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Top 5 Reasons Why Your Kids Need to Learn Java Programming

Other than online gaming, your kids can also learn the origin of their favourite digital application. How? You can help them learn how coding languages work in building programs. Most especially, you can teach your kids Java programming. 
But first, what is Java?
Java is a coding language primarily used for games, platforms, and several well-known technological world programs. It was previously called “OAK” when created back in 1995. James Gosling worked on this multi-platform coding language at Sun Microsystem, also known as Oracle today. Java’s first version became a success as it was used for interactive television. Afterward, Java was used in internet programming, which made it more popular until today. 
Java has expanded remarkably into different fields and operating systems. It can also cover a large scope of applications, web, and even non-web environments. Therefore, it is wise for a child to learn a legendary coding language to begin their computer science journey.
So, learning Java programming could help your kids’ coding skills starting today. 
Many other coding languages exist, but it is a great catch to see your children master Java Coding. Why? 
Here are the top five reasons why Java Coding is perfect for your kids to learn the basics of coding. 
#1 Java is the most popular programming language
You and your child will appreciate the incredible creations made from Java. Some of the famous platforms they built are Instagram, Spotify, Gmail, Twitter, and two of the largest digital companies, Google and Microsoft. Other than that, Java also generated the kids’ most loved online game, Minecraft! 
Not just that, there are approximately 3 billion devices that own Java programming today!
These tremendous successes of Java will surely excite you and your kid as you let them learn its basics. Eventually, your kid could excel in using this coding language. 
#2 Java is a starter learning for other coding languages
Learning Java helps your kids know basic programming. They can explore variables, loops, functions, classes, and other fundamentals in coding. After that, they will also understand how algorithms (if and then statements) and complex data structures work.
Once your kids determine all its purposes, then they can apply Java to other coding languages. It means Java language would help your children branch out into other programming languages. 
The versatility and ease of Java code learning for kids might help your children acquire an interest in other aspects of computer science. Java coding can inspire their young minds. 
After some time, your kids might try coding languages like C, C#, or C++. They can also begin learning several languages they are interested in. 
#3 Java is a classic and seasoned coding language
Java kicking for more than 25 years now! So, learning how to code Java guarantees its full potential and capabilities. It even carries the best offers for building platforms and applications.
Java platforms have also improved their performances throughout the years. They are now capable of providing high-level and general purposes for coding language. It then opens a path of making Java the top choice for software development. 
Besides that, if you and your child have questions about how Java coding works, the answers are already available online! Several coding resources, strategies, and techniques are also easily accessible to you. You will never worry about the whole process of code learning for kids or anything about Java language.
What is the best part?
Java gives you free access as it is widely available in most of the devices present today!
#4 Learning Java coding opens great opportunities
A kid who loves Java would have a wonderful learning experience. It will help them use their imagination whilst enhancing creativity, analytical thinking, logic, and problem-solving skills. 
Your kids will never have a hard time learning Java as it is an easy, simple, and child-friendly coding language. They will enjoy learning Java whilst learning how to build famous platforms like the web, apps, operating systems, and AI games. 
Other than these, Java is extremely in demand in the market today. Tons of companies require their employees to familiarise and master Java. Moreover, terrific job opportunities await your children if they know all about Java.
Java developers are one of the most highly-paid jobs today. According to a study, the average U.S. salary for these jobs in January 2017 is about $95,000! It is clearly a fantastic job opportunity for your kid! 
In addition to this, Java coding caters a long list of applications today that require talented Java developers. It means that the businesses’ workforce needs individuals who know Java programming. Some technologies used in companies today are Androids apps, financial apps, servers apps, and others! 
So, if your child knows how to code Java, they are very likely to get any job they want!
#5 Your child can improve their Java coding
Due to the vast exposure of Java in the world, there are lots of Java coder communities. Your child can learn from other Java developers and practitioners to further improve their Java coding skills.
You can join groups such as the Oracle Java Community page or Google Java Users Group. You and your child can also try the Java subreddit. Other than these, several meetups are being conducted worldwide! 
Through all these active connections with other Java users, your children can open their horizons to the world of coding. 
How can my child learn more about Java coding?
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