Top Game Makers for Kids

Top Game Makers for Kids

Kids who are crazy about playing games would most likely fall in love with game making! Is your kid one of them? Well, you should use this opportunity to let them enjoy the art of making games and applications. Check out the following games they could start to try on.

Before browsing all the games, kindly consider the time of play your child would be very interested in. They could choose from platforms that include creating fun stuff, editing the existing games or redesigning, or even a platform with complete game design. Kindly consider, too, the age of your kid and the difficulty of the game suitable to their age. 

Create Fun Stuff

Make items and additional effects on these games below.

Blox 3D Junior. It is suitable for age 5. It is a modelling toy from which players can make, destroy, and even animate pixelated 3-D items. They can also grab design elements to build and break digital creatures. Kids can manipulate and create models by just tapping the screen with one finger. Through this, kids would enjoy building and breaking 3D objects whilst familiarising colours, designs, and shapes.

Lego Worlds. It is perfect for kids aged ten and above. This game could become familiar to your kids, especially if they are Lego fans. The only difference is that Lego Worlds is in a digital format with various digital activities your kid could enjoy. 

Through this platform, your kid can construct anything in the virtual space. They can make interesting stories or even rousing adventures. They can also use plain Lego bricks or other colourful blocks available. Kids who play Lego Worlds can build their sandbox mode and adventure mode as they also get inspiration from other creators.

3-D Dot Game Heroes. It is also suitable for kids aged ten and above. Unlike Lego Worlds that includes blocks, 3-D Dot Game Heroes contain pixelated characters like wacky heroes and weapons for adventure. It also provides users with an exciting game for designing and uploading their feelings. The main thing that makes 3-D Dot Game Heroes unique is its humour, classic adventures, and Nintendo games features.

Edit Existing Games

These games already include game features and animations. However, your child can still customise it depending on their preferences.

Toca Builders. Kids age six can enjoy Toca Builders. It is a preparatory sandbox-style game for kids before they can try Minecraft. Toca Builders includes characters with different jobs, so the young user needs to build and make their new game worlds. It will also help them become creative whilst designing their own game. 

Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3Ds. Kids age seven and above would have a blast in this game. Your child can create their own adventures in the Mushroom Kingdom. They can also help them gain skills in creating levels and Mario Challenges. 

Drawn to Life. It is recommended to kids age seven plus. In this game, kids can draw and edit the games. Your kids can imagine the characters and weapons as they use them to design the game. Through this, your child can master their drawing skills and imaginations.

Minecraft. This game is perfect for kids aged 8. Through kids coding, your child can make different Minecraft mods to change the physical features and modes. They can also add and collect tools they love as long as they set them correctly. The game has an extensive and creative character that gives your kid a chance to make a personal Minecraft world. Most importantly, they would learn how to code a game using Minecraft servers. 

Trials Fusion. Editing games for kids age 12 and above can try Trials Fusion. It is a racing game, enabling users to create levels and additional motorcycle features. It includes speed, crashes, and stunts that are very entertaining for kids. It would also teach users about physics and other racing game animation tips.

Total Game Design

Your child has the freedom to design, build, and control the whole platform corresponding to their likes and interests. They can do it 

Scratch. Kids age seven can enjoy Scratch due to its drag-and-drop coding features. It enables your child to become creative in making animations, stories, and other artistic and adventure games. It is also a significant step to begin coding for kids.

Roblox. Kids age ten and above would have a blast playing Roblox. They can also have fun building their games on this platform as they design worlds and characters. Your kid can develop their environment whilst bringing their imagination to life. It can also help them with coding skills whilst learning more tech skills in game making. 

Unity Learn. This game creation platform is highly open for kids ten and above. They can begin how to make a game. It also gives your kid an opportunity to start learning more about computer sciences whilst receiving in-depth building games and robots.

How can my child become a game maker? 

You can try all the games above and start teaching your kids how to use them. Then, you may invite them to try designing their games. YouTube videos and tutorials can help you and your child familiarise the steps of building games at home. Books are also available to guide you throughout the journey.

However, one highly recommended way to help your child determine how to make a game is by joining coding camps for kids. Your kid can learn varieties of coding techniques in just a day, helping them learn how to code a game like Roblox, Minecraft, and Unity. 

Additionally, to take their game-making skills to the next level, you may enrol them in coding classes for kids that highlight coding for beginners. In a code school like Skill Samurai, your child can encounter coding apps for kids and other tips on making games independently.

At Skill Samurai, your sons and daughters age 7 to 18 are very welcome to join different camps, classes, and lessons promoting coding, game and app development, robotics, and even STEM education.

Learn more about Skill Samurai courses and available game makers for kids. Begin by browsing their offers and membership programs.

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