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Coding Camps for Kids - The best school holiday activity is here!

Coding Camps for Kids - The best school holiday activity is here!

Let’s not waste any day for children to have fun and learn! Coding camps for kids are here to provide them with an extra day full of exciting and insightful activities. It involves varieties of challenges and themes that would indulge them in the world of computer sciences. Would you allow your kid to join, too?

Before starting down why coding camps for kids is the best way to spend your child’s holiday, let’s find out first how holidays can be both so much interesting and inspiring. 

Holidays in the past and in the present

Do you still remember when you were young, and Christmas is just around the corner? What holiday activities do you and your friends or family do back then?

I remembered the times when I used to go camping with my friends just in our backyard. We would set up a tent (make sure that it doesn’t fall!) and camp out for the night. 

We’d tell stories about the funny moments we had when we were in school, at home or just reminiscing about the times when we were having fun together.

But times are different right now. 

Kids these days are surrounded by the latest technological gadgets and machines that make it harder for them to detach themselves. They are eager to consume more time watching, playing, and browsing their smartphones, tablets, laptops, and computers.

And as a parent, I want my kids not to be addicted to how mesmerising technology can be. I want my kids to learn something new and worthwhile, which they can use to improve their skills and performance in school and better prepare them for a future full of success.

That’s why I want all parents to know that you have a choice in changing the course of your children’s education and how they can use technology to strengthen their skills not just in school but also in life. 

Kids to coding camps on holidays

Allowing your children to join coding camps would benefit your kids and help them learn whilst having fun at the same time. Using this free day into a fantastic time would make the best out of it! 

Among other exciting activities, why coding? Here’s how you can look at it. 

Kids today are very fond of technology. They also excel with these tools. So, why not take this opportunity to allow them to learn more about this field? You wouldn’t know, your child could also be the next programmer to build incredible tech platforms in the future! 

Other than that, coding gives certain benefits that you might not hear before.

Coding can help your kids improve their academic performance in school and harness their innate skills in logical thinking, problem-solving, systematic reasoning and critical thinking. It would prepare them to take on their lives with confidence and face their future careers in STEM or any other careers with competitiveness and competency.

Aside from that, coding can be one of your yearly school holiday activities for your kids to learn. So instead of your kids just looking forward to an actual camping activity, they can enjoy school holiday camps when the Christmas season comes up. 

Your child’s journey as they join coding camps

There are many reasons why your kids should learn how to code. I've listed some of the most important ones before. But here are the additional reasons and advantages why your kids should sign up for coding camps as part of school holiday activities.

#1 Learning about coding is like learning a new foreign language. 

Coding allows your kids to explore new things like how coding works and how these codes can create interactive games, stories, simulations, animations and even websites. 

As you start learning a new human language at the earliest age possible, you learn the language faster and easier—the same way as learning about coding language. The earlier your kids start learning in coding camps, the easier for them to learn the basics about coding.

#2 Coding is one of the foundations in STEM careers that are high paying.

Coding is essential for STEM careers like computer engineer and programmer among high-paying jobs. And in the next coming years, there would be many tech jobs, especially engineers, available to be filled in, given that we are currently advancing toward a more advanced and latest technology.

#3 Coding camp can teach your kids social skills and teamwork.

When kids learn programming through coding camps, they won't be alone. There would be other kids that they can mingle and learn with.  Through kids coding camp, they would be able to do programming as individuals and as a team, allowing teamwork with other kids. Their social skills would also improve because they also get to socialise through team building activities with other kids. 

Other than that, they would be able to exchange ideas from each other and discuss just everything besides learning how to code. It'll just be like camping but inside a school where they learn new coding languages, have fun with peers, and build a bond of trust and friendship among their tutors and classmates, all these in kids coding camp.

#4 Learning about coding allows kids to build their future careers.

When your kids know how coding works and learn various coding languages, they would be in demand when they grow older and take on STEM careers and fit certain roles that would require coding expertise. 

They can work in private companies for the government or they can even work in the comfort of their homes as a freelancer and independent programmers. They would be able to adapt to different industries and choose what industry they would pursue because as long as there is technology, programmers can adapt, excel, and get paid.

