft server, or even their game and applications!

How can your child master Minecraft server?

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