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3 Big Reasons to Send Your Kids to Coding Camps

3 Big Reasons to Send Your Kids to Coding Camps

When kids take a break from school during the holidays, it’s an endless opportunity for them. You want them to have the best experience, so maybe you're thinking, should they just relax, keep up with academics, spend more time outdoors or widen their horizons in some other ways? Most parents are choosing a combination of all these to enrich their children or teen’s holidays. Coding camps have all these elements rolled into one.

There has been a significant rise in coding camps or tech camps over the past five years. The recent global situation which impacted our way of living in general highlighted the importance of skills development. Coding continues to be a valuable skill maybe more so during the pandemic. Online technology helped us pull through the struggles adapting to a new normal and continue to do so.

After the slowdown, tech companies resumed hiring for people with the required skills to help their organizations. Learners turned to tech or coding camps to gain new technical skills so they can go after these open jobs.

What we are seeing here is a glimpse of the future. More and more companies will turn to provide “pandemic-proof” services. So, it is always a better choice to start your kids as early as they can in gaining these skills that will prove to be beneficial for them in the future.

Tech camps and coding camps provide many of the traditional camp activities, giving kids a chance to meet friends they share interests with and quickly improve their coding skills. Coding camps provide students with opportunities to explore and get out of their comfort zone in a safe environment and build the 21st-century skills that will help them throughout their school years and beyond.

Here’s why you should send your kids to coding camps:

  • They stop learning loss and equip kids with in-demand skills.

Coding camps and tech camps teach valuable skills. Kids learn not only how to code, build hardware and complete engineering design projects, but they are also developing children’s problem-solving, social and creative skills. Tech camps give the student’s future while also being a fun and memorable part of their breaks.

At coding camps, children are motivated to think, analyse and solve things. Their concentration and ability to handle challenges becomes stronger. Kids who have experienced going to coding camps gained a lot of learning experiences as they start to have a clear understanding of the world of coding and programming. They get the chance to observe and absorb new ideas about the games they love.

Furthermore, it is a great way for kids to increase their coding skills and stop learning loss.

  • It’s fun for a reason.

The goal of coding camps is for kids and teens to discover and develop their interests in STEM-related fields. Camps offer individualized attention and a mixture of hands-on activities and teacher-led learning. These keep the kids engaged and learning.

Coding camps have a lot of activities that tickle your child’s imagination and curiosity. They will get to know more about their favourite games like Roblox, Minecraft, Fortnite and many more. Kids will learn ideas from game developments, robotics and applications they are interested in.

When learning is fun, students are not just only likely to learn, but also more willing to continue learning when they got home and back to school.

  • Coding camps encourage collaboration and building relationships.

Tech and coding camps are designed to be collaborative. There are social elements even for individual projects where kids participate in user-testing, prototyping and debugging. In these environments, kids also learn much from each other as they do from their teachers.

As they collaborate with other kids on projects, they also learn how to build relationships with others. Code camps help kids connect with other kids who have the same interests and hobbies as them. They would always look forward to meeting them off-camp and in future coding camps.

Overall, tech and coding camps are great for kids socially and cognitively. They provide students with a chance to explore a potential career path and gain mindsets that cultivate success in and out of school. They are an amazing way to meet new friends with shared interests.

Here in Australia, Skill Samurai offers coding boot camps, an after-school care program with holiday school camps for kids. Skill Samurai opens many camping activities that focus on coding, STEM and robotics.

Your child will have fun with Skill Samurai’s coding camps in Castle Hill and Rouse Hill. They have a complete set of tools and equipment such as laptops, robots and 3D printers, ensuring a fun and awesome learning experience. A coding experience would make for a holiday that your child won’t forget.

Skill Samurai release coding bootcamps information such as camps date, pricing, and availability four weeks before the school holidays. In this case, you can even prepare early your family schedule and get ready for packing things for the camp. We recently released our December 2021 – January 2022 schedules for camps and coding classes some slots have already filled up, so if you want your kid to join us at this camp, enrol them now.

See schedules here and book now.

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