5 Signs That Your Child Might Love A Career in Coding & Programming

5 Signs That Your Child Might Love A Career in Coding & Programming

Sometimes, you wonder what your child would be as they grow up. Some of us parents even plan and prepare the journey and educational tracks for our children. It makes you nervous but excites you at the same time about the things your child might take on. Have you ever thought about what your child would be in the future? 

Engineer? Scientist? Doctor? Artist? 

Would your child pursue a career in law, education, medicine, business, social sciences, or computer science? 

As of the moment, you cannot easily guarantee a particular profession for them. You cannot also foretell exactly their paths as they grow older. However, you can predict and assume what they might be if you consider their likes, hobbies, and personalities. 

For instance, you can assume kids who might take a career in coding and programming. Who are these kids? Let’s see if one of them is your child.

Clues for tomorrow’s star programmer and computer specialists

#1 Kids who spend time on phones and computers

Even though kids of today mostly use gadgets, you can still determine if they like coding or anything else related to programming. How? Check out the applications they are enjoying. See for yourself the games that they usually play. 

Your kid could be a potential coder when they often play games about building, solving problems, investigating, logical thinking, or even analysis games. They will most likely take up careers in programming due to the enjoyment and satisfaction of playing these kinds of games. It is different from other children who only prefer to watch cartoons, movies, or music videos rather than discovering abstract and analytical applications. 

If these are the things that they enjoy while using their phones, laptops, computers, or any gadgets, then these are good indicators to pursue a career in coding. 

#2 Kids who are curious, logical-thinkers, and problem solvers

Another sign that your child could be a great programmer is that they are eager to know and to learn new things. They ask a lot of questions every time something tickles their imagination. Your children are also determined to know inside out the background ideas of something. It means that your kids are earnest about absorbing information. 

In this case, if your child always needs explanations and prefers to understand things logically, they can be the right computer expert in the future. It tends them to come up with solutions and solve problems in their own ways, just like programmers of today. 

Moreover, little coders decide on what they analyse, not on what they feel. They are logical thinkers who demand facts, evidence, and actual proof to develop rational solutions. 

Usually, these kids love puzzles, building blocks, creating projects, or experimenting with things to discover new. They are also life-long learners who want to answer their queries. Sometimes, kids like these are ready to conduct their research through experimentation or planning. 

If your son or daughter asks lots of questions, determine how simple things work, and think logically, you might as well prepare yourself to have a brilliant computer programmer later on.

#3 Kids who can savour solitude

Future programmers are associated with working alone as they prefer to concentrate on their work. On this same ground, kids who can enjoy playing alone can also focus on their activity. They are exploring things on their own as they are delighted with discoveries alone. 

According to an academic writer Maya Geller, a child’s alone time is not a negative thing. It is actually a kid’s chance to learn the most and the fastest. 

Other than that, someone who enjoys working alone is typically associated with introverted individuals. They are enthusiastic about doing and performing tasks with themselves rather than with other people. They are more focused on building, designing, and developing new things as they work unaccompanied. 

But then, being introverted or solitary is not a bad sign of being anti-social. These kids are not weak nor strong personalities. Instead, they just perform better being alone.

Through this, if you notice that your child wants to play in a quiet environment while savouring solitude in their own space, he or she might be able to pursue careers related to STEM, like programming.

#4 Kids who are left-brain dominant

Scientists found out that the brain has two regions corresponding to an individual’s skills, talents, and capabilities. Either of the halves of the left, or right brain owns certain functions. 

Studies have discovered that the right hemisphere’s dominance makes someone’s more into music, arts, creativity, and expression. However, left-brain dominant individuals recognise their rational and linear thinking, logical understanding, and mathematical interpretations. 

Under these circumstances, you might expect your child to be a future programmer or computer coders if they own left-brain dominance. How to determine it precisely? Although there are exams to assess it, the simplest way to know your child is through keen observation. 

You just need to consider that these kids prefer logic rather than expressions. Their decisions, personality, and disposition may reveal what they really are. 

#5 Kids who love and enjoy STEM subjects

STEM subjects refer to the four fundamental fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. If your kid is excellent with all the school subjects under this curriculum, they might be pursuing a computer-related career. Kids who love these subjects are usually interested in the world of coding. 

Some kids are having a hard time solving equations, but if your kid considers maths as a piece of them, buckle up your seatbelt, they might be the future computer analysts. Other than that, you may check if your child always wants to build stuff, fix, and design structures, they could also create digital platforms that will surely help thereafter.

There are no assurances if they will take up coding as a career, but if your child excels in subjects like science, maths, art, and analysis, they could be the next Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg

What careers could your kid pursue?

