Kids Coding Franchise - Skill Samurai

Kids Coding Franchise - Skill Samurai

If you're looking for something to invest in, perhaps a career change, you may want to look into franchising in the kids’ education sector, Specifically Kids Coding. 

Buying a franchise in Kids STEM Education is a decision not to be taken lightly. You'll need to invest hours and weeks into due diligence, researching the suitable business model within your investment affordability. 

Before dealing with the features and benefits, let’s determine first what kids code school franchising is.

What is the kids’ coding franchise?

Kids coding franchise offers varieties of computer science activities to help students be more equipped with career-ready skills. It also brings a higher level of understanding and learning to the world of coding and programming. Through this, your code school carries a unique and inspiring learning experience for kids.

Owning a kid’s coding franchise like Skill Samurai is a great way to build better financial stability for entrepreneurs. It is particularly true for those who want to invest in STEM Education. This is crucial in preparing for the children's future workplace not just in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) but also in other non-STEM career paths. 

In choosing a kid’s coding franchise, entrepreneurs can create financial freedom and stability. It will also help build the next generation for Australia's economy to become more globally competitive and stable.

Is the kids education franchise a growing industry? 

You may be wondering if kids education franchises, especially in line with STEM education, is something worth investing in and has the potential to grow soon. Whilst it seems like a "baby" in terms of the type of franchise business available out in the market, it has been continuously flourishing and expanding worldwide. 

Like in the US, other countries have been developing and growing kids coding education for the past ten years or more. Private institutions and the government of various countries, including Australia, are highly prioritising STEM Education now more than ever, especially in increasing the number of girls and women who want to pursue STEM subjects like engineering and programming.

Making kids coding education more available and reachable can bridge the gender gap and low diversity of girls and women in STEM Education and the workforce.

Here are a few more interesting stats:

The Global Smart Learning market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 17.5% by 2027 (Source: Smart Learning - Global Market Outlook (2018-2027)

Over the next years to 2024, industry revenue is anticipated to continue rising. (Source: Tutoring & Test Preparation Franchises - Industry Market Research Report)

The global market for Private Tutoring is projected to reach US$218 billion by the year 2027. (Source: Private Tutoring - Global Market Trajectory & Analytics)

The global private tutoring market to exhibit strong growth during the next five years. (Source: Private Tutoring Market: Global Industry Trends, Share, Size, Growth, Opportunity and Forecast 2020-2025)

Through all this information, it is evident how coding school must spread out across the world. Kids who are learning more about coding and computer sciences are bound to a better technological advancement in the future. 

Other than that, entrepreneurs and business owners franchising a kids code school also give a long list of benefits. 

So what are the benefits of owning a kid’s coding franchise? 

Before you finally jump into franchising, let me share with you the benefits of franchising kids coding education:

#1 Owning your own kids STEM education franchise offers a work-life balance.

Kids STEM education franchise usually operates after school, on weekends, or even during holidays. So, there would be an ample amount of time for you to manage and operate your business.  Owning your own kids’ coding education franchise would allow you to spend more time building your business and living your personal life.

Aside from that, you can also manage other business and handle various activities along the way. It gives you the freedom to maximise your time throughout the day. You can still put up another company whilst enjoying the STEM education franchising. 

You can also spend time with your family and do the duties as parents for the kids during school hours. After school, you can pick up your kids. Then, you can now go to your code school and manage your franchise. 

Clearly, as a code school franchisee, you have plenty of time for your personal errands whilst managing a great business. 

#2 Kids coding education franchise is in high demand.

Since Australia and the rest of the world is geared toward the latest digital technology, there is no question that learning STEM education is in high demand. Almost all industries, including business, law, medicine, and agriculture, use this technology in the forms of computers, gadgets, types of machinery, and equipment. Creating this technology involves learning about STEM, robotics, artificial intelligence and coding, all in one package included in a one-of-a-kind kids education franchise.

Another thing to improve today is the learning and teaching styles. Because most schools are still using traditional learning approaches, it is a must for your code school to incorporate into 21st Century learning and teaching styles. Through that, project-based learning in your franchised code school is highly in need.

Code learning franchising is also a requirement for today as it opens new opportunities for parents to enrol their children on after school care programs. Most parents prefer their children to acquire valuable time learning at tutoring programs rather than spend most of their time in gadgets. Moreover, parents would like to join their kids in these extracurricular activities instead of roaming around with other kids.

#3 Kids coding education caters to predictable, reliable income.

Due to the extreme necessity of learning tech skills, franchising a kids code school is highly lucrative. It has a feasibility of earning enough as it produces income. Moreover, kids code school is recurring revenue while it helps tons of students in every batch. 

