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6 Benefits of After School Programs for Kids - Kids Coding Blog

6 Benefits of After School Programs for Kids - Kids Coding Blog

After School programs or after school care activities are widespread nowadays. Lots of schools and facilities offer great after school education plans for kids. Thus, parents are highly encouraged to bring their children to extracurricular activities. 

Boys and girls in any age, especially 7 to 18, are welcome to try after school programs. They can take these training and activities at the school, public libraries, parks, camps, club halls, recreation centres, and even a classroom. 

Of course, from the name itself, after school programs are conducted after school time. It could be during the afternoon or evening or even during weekends. The schedule depends on your child’s availability as long as they can sustain their academic performances and extracurricular activities. 

But, is it really worth it to invest time and money in extracurricular activities for kids? Here are the top six reasons why you should do this now.

#1 Introduce a new kind of learning 

After School programs cover incredible learning experiences. It tackles academe or even skill-based learning opportunities. Some programs also offer arts, crafts, sports, and remedial classes for science, English, and maths. Through these programs, your child can further enhance their skills.

Moreover, after school activities are not focusing on traditional teaching methods. Instead, it promotes experiential learning from which students can enjoy their learning phase. It also allows students to learn independently with minimal supervision of the instruction. 

Through this kind of learning experience, children can get out of modules, books, and massive written workbooks. So, they will not just cage into theoretical and conceptual learning. On the other hand, they will better try a new kind of experiential and observational learning whilst immediately acquiring the skills.

Other than that, your kids will not just be sitting in their chairs but rather explore new places and centres that will guide them more.

So, instead of just allowing them to experience a four-cornered classroom, why not allow them to try something new?

#2 Expand ideas and discoveries

After School programs feature different activities, tasks, and performances. There are also new challenges and ventures they could take in the program. In this case, your child can make valuable discoveries as they try to find their interests. 

Besides that, your kids can also identify their hobbies and likes as they begin to strive for different fields and subjects. 

For example, as you allow your children to visit robotics classes for kids, they could make a vast delight in robots. It could drive them to learn more about coding and other aspects of robotics. Furthermore, you can also allow them to enrol in after school drama programs from which they gain interests. Through this, they can learn the world of performing arts. 

As you bring your child into different programming activities, you are helping them to feed their curiosities. It can also discover their personalities. 

Allowing your kids to experience these programs could lead them to the career they are about to take. So, guide them to different worlds as early as now. Then, eventually, they are the ones to open the doors for themselves.

#3 Mental health

After School activities are not focusing on practical and physical activities. It also helps improve your kid’s mental health. How?

Your child's intellectual capacity can improve through constant practise and repetitive experience. It can also enhance as they observe other skilled and experienced individuals. In afterschool programs, your child can navigate things independently after watching their instructors do the method. 

As a result, your child can follow the teacher’s step-by-step instructions and then perform it individually or by a group. 

The activities available in the programs can also feature creativity, innovate skills, problem-solving, resilience, and adaptability to the environment. Through these activities, your child will strengthen their mental capacity and improve their decision making. 

#4 Social learning 

After school programs can task your child to work independently, but they should collaborate with their group mates most of the time. They are team workers and partnership tasks that they could work on.

In these types of activities, your child would be able to enhance their listening skills. They will give others a chance to say their opinions and ideas. Afterwards, they could also practise how to express themselves properly. So, your kid’s communication skills will improve as they socialise with their peers with the same interest as them.

Once your child masters their social skills, they can apply them in their schools and everyday lives. They could be a great leader or member of the community who respects others and themselves.

#5 Builds up confidence 

After School programs have fewer students than other schools. It also helps them connect with their teachers without hesitations. Other than that, the class can also give extra recognition to anyone who excelled on the activity. 

Through this system, your child will be able to appreciate their talents, skills, and capabilities. They will indeed identify their strengths and weaknesses as they move forward to improve it. 

Besides that, when your child accomplished something and saw how it resulted, it will motivate them more. For example, your child built a fantastic online game from scratch, and it works. As soon as they see that it was successful, it will inspire them to do more. 

On the other hand, if your child fails to accomplish something, after school programs will teach them to be resilient and brave. So, it will guide them to build their confidence and self-esteem.

#6 Fun and enjoyable 

Instructors make sure that the class and after school activities are very entertaining. They are innovating new tasks that will captivate the interest of their students. Other than that, it will also let them begin having fun with the learning process. 

Most importantly, your kids might feel less stressed or pressured as in afterschool activities. They will consider this time for games, activities, and playtime.

What after school activities can I enrol my child in?

You can allow them to try performing arts which highlight dancing, drama, and music. You can also enrol your child into creative activities such as drawing, painting, building, and making crafts. Moreover, there are outdoor activities like sports. So you can let them try swimming, baseball, or even martial arts.

Others also enrol their children in language classes to learn second languages. Some parents sign up their children to STEM programs that focus on improving their science, technology, engineering, and mathematics skills. 

One famous STEM programming after school program today is kids coding school in Sydney, Australia. It promotes kids coding classes, kids learning programming, and computer class for kids. 

Want to learn more about STEM-accredited programs?

Skill Samurai offers an afterschool program that teaches kids coding and robotics class for kids. It caters boys and girls ages 7 to 18. Through this program, your child will enhance their STEM skills and use it for their future career and education.

Sign them up now at Skill Samurai.

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