Kids Coding Classes in Sydney

Kids Coding Classes in Sydney

"Twinkle, twinkle little star. How I wonder what you are?"

It is your responsibility as a parent to let your child discover and learn things in life. Even at a very young age, you are starting to teach little things such as baby lullabies, shapes, or even basic counting.

You want your child to sparkle and shine so you are willing to spend money, energy, and time for them to enjoy the goodness in life. But let me tell you, is it also more meaningful if you use your money, time, and effort to enhance your child’s education further? 

So, instead of investing money on expensive toys, you can join your child in a fun, interactive, and educational extracurricular activity for kids. It will help them uncover fascinating ideas while relishing a new learning experience!

One afterschool activity available here in Sydney is the kids coding classes. Have you ever heard of a school teaching about the incredible world of coding to young minds as early as seven years old?

Kids coding school in Sydney has Skill Samurai, a program that promotes different extracurricular coding activities such as maths tutoring, programming classes for kids, robotics class for kids, and computer class for kids. 

Here are benefits your child will get as you invest in after school activity like code learning for kids in Sydney, Australia.

#1 Develops your child intellectual capacity 

Coding or computer programming requires the ability to solve problems using analysis and logical interpretation. These kinds of intellectual skills are obtainable through kids coding classes. It lets the child observe, explore, and solve problems on their own. 

Kids coding can also hone their logical and analytical thinking skills while they are improving their problem-solving abilities. In this case, you will let them work independently as early as possible. Besides that, learning to code for kids is practically helpful to improve your child’s creativity and imagination as they begin to unravel new things. 

So, if you want your child to acquire these intellectual skills and elevate their understanding, you may introduce them to coding classes for kids. No doubt that they can develop your child’s thinking skills.

#2 Facilitates fun first-hand learning experience 

Kids coding classes are not for traditional learning of using books, modules, or lectures. These classes promote a direct learning method that allows your child to learn on their own. They can try, experiment, and operate toys and games as they understand how these work.

In this case, your child can learn the coding languages in an exciting way rather than boring theoretical lessons. 

Your child will also cherish learning the process of the popular games they love. They will get to know more about the principles of Minecraft, Kodu, Roblox, and other games. It will inspire them to develop their games as well.

First-hand or direct learning is more effective as it lets the child see, feel, and try what they are doing. So, an on-hand exploration of the world of coding will give a massive impact on them.

#3 Practise your kid’s active listening 

The direct teaching style of coding classes will help your child hone their active listening skills. It will train them to listen carefully to instructions to analyse how things work. Eventually, they are the ones to perform it without any help from others.

If your child enhances active listening skills, it will help them attain higher-level skills such as concentration, strong interpretation, and attention to detail. As a result, they will become better learners as they grow up. 

Besides these benefits, your child will also learn how to communicate with others if they know how to listen correctly. They will put this to use during teamwork and collaboration. Through this, they are capable of both workings alone or with a group.

#4 Teaches life skills 

Coding classes help give your child practical life lessons that they can bring anywhere. Some of these skills are resilience, adaptability, leadership, and attentiveness. 

As they learn different concepts and strategies in the coding class, your child can absorb lessons. In the coding class, they will play programming games that give your child a chance to do it themselves. Even if they fail, they can still create more without feeling down or disappointed. It will bring them the lesson of resilience in every challenge in life.

Coding also teaches children about adaptability. They will practise being innovative and creative until they reach their goal. It will help them know to be flexible just to give their full potential. 

Through kids coding classes’ collaborative learning, your child will also improve their social skills, particularly leadership. It will make them a great person in charge of any tasks assigned to them.

Other than that, code learning will make them attentive to every step of the process. It will teach your child not to be shy or doubtful with themselves. It will bring up their self-esteem and confidence.

#5 Promotes future-ready learning

Your child could be the next star programmer or computer specialist in the future. They might be the upcoming software developer that will shine to help in technological advancement. All these are possible if you let them experience coding classes as early as now. 

These code learning classes will help your child improve their coding skills while enhancing their knowledge of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics).

In this case, your child has reliable guidance on the possible career they might take in the future. It will introduce your child to the fields of computer sciences. You might not notice, your child could choose to pursue one of the highest-paying jobs of today, programmers.  

What age bracket would benefit from this? 

All ages can benefit from code learning. Learners ages 7 to 18 can enjoy this afterschool activity. Here are the possible advantages for students of different ages.

Preschool and kindergarten. Kids can do trial and error setup, which will help them learn about simple problem-solving skills.

Primary school. Students can also get familiar with the foundations and basics of computer science. It will give them an interest in this exciting field. As early as possible, coding classes will equip them with STEM subjects.  

