2021 Guide to Minecraft Modding with Java

2021 Guide to Minecraft Modding with Java

Minecraft modding or Minecraft modification allows players to make some adjustments and additional changes to the game. It lets the user move, add customised items, and bring more blocks and mobs. Thus, the game will expand through its open-ended concept. 

Until today, you can play Minecraft and perform some Minecraft Modding with Java. Java is one of the most coding languages used for apps and platforms. Using both servers and interface, you can enjoy playing a game constructed from programming.

But then, Minecraft modding is changing. It upgrades every time, making it more complicated and sometimes does not work correctly for other devices. Minecraft mod codes only pair with its compatible versions. For example, Minecraft mode 1.12 might not work with the mods 1.13 or above. So, you must first verify the mods you are using.

However, you do not need to worry about these issues. You and your kid can still make Minecraft modding with Java using this ultimate guide for the year 2021 from Skill Samurai. Also, there are kids coding classes that will help you and your child with the Minecraft mod codes to generate the impressive results you desire. 

Want to know more about these kids coding classes? 

Skill Samurai is capable of teaching Minecraft coding to kids. It offers exciting and intellectual activities to help your child master programming at a very young age. These kids will also experience building their games and applications after some coding lessons, particularly with Minecraft.

To begin with this kind of lesson. You may try to see the prepared guide on Minecraft modding and help your child to set this up. Witness for yourself how they will enjoy these kids' code learning kids while doing Minecraft modding.

Step 1. Download your Java Developer Kit (JDK) 

Minecraft Modding requires Java Developer Kit or JDK. It will help to make Eclipse work on the Minecraft Modding accurately. 

If you still have not downloaded JDK, just download it on the link. Select version OpenJDK 8 to be compatible with the Minecraft Modding. Wait for the page to detect your platform. Once the download page noticed it, you can now start downloading it. Just click “Latest release.” 

If there are compatibility issues, view “Other platforms” to see other versions suitable for your operating system. 

Once the download is done, you now go to the downloads folder. Click the file and run it to install the JDK.

Wait for it while processing. Then, a window guide will pop up to help you install the JDK on your computer. Just click “Next” until you reach the installation process. 

Do not forget to agree with the EULA or End-User License Agreement. After settling, the platform is now ready to install. Wait until finished. 

After JDK installation, you can proceed to set up the code editor. 

Step 2. Prepare your Text Editor

There are primary tools that need to be downloaded first, like the Eclipse IDE. Eclipse IDE is one of the famous professional text editors for apps and platforms that use Java. 

For you to download it, just visit the website and search for the “Get Eclipse IDE 2020-06. Click “Download 64 bit”, and another page will appear. Click the “Download” selection again and wait for it to finish. 

Once the downloads are completed, go to your download folder and look for the executable file. Open that file to launch the Eclipse installer. Afterwards, click “Eclipse IDE for Java Developers. 

Then, the following window will show up. Do not change anything, as it reminds you to keep the default install location. Click “INSTALL.”

Another agreement statement will appear. Read and accept it for the Eclipse. Then browse the license agreement and click “Accept Now”. Do not forget to mark the boxes with the line “Remember accepted licenses”. After this, you will receive an Eclipse Foundation certification. 

Finally, you can now obtain your Eclipse and ready for code editing.

Step 3. Organise the Minecraft Forge

After installing the JDK and Eclipse, you need to prepare the Minecraft Forge. Kindly choose version 1.12.2 as it is compatible with mod Minecraft 1.12.2. 

Just download it through the link and follow the given instructions. On the page, select “Md” or Mod Development Kit file under the 1.12.2 version. A new window with an advertisement will then show—just press “Skip” in the top right corner. 

Wait for it to complete. Once finished, go to your download folder and extract the zipped up file. After the extraction, you can also see it in the project folder. Copy, rename, and move the file into your computer’s new location, particularly on the “Desktop”.

Once you already own the Forge folder, you can now start your project!

Step 4. Get the Pinta program

Another thing to make your kid enjoy Minecraft Modding more is to install the Pinta program. It is the way for you to alter the style and design of the Sword Texture. 

Just download it through their website by clicking the operating system’s download link for Windows or Mac. 

Then, go to your download folder again and run the installer. Afterwards, accept the agreements, install then launch. 

Eventually, you can now begin creating your project! 

Step 5. Assemble Your Project 

First, launch the Eclipse. Create your eclipse-workspace inside one of your documents folders. Once the Eclipse opened, check for the “Package Explorer”, then select “Import projects…” Click “Existing Gradle” and “Next”. Select “Browse…” and choose your project folder. Click “Select Folder”. Once you see it, press “Finish”. The project should start importing.

At the bottom of the window, go to the Gradle Tasks tab. Look for the “fg_runs” task folder and expand it. To run the task for the Minecraft launch configuration, double click on the genEclipseRuns. 

