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Learn Scratch Coding - FAQ's

Learn Scratch Coding - FAQ's

Kids usually enjoy using their gadgets for fun and games. What if kids are the ones to build their games? Well, It is the main reason why these children are suitable to use, play, and learn Scratch

Why use Scratch? 

There are a lot of reasons why you should allow your child to explore Scratch. But before that, here are the following frequently asked questions most parents have in mind. Through this, you would know if Scratch is the best programming language for your kids.

What is Scratch?

Scratch is a popular free programming language for creating interactive stories, games, animation, music, and arts. It also enables users to share these digital crafts on the web. 

Unlike other programming languages, Scratch does not require a text-based programming language. It is an object-oriented coding language and software development kit to build programs. Other than that, Scratch consists of visual and building block approaches to create programming methods. 

Who can use Scratch?

Scratch is one of the easiest programming languages for beginners. So, kids age 8 to 16 can definitely use it. However, Scratch is also perfect for anyone even adults who are starting to learn about coding.

Scratch is available for more than 150 different countries with more than 60 languages. This interactive platform allows every user around the globe to learn programming wherever and anywhere they want to. Primary school, middle school, and high school students are very welcome to try this excellent visual-block coding platform.

Can kids below seven years of age use Scratch?

Yes, Scratch released a simplified version called ScratchJr. It is designed for kids age 5 to 7.  Kids within this age bracket would be able to learn the basics of Scratch coding. So long as they know how to manipulate gadgets, your young kids would be able to navigate ScratchJr easily.

How to do programming in Scratch?

Scratch is a visual block-based programming language that allows kids to build programs without text-based coding knowledge. Users can also perform the drag and drop method in Scratch making it easier and faster to complete. Users would also need to drag the blocks from the coded edge. Afterwards, they can drop the blocks to the program overview section. The blocks contain the code to align with the coding pattern. Then, it would be generated to allow the computer to function. Throughs, kids would learn the simple ways and instructions of the coding process. With a simple and easy drag-and-drop, they can gain the coding principles. 

How to learn to code using Scratch?

Scratch includes starter projects that would teach young kids about programming. They also provide a complete collection of coding cards to guide children throughout code learning. Scratch tutorial videos and awesome coding activities are also available for your children to learn and navigate this platform easily They even provided an Educator Guide to level up their learning style. 

What can kids make using Scratch?

Kids can use their artistic imagination and creativity while using Scratch. They can build games, animation, interactive art, music, dance, interactive stories, and video sensing platforms. Children can also do a variety of activities using Scratch. For example, if they want to build a game, they may choose Maze Starter, Hide and Seek, and Pong Starter. 

Aside from that, they can an amazing story using their characters, conversations, and imaginative stories! Kids have the freedom to showcase their creativity as they bring out their ideas through animations and games.

What devices are compatible with Scratch?

Any mobile device like tablets, laptops, and desktops can support Scratch. As long as the device has the most current web browsers, Scratch will run. So, kids could use browsers such as Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari, etc. 

After downloading the Scratch app through the devices, users can start using and playing with it without an internet connection. However, you can still use the internet while using the Scratch browsers. Any of the options are great for you to enjoy Scratch coding.

Is the Scratch app free to download and use?

Scratch is free to download and use. Anyone without a license can use this. Scratch app is compatible with Android and iOS. However, there are certain navigation functions that are limited to use when using the Scratch app. 

Users can also donate and give grants to Scratch. You may visit their website to check out their Donate page.

Who created Scratch?

Scratch is designed, developed, and maintained by its Scratch Team. They are located at the Lifelong Kindergarten group at MIT Media Lab. 

They also built the latest generation of Scratch through Scratch 3.0.

Why is Scratch entertaining for kids? 

Kids would love Scratch programming due to its colourful blocks, storing telling features, and visual coding setup. It also allows them to collaborate with other kids to build fantastic programs. Not just that, Scratch also provides interactive games that kids would enjoy!

What are the benefits of learning Scratch?

Besides the fun and exciting features of Scratch coding, there are so many benefits that kids would get by using this platform.

The first is that kids would improve their creativity and artistic expression. ’ Their planning skills would enhance as they try to design and plan their projects. Kids can also learn math from Scratch. It will enhance their logical thinking, computational thinking, and problem-solving skills. It can also help your kid’s mental health and personality development.

Next, your child would also improve their collaborative and communication skills as they connect with other players. Furthermore, Scratch has its Scratch online community making it possible for users to connect and collaborate with others.

Most importantly, your children would learn to code Scratch as they play this programming language. They could use this as a starter for their coding and computer science projects. Eventually, they would acquire these career-ready skills for their future job and career tracks

Where can my child learn Scratch?

Kids can learn Scratch programming online and through books, unplugged coding activities, or even coding apps. However, for formal learning of Scratch coding, you may enrol them at schools. They can also join in after school care programs that highlight coding classes for kids. 

In Sydney, Australia, one coding school is Skill Samurai. At Skill Samurai, kids would learn how to code using Scratch and other programming languages suitable for kids. It offers incredible learning opportunities about STEM, coding, and other 21st Century skills

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