After checking the list if your child might love coding and programming in the future, you can now see the possible careers they can potentially take. In this case, you might know which track in computer sciences fields could they pursue. Here are some of the job positions and careers suitable highly related to computer sciences.

Software Application Developer. Individuals with basic coding skills and high aptitude in Maths can pursue software development. It is a position that handles applications for smartphones, tablets, and other mobile gadgets. They are also capable of planning, building, and fixing applications through various ideas they have. Some tools software application developers use are Java, JavaScript, and Python.

Web Developer. Industries today look for junior and senior developers. Both have assignments in the looks, styles, and functionality of websites. They are also responsible for building until solving website issues. Web developers should have the creativity, patience, and skills in coding and programming, particularly using languages like JavaScript, Java, and HTML5.

Computer Systems Engineer. Besides developing, your kids can also pursue careers in computer engineering. This job position is focusing on identifying solutions to complex platforms and applications. They should collaborate with developers to know the best solution to the issues. 

Due to their responsibilities, computer systems engineers must also master coding and programming as they should embody business-savvy qualities. Through this, they can handle different applications and tech support for their clients. Industries expect computer systems engineers to excel in programming languages such as Java, Python, and C++.

Database Administrator. The computer science fields also demand database administrators. These are the individuals who are capable of organising, securing, and troubleshooting data storage and information systems. They are responsible for recovering information and data analysation. Other than that, they must also have experience in problem-solving and coding languages like Python, Java, Oracle.

Computer Systems Analyst. Another emerging job position for an IT career is the computer system analyst. These are persons who are skilled in strategising business and IT initiatives. They know how to evaluate network systems and discuss possible upgrades. Computer systems analysts should embody skills and experience in computer coding and business programming. The usual programming languages they utilise include Python, Java, and JavaScript.

Software Quality Assurance Engineer. Individuals who handle new software quality and status are software quality assurance engineers. They are responsible for the beginning of the software, checking its features, and identifying its defects. They are also capable of making tests and scenarios to give possible solutions to the problems of the new software. Through this, they will create manuals applicable for the new software to improve. Their job prioritises potential problems and dysfunctionality of the designs to solve them right away. They are expected to master Java, Python, and JavaScript for this job.

Business Intelligence Analyst. The programming world is also applicable for business intelligence analyst. These people gather info about the software products and trends. They ensure what software is currently in need today. This job only requires minimal coding and programming skills as it only focuses on finding new ideas. However, these tech skills are still important so they can contribute innovations in the programming world. So, they can learn programming languages like Python, Java, and R.

Computer Programmer. One of the nearest career for kids coders is a computer programmer. These individuals are the ones who write programs. They can also rewrite programs to remove errors. This job requires a person to know how to create workflow char, coding formulas, and different programming languages. 

Network System Administrator. Another job position with coding skills requirement is the network system administrator. It works for maintaining computing environments for network and data. They are also carrying the network security and even preventing viruses to enter the networks and computer hardware. They are skilled in protecting the whole system to prevent more serious errors. These individuals are also expected to master Python, Java, and PERL.

Other job opportunities for kids who love coding and programming are still available. The list above is some of the possible careers your child might like to pursue. However, they can still search for more job careers highly suitable for their interests. Yet still, all the positions discussed are extremely related to coding and programming.

In this case, if they enjoy coding and programming today, then they will most likely take any of these job careers.

They could complete these positions by studying in a college or even by receiving training and certifications. Universities offer bachelors, masters, and doctoral degrees for these tech skills. However, there are also Career Readiness Programs that caters to skills training suitable for teenagers and young adults to acquire role-based job positions. 

Whether your child wants to pursue college or industry certifications, they are highly recommended to go in computer sciences fields. So, check out again your child’s strengths and weaknesses, and see in which field they will shine brightly.

What if my child falls into these signs? 

After observing your child thoroughly, you might have assumed that they might really be a future programmer. So what is the next step? 

Well, there is no need to worry! Just let them unravel their personality and see what is best for them. Parents like you should support them all the time and even prepare them for what to take. 

Another way to show your support to them is to let them experience new adventures. There are extracurricular activities for kids, after school care, kids summer camps, or even kids school holiday camps that you may let them join. These activities can help them enjoy robotics class for kids, online coding classes for kids, programming classes for kids, and computer class for kids.

All the said classes are available with Skill Samurai’s robotics and code school for kids. You can sign them up early as now bring out the best opportunities while they are young. 

Your kids are growing faster,  and you might only have a little time to prepare for their future. So, make plans now and let them have a glimpse of the exciting world of coding for kids.

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