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The Best Programming Robot Toys For Your Kids to Learn How to Code

The Best Programming Robot Toys For Your Kids to Learn How to Code

Whenever children see robots, they tend to widen their eyes and drop their jaws. Yes, they are amazed by these programmed toys that surely excite them to play with. But other than its captivating features, robots also teach your child kids coding lessons that they will enjoy! 

What are programming robot toys?

Programming robot toys are designed to be operated by someone, especially kids. These are technically engineered machines that can perform tasks after the human’s given instructions. Unlike real robots, programming robots are simple and have one function. 

It is also different from normal toys. Why? Programming robot toys incorporate interaction with the kid. It helps your child think, control, and decide on how to operate the machine. It even improves STEM skills like science, technology, engineering, and maths. Moreover, these toys enhance your child’s logic, critical thinking, and understanding of the world of computer science. All in all, your child can enjoy programming robot toys as they begin programming and code learning for kids.

But, what kind of programming robot toys are the best for your child? Here are some of the most popular coding robot toys for your kids depending on the suitable age, like, and level of difficulty to make the selection easier. 

Mochi Robot: Screenless Coding for Ages 3 to 6

If your kid aged 3 to 6 loves stuffed animals, they will surely enjoy Mochi Robot. Mochi is a bear who is ready for an adventure to the solar system. Besides the coding robot, the package includes a picture book to guide the child. 

While playing Mochi robot, your kid will learn how to code an algorithm using blocks and simple wooden boards. They might even wonder about Mochi's ride on other planets. So, your child will create code on Mochi’s outer space adventure! 

Robobloq Coding Robot with Puzzle Cards for Kids Ages 3 to 8

For you to introduce the basic coding algorithm to 3 year-old children, just use Robobloq. Robobloq is a snail-shaped robot toy that includes moving forward, turning right and left, and other cool actions like eating a fruit or dancing. This amazing Robobloq also teaches if and then statements in a fun and creative way.

Colby Code & Go Robot Mouse: Ages 4+

Your little kid will love Colby, a mouse who hunts cheese! This code robot mouse will trace the maze included in the package. For the robot mouse to find and reach the cheese, your kid must control it. So, your child should plan, think logically, and solve the mouse robot’s problem. Through this Code and Go Robot Mouse, your child will use their little minds to navigate the mouse using a sequence of instructions. Once they reach the mouse, they have completed the quest! A simple journey like this will make your 4-year old super happy! 

Botley the Coding Robot: Ages 5+

Kids ages 5 and above will love Botley as it includes a remote controller. Once they enter the code, Botley will execute it right away. Your child can also bring Botley to an incredible obstacle course and let them instruct Botley on its overall movement. 

Botley, the Coding Robot, is also available online to give your child programming classes for kids! There are also activities they can perform using this code robot toy. 

Additionally, Botley has its version Botley 2.0, which is also fun, light, and entertaining for kids to learn STEM and kids coding.

Osmo Coding Starter Kit for iPad 3 Educational Learning Games 

A kids coding starter kit is the Osmo Coding. It requires an iPad or Kindle Fire to learn to code for kids. You just need to use the Coding Awbie, Coding Duo, and Coding Jam to play all the games. Your child can enhance their coding skills while enjoying the music. These songs are the results of the given instructions on the code your kid will make. 

Wonder Workshop Dash - Coding Robot for Kids Age 6+

Dash Robots are fascinating for kids as it highlights racing, chasing, and running. It lets your kids control the tablet on their hand while manipulating the toy. Your child can draw coding, block coding, and other programming features. It is perfect for children ages 6 years old and above. Moreover, Dash Robot is very durable, so your kid can play it anywhere with anyone.

Bit Coding Robot: Age 6+

Another age 6+ robot toy is the Ozobot. It lets your child learn basic kids coding skills and enhances their STEM skills. The learning process starts when your child draws a command using a marker. Then they can visit the OzoBlockly online to begin the drag and drop bit coding. Afterwards, the Bit Robot will follow the commands. It is a fun and educational toy as it uses colours, shapes, drawing, and mazes for the robot coded by the kid.

Sphero Mini App-Enabled Programmable Robot Ball

Sphero coding toys for kids are suitable for different age groups. You can adjust its difficulty level depending on your child’s age. Sphero also owns different versions like the BB-8, Ollie, and Mini. All the Sphero robot toys are perfect in teaching drag and drop block-based coding, draw coding and even Javascript code. It can also bring more tremendous coding adventures for your child.

Edison Robot 2.0 STEM Customisable and Programmable Robot for Kids

One of the most common code robot toys at school is the Edison. It features a Python coding system which made it so popular. This robot toy lets your child learn drag and drop visual-based coding up to Python’s complex text-based programming. Other than that, there are online documents and tutorials about coding classes for kids. 

LEGO Boost Creative Toolbox

Of course, LEGO is included in the list! This LEGO toolbox has five different robots. Each robot toy teaches a specific skill to your kid. Your child can design and build. They can also do code interaction, motorized robots, and play with colour and tilt sensors. Your kid can also enjoy the creations of models. Through this toolbox, your child can learn from coding, structures, engineering, and other building sessions with or without an application. 

Make Your Child’s Coding Skills Excellent

Other than all the discussed robot toys above, you can still invest in different coding skill programs for your child. You may include kids coding classes. 

One great kids coding school in Sydney, Australia is the Skill Samurai. Skill Samurai is an afterschool care program for children ages 7 to 18 to improve their coding skills. It also begins the introduction of coding classes for kids and robotics classes for kids. You can also sign your child up for Skill Samurai’s kid’s coding camp and homeschool coding classes for kids. 

Any of the following ways, you are already making a great path for your child’s computer science career. 

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