Famous Computer Programmers Who Begin Basic Coding at an Early Age - Why Learn to Code

Famous Computer Programmers Who Begin Basic Coding at an Early Age - Why Learn to Code

A long list of names is available as you encounter words like “programmers”, “ coders”, and “developers.” You also get to know their names and backgrounds due to their impressive inventions and famous technology and computer sciences innovations. Who are they? And how they became highly successful in the tech fields and society? 

Before reviewing these individuals who conquered the world of technology whilst young, let’s first discover their common grounds in making such big names globally. It is no other thing but basic coding and programming skills. 

What is basic coding, and how it shapes one’s mind? 

Coding is a tech skill that mainly aims at feeding commands understandable by a computer. The coding language used for coding enables the computer to follow instructions and perform tasks given. 

More complex processing of design and development for computer programs is known as computer programming. It assembles all sets of instructions for the machine to execute. So, before you master computer programming, basic coding is your only way. 

Coding brings a massive impact on young minds as it also benefits the whole society. How? It caters to their mental development, preparing them for lucrative and notable careers and job positions. 

Here is some evidence as to why learning to code brings vast differences through the lives of others. 

Names behind success in fields of computer sciences

Bill Gates

The philanthropists, world-class billionaire, and Microsoft co-founder, Bill Gates, never get out of the list. He is a well-established man in his field as he spreads and supports computing, emerging technology, and coding education.  

A few people know how Bill Gates started his career and his main inspirations behind these successes. He revealed that early age, he got fascinated with how computers work, making him learn how to code. He even skipped classes just to build his first program, a tic-tac-toe game! 

Afterwards, Bill Gates and his friends began to learn to program, particularly BASIC or Beginner’s All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code

You see, his early interest in coding and programming led him to continue his career in technology. It even inspired him to become a software developer, author and build his own tech company!

Mark Zuckerberg

Who among you never heard of Facebook? Just a few! That’s how successful Mark Zuckerberg is as he co-created Facebook. What’s history? Let’s find out.

The young Mark Zuckerberg receives simple learning about Altair BASIC programming language through his father. He then acquires a considerable understanding of how the program works. It inspires him to build his computer games, and a personal AOL’s Instant Messenger called ZuckNet. 

Through his early exposure to programming languages, he also started to study and master them whilst he was young. Look where he is now, a highly respected web developer and internet entrepreneur, allowing him to motivate people in dealing and learning to code today.

Jack Dorsey

Let’s not move far from Facebook as we also indulge with the Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey. 

As a young kid, Jack Dorsey showcased his love for computing using his Macintosh computer. His passion for cities, trains, and maps also inspired him to build maps using his laptops. How? He did enjoy doing it through software programming. 

Jack Dorsey, in his teenage years, also highly related to digital technology as he spent his time for dispatch routing. Then, when he stepped into a university, it led him to create Twitter!

In the Jack Dorsey case, he uses his interest to unravel the world of the computer. He even created maps through programming, making it possible for him to build another world-class website, Twitter.

Daphne Koller

Besides the man of technology, Daphne Koller is one of the representatives of women in computer science. The Stanford University Israeli-American professor of computer sciences began her career in coding at a very young age. It made her highly interested in studying technology and created a MacArthur Fellowship online network of courses known as Coursera

Daphne Koller’s advanced understanding of computer sciences made her a successful individual in this industry whilst she was young. She even inspires more people to learn basic coding and build skills through these courses. 

Muhammad Hamza Shahzad

Did you know that your kid can also be successful whilst they are young? Like Muhammad Hamza Shahzad, your child can also use coding skills to reach more excellent opportunities in the tech field. 

Muhammad is one of the youngest successful programmers in the world at the age of 9! His love for coding and passion for computer sciences influenced him to be the next Bill Gates. He even proved this goal as he completed a Microsoft coding certificate within six months of studying whilst he was still 6 years old. What’s more impressive? His score is 757, nailing 57 points higher than the passing score!

This young kid’s passion for coding started when he got to know how to code. If people around him never introduce coding to him, would he be as accomplished as he is at a very young age?

Why Learn to Code?

Among all the experiences mentioned above, it is undeniably clear how kids coding and programming for kids provide a massive effect on their lives.

According to Bill Gates, “Learning to write programs stretches your mind and helps you think better, creates a way of thinking about things that I think is helpful in all domains.” So, people and even kids who want to learn to code could lead to having a more remarkable development and overall life skills. Eventually, these skills are essential to make a living!

How to prepare children to master programming?

One secret is revealed by Tanmay Bakshi, a 15-year old software developer and IBM Watson developer. He said, “You have to be passionate about programming before you can program.”  

So, to prepare your kids to become coding experts, they must give their genuine interest. How would you help them as the parents and teachers? You should influence them and introduce it to them at a very young age.

Parents may begin with coding books, online coding activities in their gadgets, and even allowing their child to join coding bootcamps. Aside from that, your child can also learn how to code through code school for kids. 

In Sydney, Australia, boys and girls can master programming for kids through Skill Samurai. It is an after school care program perfect for ages 7 to 18 to develop basic coding and programming. It also helps them experience game development, 3D printing technology, robotics, STEM education, and other fun computer sciences activities. 

If you wish your child to become a successful programmer today and soon after, get started here.

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