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Top 10 Minecraft Mods for 2021

Through the years, Minecraft mods keep on improving. They are creating new features which makes it more interesting for both children and adults. Especially last 2020, people are more into digital games whilst choosing the safety of being at home. This 2021, Minecraft never stopped generating more series of fun and exciting features through its Minecraft Mods.
So, even robotics and kids coding school Skill Samurai chooses Minecraft Mods. Skill Samurai introduces Minecraft Mods coding lessons to help kids learn programming at ages 7 to 18. Through this, your child can master game and web development whilst savouring the thrilling game experience. 
Besides that, your children can enhance their kids’ coding skills with different games and mods available. Your kids can choose from a long list of incredible Minecraft Mods. For them to experience what awaits them, here are the top Minecraft Mods they can enjoy. 

Pam’s HarvestCraft Mod

If your kid loves farming and food, then they can try Pam’s HarvestCraft Mod. It features cooking and crafting vanilla and even chomping cooked pork chops. But then, due to its fantastic update, your child can experience a more interactive online culinary experience. 
Kids coding on Pam's HarvestCraft Mod can now rebalance the vanilla food, placeable cake blocks for the newly added cakes, and generating market blocks. Even shipping blocks and planting crops in place of seeds are now available! 


Another mod about food is the Apple Skin. You and your kid can add Pam’s HarvestCraft mod with this game. How? Apple Skin helps to prevent hunger and to organise food in your storage. It reminds you of the food you can take or the timespan of a particular meal. All information about your food and its mechanics are available on this AppleSkin mod. 
Through this mod, you will be able to know anything about your food storage, even the hidden or invisible ones, by the game default.

Biomes o’ Plenty

Kids who like to explore and plunder will love Biomes O' Plenty. And today, it already has 75 brand-new Minecraft biomes! Your kid can now own blocks, trees, plants, and other content pieces. 

Minecraft: FastCraft Mod

Minecraft players will never worry now about the speed of the server. They can now consider the FastCraft Mod! This mod highlights a better client and server gaming experience. So, there are no more lag, drops, or slow game starting up. It lets your game move smoothly that you always wish for. Moreover, it can cater to 200MB RAM that assures you a faster and more efficient experience! 

JourneyMap Minecraft Mod

Kids who enjoy discovery maps and exploration will definitely love JourneyMap. It includes Minimap, Waypoint Management system, Mobs radar, and Auto-Follow Player. Other than that, using this mod, you will never lose your way. You can roam around the Minecraft world and enjoy your mining circles. This mod can also track the place where you travelled. 

Roguelike Adventures and Dragons (RAD)

Dungeon structures plus monsters are the main features of RAD. It has a fascinating Modpack of large underground systems. The characters are capable of having spellcasters and airships. 
Your kid will genuinely enjoy this magical adventure once they tried the Minecraft mod of RAD. Let them conquer the fantasy world of dungeons and dragons through their Minecraft adventures. 

Here’s What You’re Looking At (HWYLA) Mod

While playing Minecraft, your kid might encounter something strange. Without noticing it, it is actually a block! It has a different colour or features, which made it look different. But then, your child just realised that it is a Minecraft block. 
For you and your kid to see clearly the blocks around the Minecraft world, you can use the HWYLA Mod. From its name, it really helps the players to verify the things they are looking at. 
HWYLA seems to be super simple, but it has a significant use for anyone playing the game.

The Lost Cities

Other than the dungeons and dragons, another fantastical world is present using Minecraft Mods. One of the most crazed Minecraft Mod is The Lost Cities. It lets you and your kid play in an apocalyptic or post-apocalyptic world. You can enjoy the mod’s sci-fi details that will allow you to discover new things while playing.
The Lost Cities Minecraft Mod has tunnels, highways, and even broken bridges. You will also see abandoned buildings, halls, and subway systems that make it even thrilling. Try to explore this world underground to divert your simple and comfortable life in civilisation.
Take note to watch your kids whilst playing these games. They might get scared or get enthusiastic with zombie-like characters. 

Crafting Dead Minecraft Mod

Another exciting mod in the Minecraft survival game is the Crafting Dead. It also showcases apocalyptic time. There are pixelated zombies around that you need to pass through. You need to use guns and weapons to protect yourself. Crafting Dead Minecraft Mod is a multiplayer game from which you and your friends must help each other survive. 
To make the game more exciting, you can add some fascinating swords, incredible scopes, and protective vests. Players should also store these weapons and accessories to rattle all the zombies nearby. If there are no online friends, you can still join other Crafting Dead mods and enjoy playing with them.
As for kids, parents should ensure who and what their kids are playing. They can guide them while playing these games.