Other than that, the venue, materials, tools, equipment, and whole learning centre are an excellent investment of time and money. It will attract more parents, school personnel, and even students to experience code learning with your school.

Kids code school will never let you down as it has a unique and fantastic business impact and clarity to learners. Various activities are available for you to offer to your clients, which guarantees you powerful sources of revenue.

#4 Kids coding school delivers a positive impact to the children.

Putting up a kids code school will make you happy and satisfied. Why? Coding school brings a considerable impact to kids to learn new things whilst acquiring valuable 21st Century skills. Of course, it is overwhelming to see your students enjoy their coding activities as they start to get familiar with the technology. 

You will indeed feel proud and humbled as you notice how your students become more inspired and excited in coding and computer sciences. It would bring you a feeling of great accomplishment. 

Creating a code school for your place would genuinely allow you to build an ethical brand that would touch students’ skills and overall development.

  #5 Kids coding education franchise offers entrepreneurs a flexible business model.

You don't have to be stuck in an office-type setup whilst running your business because the kids’ coding franchise can offer you flexibility in managing and operating your business. You have the choice of running your business online, build your very own permanent kids coding campus and think of other suitable franchise investments.

What does it mean by a flexible franchise in kids coding education?

Kids coding education can give you various options when it comes to franchising.

You have the opportunity to:

#1 Run your kids’ coding education franchise on the go.

When you buy a kids’ coding education franchise, you can run your business online and partner with various schools and community programs. You can have the power to take the STEM education curriculum to kids anywhere.  They can learn the technological skills they'll need for their future success wherever they are in the world!.

#2 Build your STEM education franchise a permanent campus.

You can build your very own permanent kids coding learning centre where kids can get together, build teamwork and learn coding, just like having a school. Kids can have fun and learn all in one place. They can even go there for learning, celebrating special occasions like birthdays and during school holiday camps. The possibilities are exciting and almost endless!

#3 Become a Master Franchise 

Once you join code school franchisees like Skill Samurai, you would experience a fantastic experience for more franchising opportunities. It would give you a chance to lead a role in one of Australia’s brighter new franchises. If you have a background in multi-site business, you would surely enjoy managing more and more kid code schools within your place. 

Well, being a master franchisee involves communicating with people while planning smooth, effective, and efficient processes. If you really are a person in the business world, you would most likely appreciate master franchising. 

Depending on the type of franchise or experience in multi-franchising, or just the passion for making a better future for children,  the kids coding education franchise is just the right one for you to consider.

Whether you prefer to have an on-the-go coding education, permanent campus, or just become a master franchisee, you can still include various activities. You will learn below the following offers to attract your clients and customers whilst bringing you more revenue streams.

What’s included in the code school franchise?

#1 Monthly Coding membership

Skill Samurai code school gives a curriculum for students to have a membership program. It could help students to stay longer with your school whilst ensuring a stronger relationship with them.

#2 Birthday parties

Another exciting feature of this code school is the STEM-theme birthday party celebrations. You can host a party for your code school student or other guests who want their child to have a fun and educational birthday blast. 

In this event, you can also promote your code school curriculum, resulting in more exposure to people. 

Another exciting feature of this code school is the STEM-theme birthday party celebrations. You can host a party for your code school student or other guests who want their child to have a fun and educational birthday blast. 

In this event, you can also promote your code school curriculum, resulting in more exposure to people. 

#3 School Programs and incursion

You can also work with the campus and local schools near you. You may introduce your code school and STEM education to them to develop school activities and incursions in their schools. It would be mutually beneficial as you help their school and learners while introducing your brand to them. 

#4 School Holiday Camps

Even during the holidays, you can promote kids coding camping activities. It would guarantee a fun, exciting, and educational holiday experience for kids. Other than that, it is another way of revenue for your business as you may invite your current students to join holiday camps. You may also get other parents attention to participate in these camping sessions that would help their child learn coding one day.

#5 Career Certifications

Besides kids, you can also help teens or high school students through Career-Readiness certification programs. Through this program, Skill Samurai helps parents and high school students to get certified before leaving high school. Even though this program is a low-touch income stream, it still gives you the pleasure to help and inspire learners.

Are you ready to franchise a kids code school?

Skill Samurai opens to all entrepreneurs and business owners to join their franchising company. You can request a franchise information pack to learn more about starting your very own kids coding education franchise.

Don't wait for the perfect time. Now is the ideal time to grab this business opportunity where you can be part of a Global, profitable brand that would benefit not only you but also have a positive impact on the future generation.... We call it "Franchising for Good". 

Learn more about Skill Samurai courses, curriculum, and various offers and see how you would like to put up your own code school franchise at your place. 

How to begin your franchising journey? Get started here.

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