Click the File menu of Eclipse to select “Import”. Then, click the arrow to show the Launch Configurations. Click “Next.”

You need to checkmark the box beside the “ForgePractice” in the following menu. Then, “runClient” and “runServer” configurations will show up. Click “Finish”.

Lastly, click the arrow beside the green Run button. Then, click the “Run Configurations''. Another window will pop up, browse the list and go directly to the MC_VERSION. Doubleclick it and rename it as “1.12” and run it. In this step, Minecraft must launch from Eclipse.

Close the windows and just click the green “Run” located in the toolbar. 

Get ready for the kids coding through learning Java and building a mod. 

Step 6. Make Your Own Mod with A custom Sword 

Start typing the Java code. Use your knowledge of Lua script coding to begin your Minecraft modding with Java. After all the setups, you can now enjoy the game based on your style. 

Vocabulary for Minecraft Modding

Game library - is a collection of files containing specific data or code needed for the game to run correctly. 

Main directory - refers to the primary or root folder of the game on your computer

.zip - is the set of files in an archive file format. It compresses various files or directories in a single file.

.rar - is a proprietary archive file format that promotes data compression, file spanning, and error recovery. 

.jar - is a set of package file format for Java class files and Jaca code language 

Configuration file - a file that handles the altered codes through changes made in the video game or mod

Version -  the update of a program that also upgrades features and other elements in the program  

What are the requirements for Minecraft Modding with Java?

Computer with internet access - To download the materials and files you need for Minecraft modding, you require an internet connection. 

Computer or laptop - These are some of the devices you need to play and modding in Minecraft. You may align your devices’ specifications to the Minecraft version you are about to install. 

Java - Installing Java would help you do the coding processes using this programming language. 

Forge - You need an open-source server that caters to running the mods in Minecraft through a text editor. It also makes coding possible. So, you should download the Forge file online for you to enjoy the Java coding experience in Minecraft modding. 

Minecraft account - Of course, you need Minecraft and an account to play and perform the modding. It also allows you to enjoy all Minecraft experience.

Provided Minecraft setup - Minecraft gives the setup files for the modding. You only need to download it and familiarise yourself with it, like how it was presented in the directions above. 

Computer knowledge - To complete the Minecraft modding process, you and your child need to have the basic knowledge and skills in computer. It includes how to browse directories in windows, copy and paste files and install files.

Are mods in Minecraft free?

Absolutely. You can get these mods from the other players who designed and built them. Moreover, you may enjoy browsing the creations of other players and get inspiration from them. Additional free content and resources are available only, and you are not required to purchase anything just to install or download the mod. 

Is it worth it for my kid to learn Minecraft modding?

Yes! Your child will gain a lot if they have a chance of mastering Minecraft Modding. It also gives them a new thrilling experience as they discover various activities and tasks in the game. Moreover, it also opens their minds to the world of computer sciences. 

Here are some of the advantages they can receive if they learned Minecraft modding. 

Gain skills for game and app development. Your child would learn how to build games using their gadgets. It also allows them to use their imagination and innovative skills and apply them to the fun. Besides that, your child also encounters several computer sciences principles, inspiring them to build their own game in the future.

Familiarises with 3D modelling. Minecraft incorporates 3D blocks, giving children an idea of how 3D technology works. Besides, it can also provide them with a statement about 3D printing technology, allowing them to make models independently. Your child’s graphic and artistic skills will also improve as they always handle 3D modelling setups.

Introduces Java coding. Minecraft requires Java coding, which caters to your kid’s fundamental knowledge and skills in coding. Through this, young minds are getting familiar with coding principles and concepts, making them more skilled than other kids. Also, they can try other programming languages that suits their interests. As a result, they can pursue careers in programming or computer sciences. 

Teaches students to relate STEM elements in different situations. Minecraft modding also requires STEM skills. It helps your kid know more about technology and engineering through blocks and sandbox features of Minecraft. It also allows the opportunity to experiment with mods and other Minecraft elements.

Prepares with 21st Century skills. Your kid practices 21st Century skills through Minecraft modding as they encounter problems, challenges, and activities in the game. So, it enables these youngsters to apply algorithmic thinking, critical thinking.

Would you like your child to master Minecraft Modding?

Let them learn to code for kids further with Skill Samurai. They will begin familiarising the world of coding while enjoying digital games like Minecraft. In this case, you are giving them a diverse, exciting, and unique learning and entertaining experience. 

You might also prepare them. After all, your child could be the next famous game developer because you will never know. 

Ready to make them more extraordinary in designing and building codes in Minecraft? Sign up their names for afterschool care and extracurricular activity for kids such as computer class for kids, robotics class for kids, programming classes for kids, and code learning for kids using Minecraft. 

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