Fans of Pokemon cartoon will fall in love with the Pixelmon. These are pixelated pocket-sized monster animal cartoons present in the Minecraft world. You can play with them and even join an excellent battle system. Kids can now fight and catch these cuteness overload Pixemons. Let them collect all the Pixemons characters and choose the captivating cartoon storylines. 
However, Pixelmon has heavy storage due to its impeccable gaming experience! Invest with it and see if your gadget can launch this excellent Pixelmon mod.

Play all the Minecraft Mod

If your gadget can handle all the mods, try it. Let your child experience all the remarkable features in the world of Minecraft. Begin teaching them how to organise stuff, build structures, and make intelligent decisions while using Minecraft games. Once you do this, you are already starting to help them familiarise themselves with the world of coding.
Skill Samurai has been using Minecraft and Minecraft mods to teach students about game development’s fantastic field. They will enjoy code learning for kids and apply these skills until they grow up. 
However, before jumping into modding in Minecraft. Let’s find out the main requirements in Minecraft mods.

Things to consider in Minecraft Mods

Hardware. Minecraft modding includes delicate activities, requiring your computer or laptop to at least reach a quad-core processor. It also encourages you to choose 8GB of RAM for an intensive gaming experience. Other than that, even 16GB of RAM should get available for Minecraft modding. 
If you reach a base level with 15 mods, the game again asks for 4GB of RAM. However, you may still set the RAM allowance your need for the mod to provide better kids coding and gaming experience.
Internet and Internet Safety. To install and mod your Minecraft, you need to use the internet. To make it suitable for kids, you are required to ensure their online safety and security. You should help your child to prevent downloading fake, harmful, and even online viruses available on the internet. You may also teach them not to click anything on the web. 
Other than that, you can also install platform extensions that remove threats on your computer. It would also remind you if anything harmful entered your devices. Besides, these platforms could even alert you if the website acquires a virus or any dangerous files. 
Because Minecraft modding is very common, many people created dangerous files to corrupt your data. So, you need to be extra careful, especially with those discreet unreliable sources.
Version. Other than the hardware and internet, you also need to consider the Minecraft latest version. It would help your kid to encounter a more updated gaming experience with better gaming features. It also makes the game more stable and flexible. 
In this case, kindly check the latest version of Minecraft and see what the most compatible version for your device is. To give you an idea, one of the most standard Minecraft versions for mods is 1.10.2. 
Content. After choosing the device, version, and compatibility, you are now ready to select the range for your mod. You may help your child in choosing the mods they want to start with. What’s more exciting? Your kid can also mix and match gaming mods! So, you may go back to the list earlier and choose the mod your child prefers. 
However, you may still choose from the mod types ranging from adventure, overhaul, technology, fantasy, combat, mini-game, client-side, and server-side. 
After determining the mod types and Minecraft mod your child loves, you may now download the modding with other Java coding experience

Why does your kid need to learn Minecraft modding?

Modding in Minecraft is not a typical game that gives entertainment to your child. Instead, it provides another level of an educational and fun experience. How? Here are some of the significant benefits to teach child coding through Minecraft modding.
Teaches a real programming experience. Minecraft modding incorporates basic Java coding. So, your child can now understand and apply Java programming languages into a real-time game. It also includes actual programming as it not just use the cut and paste method, rather basic coding principles.
Provides creative time through coding. Due to the game’s ability to add new features, Minecraft modding gives your kid a chance to be more artistic. It helps them use creativity and innovations with the proper coding. Moreover, it allows your child to choose the mod they like the most, resulting in a more comfortable coding and gaming experience.
Caters to personalised instruction based on Minecraft familiarity. Minecraft modding requires kids to follow specific rules and instructions. Through this, your child can follow the guides and make a Minecraft mod on their own. Besides that, your kid will also learn how to solve problems independently without relying on people. So, your child receives proper training for personalised instructions and game development.
Empowers student’s game-making talent and ability. Modding in Minecraft also opens a chance for learners to improve their game-making skills. It even brings out their talent and ability to use digital technology. Besides, your kid also grabs more experience in game development skills, making it possible to build more games and apps in the future. Through this, your kid also embodies career-ready skills like game development, animations, and visual designing. As a result, they become equipped with lucrative skills they may use afterwards.

When to start teaching child coding Minecraft mods?

You may begin introducing code learning for kids as early as possible. Teaching them the basic coding principles and concepts would help them further develop their coding skills. Then, you may continue with the coding activities and challenges like Minecraft modding experience.

Do you want your child to master Minecraft modding?

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