Middle school. Coding classes will guide them in choosing a career they might take. It will help them realise that professions in the programming world are a great path to pursue. 

High school students. Your child in high school can prepare themselves for college. Coding classes will bring light to them on thriving more computer sciences.

What activities kids coding classes promote? 

Coding classes for kids like Skill Samurai offers varieties of activities and challenges for your kid. They have incredible tasks to guarantee an excellent learning experience for your children. Most importantly, kids coding classes also promote computer sciences skills that would help them become equipped for other careers and job opportunities.

Here are some of the activities your kid would experience in code schools.

STEM tutoring. Kids coding classes focus on STEM tutorings as it helps them learn more about sciences, technology, engineering, and maths. They also included games and challenges that would enhance your kid’s STEM skills, making them excellent in their academic performances.

Robotics. Code school like Skill Samurai also promotes robotics as it gives extra knowledge and ideas about how a robot works. So, your kids could build their robots and code them during robotics classes for kids. They would also encounter software and platforms to code a robot.

Coding. Of course, code school for kids highlights coding, its basic concepts and principles. It even features coding languages and other platforms in teaching coding and programming. Through this class, 

3d printing. To further elevate your kid’s tech skills, coding classes for kids also include 3D printing. It helps them become creative in using technology. Moreover, it also gives them opportunities to build things using 3D printers.

Artificial intelligence. About robotics, coding classes for kids also incorporate artificial intelligence and machine learning. They will also tackle this during the classes, helping kids get more familiar with its process and systems.

Video editing. Besides STEM and coding, code school also add YouTube creation to their curriculum. It enables the child to learn to create storyboards, shoot their videos, and edit them themselves. In this case, they are excelling more in the fields of digital presence. 

Game and app development. Children love games, so code school like Skill Samurai utilise popular games to teach children. They will help kids to do Minecraft Modding, and app development through Roblox, Scratch, and Python. It will give them accurate skills for the tech industries.

What are the learning tracks for kids coding classes? 

Skill Samurai have various learning tracks that your kid can try. It is divided into three parts: Beginner, Core Program, and Elective courses. All these parts have corresponding age, activity level, and platforms. 

For beginners, there are three levels your kid can take. Students age 6+ can start as a Cadet, then Scout until they reach Warrior badges. All the beginner level curriculum caters to Scratch learning from Scratch 1 to 3. As your kid completed this level, they would master Scratch coding using the drag-and-drop method.

As your child moves on to the core programs, they can choose from different platforms, particularly in Python, Roblox, and Java. All core programs with each platform have three levels, too. It includes Explorer, Trooper, and Captain levels. So if your child chooses Python, they would encounter Core A program, Roblox for Core B program, and  Java for Core C Program.

Other than this two, Skill Samurai also promotes elective courses ranging from Master, Ranger, Spy, Special Ops, Commander, to Legend badges. Each badge has a corresponding programming platform like Python, CSS, HTML, Unity, YouTube, VEX Robotics, and IBM Watson Machine Learning.

Skill Samurai includes badges for each learning accomplishment of your kid. It helps them feel appreciated and recognised through these badges. It comes in different colour and logo depending on the course they completed. 

You can choose from all these learning tracks that extremely suits your child’s interest. You may also consider their age and levels before choosing a curriculum. However, the most important thing is that your kid’s coding journey depends on your child’s skills and interest.

Skill Samurai still offers a learning track for your child. You can talk to them and finalise it to make it more perfect for your kid. Through this, it will ensure a more enjoyable coding journey for them.

However, your kid can also complete all the learning tracks listed here. You can see which one to do first,  but it is highly recommended to experience all the coding languages and platforms. Why? Skill Samurai curriculum guarantees your child to become an excellent coder whilst they are very young.

Where are kids coding classes available?

There are coding classes in physical, modular, or online setup. You can enrol your child in coding classes in Sydney. It is super easy to register and sign them up. 

As mentioned above, one of the kids coding classes in Sydney is the Skill Samurai. It is one of the newly expanded coding classes for kids in Sydney. This STEM-accredited after school kids coding franchise originated from the United States, Latin America, and Canada. Specifically, Skill Samurai is located globally in British Columbia, Canada; Ontario, Canada; Toronto, Canada; Region Metropolitana, Chile; Ecuador, Ecuador; Costa Rica, Costa Rica; North Carolina, United States; and now in New South Wales, Australia, and New Zealand.

Skill Samurai is accessible online, too! You can enrol your child to experience the world of STEM, coding, programming, robotics, computer, and artificial intelligence classes online.

Check out more of Skill Samurai’s offers and courses here. Get started today. 

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