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8 Awesome Books That Introduce Programming to Your Kids

8 Awesome Books That Introduce Programming to Your Kids

If your kids love to read, then this article is just for you!

Code learning for kids is one of the most remarkable things you can let your child experience. It will enhance their STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) skills at a very young age. Eventually, it might bring out the best in them through the world of programmers, physicists, engineers, or even web developers! 

Bill Gates of Microsoft, James Gosling of Java, and Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook are not born great programmers, software engineers, or developers. They are built, made, and created. How? These well-known individuals hustle to learn intricate coding languages to innovate new platforms. If they have not tried learning to code, we might never see their impressive digital media!  

So, would you dare make the next successful programmer, web developer, or computer analyst? Start them young as you let them read introductory books for kids learning to code. 

Here are the books you can buy at bookstores or order online. 

HTML for Babies by John C. Vanden-Heuvel, Sr.

Introduce the world of web designing to your babies, starting with HTML makeup code. This HTML book for Babies consists of letterforms, visual patterns, and symbols to let your child know how building blocks work. Your little one will get used to one or two things about coding syntax using this book. After HTML, you can move forward to its following book, CSS for Babies, perfect for toddlers learning cascading style sheets. 

Hello Ruby: Adventures in Coding by Linda Liukas

What’s more attractive in a storybook about programming? Well, Hello Ruby: Adventures in Coding nailed this storybook for children as it gathered over $380,000 for a Kickstarter project. The book’s main character also highlights the imaginative girl Ruby which is suitable for your young girls. Ruby learns computational thinking, pattern recognition, and higher-level concepts essential to understanding coding in the plot. Besides this book, your child can also use apps and other online games related to the story. It will keep your child interested in the journey of writing software like Ruby!

Coding Games in Scratch by Jon Woodcock

Another incredible book about coding features the Scratch app, a free and interactive coding language app for kids. Coding Games in Scratch showcases captivating images and visual aids to teach Scratch. Once you use this kid to teach your kid, they will literally fall in love with it as it uses pixelated Minecraft-y characters and layout. Let them begin liking coding through this book as it highlights step-by-step visual guidance on building their own games for your kids.

Coding for Beginners Using Scratch & Lift-the-Flap Computers and Coding by Usborne Publishing

Usborne Publishing has been creating books teaching youngsters how to code since 1980. They first released Introduction to Machine Code for Beginners. However, through the development of technology, Usborne Publishing upgraded its books into free PDFs. They aim to help young kids master coding using books with compelling pictures and visual images. Therefore, they release Coding for Beginners Using Scratch and Lift-the-Flap Computer and Coding. Both of these books focus on 21st Century learners to teach and entertain them regarding the basics of coding in Scratch.

Coding Projects in Scratch by Jon Woodcock

Astrophysicist Jon Woodcock never gets tired of releasing remarkable books for kids coding. Thus, he again introduced another title, “Coding Projects in Scratch”, to enlighten kids about coding basics using 18 creative projects. The book has step-by-step instructions that the child can follow to code on their own. Other than that, kids can also play with different animations, characters, sound effects, and other coding tasks. They can start with a cartoon character dancing and jumping today, but eventually, they will make you drop your jaw.

The Official ScratchJr Book: Help Your Kids Learn to Code

Younger kids aged 5 to 9 would love this book. It is the simplest version of block-based coding lessons. This book helps kids catch coding through fun and easy projects in the Scratch Jr app. It also establishes common terminology about coding to prepare them for actual block-based programming, like Scratch.

Learn to Program with Scratch

For 10-year-old kids and above, it is recommended for them to try this book. It is a 300-page book that helps kids learn about the Scratch language. It also introduces them to coding fundamentals like conditional statements, variables, lists, and other simple visual-block coding languages. Other than that, this book also sharpens kids’ minds through Scratch coding and other programming knowledge, preparing them for more complex coding.

Python for Kids: A Playful Introduction to Programming by Jason R. Briggs

Other than Scratch, another way of learning to code for kids is Python. It is also a programming language that is easy and fun to experiment with. Python could be one of the most highly levelled coding languages, but the book Python for Kids made it light and digestible for young minds. The book is engaging and attractive for kids to enjoy learning Python. Besides, Jason R. Briggs guarantees an exciting tone to capture your kid’s mind. Through this book, your child can learn about software coding concepts. The text assures you that your child will never miss anything as it provided a complete, keen, and well-executed guide featuring a comprehensive lesson about Python coding. 

Coding Projects in Python

Coding for kids also demands Python code learning. It requires children to experience Python after they try Scratch. 

Through this coding book, your kid would begin building software! But before that, they would first learn how to download and install Python on their computers. The book also reveals how to write and save programs. Additionally, this coding book also provides a glossary and reference to guide your child throughout the software development process. 

Coding Projects in Python books also presents incredible Python coding projects, including varieties of web development and software creation.

