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Why The World Needs More STEM Education, Including Kids Coding Classes

Why The World Needs More STEM Education, Including Kids Coding Classes

STEM education became popular today as various schools included it in their curriculum. Some parents also began teaching their kids about STEM. However, numerous institutions globally have not yet introduced STEM education to their students. Sad to say, the lack of urgency to shift from traditional to STEM education could bring some problems in the near future as the world is geared more toward technological advancements. 

Before discussing the real issues and reasons why STEM education should be included in schools and homes, let’s first discover more about STEM education.

What is STEM Education?

STEM education comprises subjects such as science, technology, engineering, and maths. It is the compilation of all lessons and activities focusing on children’s computational thinking capabilities. Moreover, the STEM education curriculum develops students’ key skills, such as the following:

  1. Critical analysis
  2. Creativity
  3. Communication 
  4. Digital literacy
  5. Independency and confidence
  6. Initiative and resilience
  7. Problem-solving skills
  8. Social and interpersonal skills

Besides that, STEM education is positively related to computer sciences, particularly in coding, computer programming, robotics, and artificial intelligence. Through these, STEM education can represent the world of software development to your child as they begin coding for kids. 

Clearly, STEM education provides excellent opportunities and career-ready paths to your children. This curriculum could also help them unravel various life skills, intellectual health, and competencies in different fields. 

Besides the substantial advantages of STEM education and code learning for kids, today’s statistics and reports can strengthen this claim. Here the pieces of evidence proving that school and homes should initiate teaching STEM to children.

Reasons to Teach STEM Education and Kids Coding Classes

#1 The world of work has changed.

●  There are 500,000 unfulfilled IT jobs in the US[1]

●  There are 200,000 unfulfilled IT jobs in Canada[2]

●  Jobs in STEM industries are expected to grow to nearly 9 million by 2022[3]

●  50% of current jobs will not exist in 2025[4]

●  45% of jobs are in danger of being replaced by technology[5]

●  67% of software jobs are outside of the tech industry i.e: banking, natural resources, government, entertainment[6]

●  90% of parents want their children to study computer science[7]

●  42% of young adults, aged 20-29 are underemployed and living with their parents

The world is hugely in need of skilled and experienced tech professionals today and in the future. Most companies will demand computer and IT skills to perform various tasks for their machines and computer programs. Other than that, the fast-evolving technological advancement also requires a massive workforce to fulfil multiple IT-related jobs.

In this case, parents like you should take note of these expected changes in technology. You should prepare your child today for their possible employment in the future. Moreover, if you could begin as early as now, you gradually practice your kids’ STEM skills. 

As a result, your kids would develop strong competencies in STEM and coding for kids. It could also attract them to get interests in STEM-related fields that are highly entailed for society. Most importantly, teaching them STEM education and coding classes for kids would develop their abilities for future career opportunities

#2 Traditional education hasn’t been able to keep up.

●  Only 5 of 18 compulsory high school credits are STEM-based.

●  Fewer than 20% of students take critical grade 12 Math and Science courses required for STEM-based degrees.

●  Over half of university students are enrolled in social/arts programs, feeding the only 1/3rd of the job market.

It states that many schools are still using the traditional education system. They are still learning using only books and lectures. Most campuses and institutions are also focusing on the teacher as the head of the knowledge. Through this, students cannot extend their knowledge and skills. It somehow prevents them from learning and trying new things that would hone their overall personality development. 

Aside from these, some schools today never begin project-based learning. The traditional learning approach was useful then, but for now, it can fend off a child’s creativity and discoveries.

In contrast, the STEM education curriculum is carrying project-based learning. It would give chances to kids to learn things by doing it themselves. It would help them investigate, analyse, and solve problems independently. In the future, it prepares your kids for more significant issues in life. 

For all these reasons, parents and teachers should implement STEM education and coding curriculum in their schools. At home, parents can start teaching necessary STEM skills using coding books or tech toys. They could also begin using popular online platforms to tickle children’s interest in STEM and coding for kids. Some of these applications are Minecraft, Roblox, Scratch, Python, Fortnite, and even YouTube.

#3 There are incredible opportunities for students in STEM fields.

●  70% of the top-paying jobs require STEM education, including the trades.

●  People in STEM fields can earn 26 per cent more money on average and be less likely to experience job loss. The STEM degree-holders also tend to enjoy higher earnings overall, regardless of whether they work in STEM or non-STEM occupations.

Tech professionals today earns higher than other occupations. They belong to the highest paying jobs in the world. Yes, it is true, as stated above, proving that they are clearly necessary for a company. Their tech skills are also practical to save company budgets and resources. Furthermore, tech employees are also offered excellent job security and benefits as they handle important departments in all companies. 

Parents could help their child prepare for these future careers as you allow them to learn more about STEM and programming for kids. You can input them into the basics of computer sciences and continuously sharpen these skills up until their teenage years. Eventually, they could pursue these courses in college and continue to prepare for careers in job tech. 

As you help them understand STEM, coding, and computer science, you build their computational thinking skills. These skills would benefit them to higher academic standing and successful job positions in the future. 

How can you start introducing STEM education to your kid?

Parents can use unplugged STEM and coding activities, STEM camping, kids coding books, tech and engineering toys, or even use modules to practice their STEM skills. You can also use their laptops, smartphones, computers, and other devices to play coding games online. Through this, they would be able to familiarise STEM and coding for kids.

However, you can also enrol them on after school care programs like Skill Samurai. It is a kids coding school and a STEM education franchise that caters to boys and girls ages 7 to 18. They teach them coding, programming, and robotics classes for kids. They also provide game development, maths tutoring, and other hands-on lab STEM activities. 

All in all, Skill Samurai is capable of providing quality STEM education and coding classes for kids. So, you can now prepare your child for incredible STEM-related careers. 

Would you like your child to start learning STEM now? Get started today.

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