#5 Learning about coding is beneficial from any career path your kids take besides STEM.

Whether your kids pursue STEM careers or not, almost all industries from education, businesses, medicine, construction to agriculture are powered by coding. Because the reality is, the technology that these industries use makes use of coding, so essentially, kids who take coding classes would have an edge and become highly competitive when they pursue any career. 

Coding camps, themes and activities

You see, coding camps bring your child’s experience to the next level. It also gives a chance to try something new while they are having a blast! Here are some of the most common coding camps your child can join for the upcoming holidays.

#1 Game Development Camp. One exciting activity for kids is the game development challenge. In this camp, your child would learn how to build their own games depending on their likes and interests. 

They could make games that incorporate puzzle games, action games, adventure, or even animations. The camp could include tools such as Scratch, Python, Roblox, and other platforms for game development.

If you want your child to experience designing and building their games for one day, this coding camp would be perfect for them!

#2 Kart Racing with Unity and C# Camp. Besides simple but broad game development, you can also help your child specialise in 3D kart racing. However, it is more complex but more thrilling for kids. Kart Racing involves text-based coding languages like Unity and C#. So, it is a more challenging camp for young kids. 

Kids who have prior experience in coding using Unity and C# would definitely enjoy this camp. Plus, they would still bring lots of taking away from the tips and tricks of the kart racing game.

#3 Minecraft Modding Camp. Most kids are truly in love with Minecraft! Are your kids, too? Well, another coding camp highlights Minecraft modding that would carry their Minecraft experience to the next level! 

Minecraft modding includes varieties of coding challenges. It would help your kid plan, design, and build the game for Minecraft. In just a day, they would learn many techniques of playing and designing in Minecraft. 

#4 Junior Astronaut Camp. If your child loves spacecraft, astronaut, and other things about outer space, they would surely have a great time in this camp. This camp could include NASA collaboration, making the activity so unique and interesting. So, bring your child to Junior Astronaut Camps and let them experience a fantastic holiday! 

#5 YouTube Creator Camps. Kids mostly enjoy watching videos on Youtube, but what if they are ones to create their own videos? During YouTube Creator Camps, your child would learn how to make a video of themselves. The camp is capable of teaching them how to plan, make a storyline, and prepare the video setup. Moreover, the YouTube Creator Camp also includes editing tutorials, YouTube account creation, and posting videos.

So, after the camp, you would expect your children to know how to properly use YouTube and use their creativity while utilising this platform. 

#6 Robotics Camp. Other than exciting and fascinating activities for game development and others, your child would have an unforgettable experience through robotics camps. In this camp, your kid could learn how to build robots and code it! 

Kids would also see how it works properly after programming. Also, children would understand the process of robotics and even got interested in artificial intelligence and machine learning

The coding camp is capable of providing the materials, the platforms, and even the robots themselves. They have the complete set of materials to give a wonderful learning experience for your kids!

#7 STEM Activities Camp. This camp would cater to several literacy and skills for your kids. In STEM camps, your child would excel more in sciences, technology, engineering, and maths

A lot more coding camps are available for your kids to enjoy. However, these are the main camps they can join during the holidays. It would ensure a safe, pleasant, and memorable experience for them that they would truly love. They could even become motivated to become future programmers, computer scientists, and even professionals in the tech industry.

Above all things you determined about coding camps, would you let your kid join coding camps? Well, it’s your way of giving them the best experience even for a day! 

Sign up your kids to coding camps

Are you getting excited about kids coding camp? If yes, then you are making a huge deal of your child’s mental and cognitive development! It would help them prepare these young minds for a more complex way of life. 

Now, do you still need other school holiday activities for your kids? Then, sign up your kids to the upcoming kids coding camp very, very soon in Australia! 

Skill Samurai is a school in Sydney, Australia. It offers varieties of coding activities with awesome and trained staff for holiday camps! They are also encouraging your kids, boys and girls, age 7 to 18, to start learning the world of coding and programming. 

Learn more from their coding camps every holiday. Get notified here.

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