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3 Reasons Why Your Child Should Learn to Code

3 Reasons Why Your Child Should Learn to Code

You may be wondering why it is important for kids to learn coding at their age. Research studies show that coding can help your children perform better for their future. How?

Let me share some of the reasons why coding is essential for your kids to learn and how coding may help them achieve academic success in the near future. But before we go right into it, let me first share with you what coding is.

What is Coding?

Coding is a process that uses a programming language so that computers will behave the way we want them to do. It is a form of communication where you would be able to give your computer instructions to perform specific functions.

It is a significant part of technological advancements as it builds programs and interfaces people are utilising today. Moreover, coding or programming covers all applications, artificial intelligence, and even the machine learning process. A simple program begins with a simple coding process. 

You may notice how complex coding is. So, it could bring up to your mind how you can help your child in life or handle all the learnings for this subject. Before we discuss the ways of code learning for kids, let’s unlock first the advantages of why you should introduce kids coding for your children.

Here are some of the reasons why you should enable your kids to learn how to code.

1. Coding helps improve your children's logical and critical thinking. 

The process of coding teaches kids to think analytically and evaluate things to form a judgement. Coding also helps children improve their reasoning skills and their ability to analyse things to develop sensible solutions to whatever situation they encounter.

Instead of allowing your children to play online games using their gadgets, why not help them enhance their intellectual capabilities and mental health

Through coding, your kid would be able to manage various challenges and learn from solving them independently. They will also practice how to observe, think, and come up with a viable solution. Eventually, they can use these life skills in future situations. 

Coding trains your child’s young brain with different mind challenging tasks. It sharpens their mind making them more vigilant as you empower them to focus and concrete with any problems they face.

2. Coding improves children's academic performance. 

Letting children learn to code helps them improve their academic performance in different subject areas like Maths, Arts, and Writing. 

Through coding lessons, kids can learn math through abstract visual concepts of programming, which they can learn and have fun doing simultaneously. Coding also improves their writing skills through the coding skills that they learn over time. Finally, it allows children to be more creative, not just with the results you will get but also through the whole coding process.

Aside from that, coding belongs to STEM educationSTEM or science, technology, engineering, and maths classes cater to student’s intellectual ability and performances at school. Furthermore, they could also apply these STEM skills in everyday lives. 

So, as you introduce coding to your kid, they are also channeling STEM-related tracks. As a result, it could improve their grades and performances in the said subject areas. 

You see, coding comprises varieties of fields and categories that would level up your child’s personality development.

3. Coding helps children prepare for their future. 

Not only will they learn and improve their academic performance, but they will also learn essential life skills. How? Learning to code for kids enables them to face their future with resiliency and positivity to face any challenges and problems they may encounter in school, at home and in their personal lives. 

By learning coding skills, they are beginning to empower themselves in making things better and excel in any field they want to take in the future. It prepares them for any career they want to pursue. Other than that, these young minds can take different incredible opportunities if they learn in-demand tech and IT skills. 

In this case, you would not worry about their job positions and financial security in the future. You see, you are ready to invest time, money, and effort just to assure a tremendous career for your child. 

Do you want them to become an expert programmer, software developer, or computer scientist? Well, it takes time and effort to prepare kids for these bright careers. If you really want to help your kid acquire all the said benefits of coding, why not start it right now?

How can your child learn to code?

Here are some suggestions you can use to introduce them to learn coding for kids. Try to follow these ways and witness how they start to acquire the benefits stated above. 

Books and literature

Several kids coding books are available in the market. It promotes stories about coding for kids and practical lessons on how to be a programmer. Other than that, picture books can also introduce code learning for kids as it gives your child an idea about the basics of programming.  

Besides the stories and images, these publications also highlight STEM activities and challenges you can try at home! 

Online games

Parents might think that online games are not helpful at all. However, there are still educational games and applications online that can enhance your child’s mental coordination. So, you just need to find it and determine how to properly utilising it. 

Some of the famous online platforms you can use to teach coding for kids include Roblox, Minecraft, Scratch, Fortnite, and even YouTube for kids! These names are very familiar to your children, and they love to play this so much. So, try to use the mentioned games and interfaces to start your kids learning coding.  

Unplugged coding activities and STEM challenges 

You might also wonder that your child could get addicted to gadgets if they start learning coding. However, did you know that there are applicable unplugged coding and STEM activities for kids that could still teach them life skills? 

Various kids coding robots, tech and engineering toys, and even crafts are suitable to do at home with your child. You can conduct these tasks and challenges without any use of gadgets. In this case, you are helping your child to reduce too much screen time. Furthermore, you are moulding your kid’s mind through unplugged code learning for kids.

After school care programs

You can enhance your child’s coding skills by enrolling them in after school care programs. One program includes kids coding school. In this program, your child would learn programming for kids with other students. They would enjoy the fun and exciting coding activities while gaining new skills and expertise. 

Would you like to improve your child’s coding skills further?

There are other reasons and benefits why you should let your kids experience and learn coding. And there is so much more than they can learn, so make sure that you make a decision now so you can better prepare your child's brighter future!

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