Coding vs Programming

Coding vs Programming

Coding and Programming. Words could be interchangeable, but sometimes, these are interpreted differently. In this case, many are quite confused with terms appearing in several fields. In the computer sciences, experts and even people are debating between the terms of computer coding vs programming

Now, how can you really distinguish which is which? Can you tell precisely their differences at all? 

Don't worry. We can help you identify the difference between coding vs programming. But first, let’s define the two. 

What is coding?

Coding refers to the translation of natural language into machine and computer commands. It requires coders to use an intermediary language to provide step-by-step instructions and principles for the machine to perform. 

Unlike the natural language, coding languages do not have an existing alphabet and grammar. However, coding languages carry syntax, rules, main keywords, basic logic, and systematic coding principles.

What is programming?

Programming is the process of creating and making products through more complex and developed steps. It includes several additional parts from which the programmers need to accomplish, such as planning, designing, testing, deploying, and maintaining. The whole system and process are known to be programming. 

What's the difference between coding and programming? 

Coding and programming are both necessary for several programs and platforms to work. Programming is needed to build the software itself. Programmers do the whole process indicated above to accomplish one project. However, before programmers handle the project, coders are usually the ones who build the outline. 

Even though programmers are the ones with many complicated responsibilities, coders still carry essential roles. Coders solve simple problems as it relates to the one-task application or one-page website. Through this, you are not required to perform intricate steps in programming. 

To make it more transparent, here are the aspects you might encounter through the crucial qualities of coding and programming.


Programming deals with the general process of building a program that follows particular standards and performs specific tasks. On the other hand, coding is a part of programming that strictly handles converting the language we use into binary code and commands for a machine to understand. 


Programmers use more tools than coders. In coding, you only need to do a simple translation, which makes you perfect for a simple text editor. As for programming, you need to master extra tools like code generators, databases, testing frameworks for inventory, and code analysis tools.


Coding requires you to have a basic knowledge of programming languages. However, in programming, you need to fully understand the systems, algorithms, math models, and processing data using the programming languages. The basic concepts could be important for programming, but you also need to set up the use of the language.


 Coders can complete their codes within a couple of hours, depending on their skills. It is quicker than programming, for coding can perform without too much preparation as it only handles simple solutions and arithmetic. Conversely, programming takes about weeks to even months to finish! In this case, programmers do all the tasks and branches of the approaches. 


Another important aspect of programming and coding is the result and products. Due to the more straightforward and more manageable coding approach, you are expecting to produce a simple product. While on the intricate and more protracted programming process, you will have a more complex final result. The result would be a more multi-functional and upgraded version that programmers do and understand. 

Through all the differences and similarities between coding and programming, you are now familiar with the two. So, this is something that you can definitely try out. Not just you, because even beginners and young kids can also learn these two! Sounds great? Right!

Programming vs coding, which is the easiest to learn and best for kids?

After deliberating the comparison between programming and coding, you might now know the answer. Correct! Beginners and kids could start learning computer sciences through coding. It would be perfect for their level of proficiency, understanding, and mental capacity

Beginners and kids might get stressed or anxious if they start learning how to program immediately. As entry-level training, they could begin with the basic concepts and principles of coding. 

Through this, their young minds would welcome all the minor and fundamental ideas before jumping into complicated ones, just like teaching maths to kids. You are not going to introduce them to algebra without teaching them how to count. Similarly, kids would have a clearer and easier path if they begin with coding until they are ready for programming.

What are the benefits of code learning and programming? 

As your child starts kids coding, they would practice several coding, STEM, and even robotics skills. It would also help them acquire lifelong skills such as problem-solving, computational thinking, logical thinking, and intrapersonal skills. Through this, they can be more prepared for various career and job opportunities in the future.

Other than that, kids who begin code learning while young are more likely to perform better in programming. Why? Code learning introduces them to the ability and mindset of a real programmer. It also allows them to train themselves more about computer sciences and technology. 

As a result, kids with a background in coding and programming are already equipped with career-ready skills. 

If you prefer your child to get the following skills and mindset, you are very welcome to start them as early as possible. 

How can your child learn coding and programming? 

Parents like you can use various options to introduce coding and programming to your kids. You can use storybooks, workbooks, and even board games that highlight coding. You could also begin with unplugged coding activities, robotics toys, or even STEM challenges at home. In this case, you are helping your child to watch out for coding terms, analysis, and experience. 

Most importantly, you can input and boost your child’s coding and programming skills through kids coding school

In Sydney, Australia, you can find Skill Samurai. It is a code learning school perfect for ages 7 to 18. They are welcoming children and teens to start and hone their coding skills. Eventually, it would allow them to start complex and text-based programming.

You see, you can do something to introduce coding and programming to young ones. Even these two terms are different. A child can master them one at a time. If you wish to start it today, Skill Samurai is happy to help.

Click here to see our courses perfect for the age, proficiency, and interest of your kid. 

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