AI and Machine Learning Apps for Your Kids

Unlock different learning experiences for your child through the use of modern technology, including the exciting field of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). Both these two open a new incredible learning journey for your kid to improve their mental, intellectual, and overall thinking skills while utilising technology. 
AI and ML could be very complicated for a child’s level of understanding. However, fun applications can quickly introduce these subjects to your child. 
But first, let’s determine what AI and ML are. Then, you will also see how it gives a massive impact on your child’s future. Moreover, you will also discover the available applications to enhance your child’s AI and ML knowledge and skills. 

What is Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning?

Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to the ability of machines to make their own decisions similar to human beings. Machines with AI are equipped to handle movements, actions, and other activities. To power these AI machines, programmers mainly use machine learning. 
Machine learning (ML) focuses on machines to learn and acquire data and patterns without any human help or intervention.
AI and ML are somehow the same with human learning patterns and following instructions. So, the machines, once informed and trained with machine learning, can now perform tasks independently. 

Why is it essential to teach AI and ML to kids?

Learning AI and ML would help kids to understand the world of computer sciences further. It will help mould them to early learning development. 
AI and ML will allow your child to learn more about algorithms, logic, sequencing, iteration, and other STEM skills. If they also familiarise themselves with AI and ML, it would inspire them to be solution-oriented individuals. Through this, they will learn how to be resilient, innovative, and motivated in solving problems. 
Other than that, your child could also learn the process of storing, structuring, and analysing data in simple activities and complex tasks until they grow up. As you prepare them with AI and ML at a young age, they could use this for their personal development and future careers.
You wouldn’t know where this learning could bring out the best in your kids!
These topics could be a little overwhelming to your kids, but kids can still appreciate and enjoy learning AI and ML through the excellent examples and applications designed for them.

What are the kids’ apps for AI and ML? 

#1 Quiver 3D Coloring App

One of the exciting applications is Quiver. Your child will colour the image. Then the application can turn it into a 3D object on the gadget. The shape, colour, and style on the paper will be transformed into live characters making it exciting and thrilling for young kids.

#2 NameO App

Another AI and machine vision application is the NameO App. This application is very cool as it can name things and objects after taking a picture of it. 
For example, you and your kids visited a zoo. You can let them use the NameO app to capture animals. Then, the application can identify the names of these animals. So, your child would quickly learn about those organisms. 
Through this, your child could also enjoy machine vision activities and wonder how it became possible. Afterwards, you can now continue teaching AI and ML to them. 

#3 Happy Snap Mobile App 

Happy Snap Mobile App highlights educational and exciting apps making your child the primary user. The app includes photography, AI, and machine vision that can be manipulated by kids. Through this activity, your kid would practise photography, finding, and exploring skills. 
The kid will determine the environment, whether indoor or outdoor. Then, the game will ask the kid to take photos of five different objects. It could ask for a toy, TV, flower, book, or something colour. In this part, the child would snap a photo of the object. Then, the app will analyse if the picture matches the requested items. 
In this application, your child would discover more about artificial intelligence and how an application can perform tasks the same with humans. 

#4 Kano Computing

Combining art and machine learning would be incredible with Kano computing. This application introduces kids coding, colourful categories, shapes, and other elements to develop a program. In this app, your kids would experience making their art through the computer. 
Other than that, this application could also reveal the necessary coding and building machines. It will let them understand how to use technology to control and create things. Furthermore, kids would also love this game through its simple and interactive learning experience. 

#5 Pika 

Another creative application to introduce AI and ML is the Pika camera application. The child would capture pictures and allow the app to recognise these colours. Afterwards, the Pika robot would lead the kids to finding colours. As a result, it will result in on-screen augmented reality effects once it spots a colour. 
Pika helps your kids to discover using AI and helps build confidence in achieving goals and objectives. It will shape your child to be observant, enthusiastic, and interested in the environment around them. Most importantly, they will experience teaching camera-focused apps about different colours, allowing them to connect with the machine easily. 


Teaching AI and ML to middle school students is possible through VIPER. It is a game to teach basic concepts of machine learning. It gives challenging tasks related to computer science and advanced mathematics. Your kid would learn about the machine learning process similar to a computer understanding codes through this application. 
Unlike other applications that use mobile photos, VIPER works with a programmable robot. So, learning AI and ML with VIPER is more elevating and exciting. 
Besides that, a more comprehensive task focuses on this application due to the inclusion of finding algorithms and understanding machine learning concepts. Afterward, middle school students would be tasked to apply these learnings. 

How can my child enhance their AI and ML learning?

Skill Samurai offers coding and robotics classes for kids. It is a STEM-accredited program highlighting programming activities and applications to improve your child’s familiarity with computer sciences. It is open to boys and girls ages 7 to 18. Through this program, your child would further develop their kids’ coding skills until they could use it for machine learning and artificial intelligence.
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