Python in Easy Steps

Middle school learners could enjoy this book as it includes programming books for Python. It also helps kids understand Python programming and begin unravelling its concepts and applications. Other than that, this book can also guide kids and middle schoolers to build web pages and even write desktop applications using Python.

Your child would experience another level of coding with massive results like web pages and applications through this incredible book!

DK Coding Workbooks by DK

A trilogy workbook released by DK provides excellent learning experiences about interactive coding. These three books include Computer Coding, Coding in Scratch: Game Workbooks, and Coding in Scratch: Projects Workbooks. Each of these books features exercises, projects, and lessons for your kids to experience coding independently. They can design their projects after determining the fundamental concepts of coding. After using all these three books, your child can also invest time learning the Coding Games in Scratch book. DK Coding Workbooks is perfect for kids who love to do experiments rather than just holding a book. If your kid is one of those, you can try having this trilogy workbooks.

Java for Kids (and grown-ups): Learn to Code and Create Your Own Projects with Java 8

Kids age 10 to 12 may begin with Java coding. It is a text-based programming language that also incorporates games like Minecraft and other platforms. Using this book, your child would learn simple and easy baby steps for Java coding. They would also discover Java coding principles suitable for their level of understanding and comprehension. 

Due to the book’s inclusion for grown-ups, you as the parent can also learn with your child. It helps you both bond and understand Java coding and try it together on your devices.

Java Programming for Kids: Learn Java Step by Step and Build Your Own Interactive Calculator for Fun

Little older kids, or let’s say, teenagers, can continue with this book after the Java for Kids. Why? This book is suitable for the age of 13 to 17 as it presents more intricate programming lessons. After your kid familiarises the basics of Java, they can now begin with the programming itself. 

One activity present in this coding book is the interactive calculator app. In this task, your child would experience building an interactive calculator through Java coding. The book would direct them on how to download, install, and operate the calculator. 

C++ Programming in Easy Steps

Middle school students would love to try C++ programming through this book. It would help them try different easy procedures of programming practices. Author Mike McGrath ensures to include C++ activities assisting kids in learning the basics of the programming language. He also presents expert tips applicable to beginner programmers. Through this book, your child would enjoy more complex text-based coding language like C++.

Benefits of reading programming books 

Several books and literature are also present in the market besides the books indicated above. Nevertheless, all these books give tons of advantages for your child and their mental development. Moreover, these coding books also prepare them for accurate and actual coding. 

Here is some of the evidence why coding books are great for your kids.

It will improve kid’s programming vocabulary. These kids coding books help your child to familiarise common words for programming. It also gives them ideas about usual terms present in the computer, helping them become well literate in technology. Besides that, learning about these words would also help them perform well, especially during the actual code writing. 

It teaches practical coding and programming skills. The books feature several coding tips and techniques. It also provides examples that your kid could try on their computers. Besides that, coding books also introduce life skills to prepare your child in pursuing careers in computer sciences. Additionally, coding books also caters to different programming languages, allowing your kid to master a significant language. 

It explains coding concepts and principles. Coding books do not just offer examples and illustrations, but it also helps kids understand coding as a whole. It presents simple ideas for your kid to learn the basics of coding. Aside from that, coding books also showcase step by step procedures to guide readers throughout the lessons. So, these books are also suitable to teach during classes. 

It differentiates between good and bad coding. Your child would gain knowledge of proper coding due to the examples and experiences presented in coding books. It helps them identify if the coding is terrible or it needs improvement. Besides, kids would also notice accurate coding, allowing them to code faster than others. In this case, books give an edge for your kid’s coding skills

It provides simple coding activities for kids. Besides the lessons and ideas about coding, these books also showcase activities and tasks for kids to try! Imagine a book that gives a challenge to your child to help them develop their skills more. That’s a catch! So, these coding books also support your child in applying the lessons and beginning to experience them on their gadgets. 

You see, coding books are not just ordinary books that help kids become literate. It also focuses on computer sciences and technology, guiding these young minds for the 21st Century skills

How can I further teach my kid about coding?

After determining the excellent books, you can now order your preferred kids coding books online through Amazon, Bookshop, Barnes & Noble, Target and Walmart. Other than that, you can grab it at your nearest mall in bookshops.

However, besides the help of these beautiful books, you can continue honing your child’s coding skills through an afterschool care program or extracurricular activity for kids.

One incredible kid’s coding school in Sydney, Australia, is the Skill Samurai. They are offering great coding and robotics classes for kids that will surely get your child’s interest. Besides that, your child will also familiarise themselves with the basics and even experience coding independently. These kid coding classes will be using popular games loved by your kids, such as Minecraft, Python, Scratch, Roblox, and other coding toys and platforms

Sign up your kids with Skill Samurai and let them both learn and enjoy the fantastic world of coding after practising themselves from the excellent books you read to them. Sign them up now.

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