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What is Minecraft Adventure Mode? A Kids Guide

Minecraft provides excellent gaming and impeccable entertainment for kids. One of its most exciting features is the Minecraft Adventure Mode. It allows players to develop their game depending on their designs. 
How cool is that? It indeed makes your child enjoy the Minecraft Adventure Mode experience more than the regular Minecraft. Besides that, this game mode also caters to different gaming and kids’ coding skills for children.  

What is Minecraft Adventure Mode?

Minecraft Adventure Mode is one of Minecraft’s game modes from which players can build personal playable maps. It is a comprehensive platform of Minecraft for users to explore further. So kids can design their customised quest and playing style. 
Moreover, Minecraft Adventure Mode inspires players to generate their personal goals, mazes, and playfields. It still has limitations to maintain Minecraft’s original features, but it provides new and unique gaming quality. Furthermore, it can bring out better imagination, creativity, commitment, and more vital understanding of kids’ coding. 
So, instead of keeping your child from the primary and regular modes of Minecraft, why not allow them to enjoy the Minecraft Adventure More experience?

What to consider in Minecraft Adventure Mode?

Think of the classics. Kids would love to think first of a gaming scenario they prefer. They might choose the iconic dungeon games. They might want to create a play on how to escape from the enemies and overcome different obstacles. So, let your child’s imagination work to remember the classic games they usually play. Through this, they will be able to identify the creative mode they want to build.
Select the type of world. Make your child choose from the kind of world they want. It could be the easiest world that will make them comfortable. It must depend on the adventure they chose. For example, they may try Tunnerler’s Dream to find a clear area they will build immediately. 
Choose the perfect spot. You may help your child create multiple floors, rooms, or other locations for their characters to explore. Through this, your kid can experience discovering new things and trying to inspect the area.

What to explore in Minecraft Adventure mode?

Minecraft Adventure Mode has variations from the original Minecraft. So you and your child require to determine some reminders on how to use the mode. Here are the following things you must know before creating your game through Minecraft Adventure Mode.
Accessing through commands only. Adventure mode is not available in the Minecraft menu. Unlike the survival, hardcore, and creative mode, adventure mode requires coding for mode changing. The player can use Java coding to transfer from original Minecraft to the adventure mode. 
Breaking blocks. Another difference in Adventure mode to other modes is the ability to break blocks. In this game, your kid is not allowed to break blocks to mine or harvest wood. So, the player is incapable of using dirt and sand to drop as a block. 
However, Adventure mode can bring out tools to break blocks by using commands. They can create different forms and shapes through simple kids coding. Some coders use Bedrock and Java coding language to break blocks. 
Survival mode features. Even though Adventure mode is different from other modes, it still showcases some survival mode qualities. The player can still damage mobs and items around them. Then, they also need to manage health and hunger in the adventure mode.
To survive in the adventure mode, the user must build structures. If not possible, they must find villagers to protect themselves. So, the player should also think of the ways of surviving. 
Alternative Interactions. The inability of breaking blocks does not hinder the player from enjoying the game. Your kid can still interact with hostile and peaceful mobs. They can even unlock puzzles and quests. Moreover, they can also have Redstone mechanisms or use furnaces, chests, and crafting tables.
Spawning. Unlike the original Minecraft with a safe spawning area, the Adventure mode will always spawn on the same block. So, the spawn is precisely in that place, not in the world pawn or 0,0 coordinates.
Custom maps. Players can use maps for parkour maps, puzzle maps, medieval fantasy quest games, and other crafted maps. Your child can choose from varieties of adventures along with their map exploration.
Trading and Killing mobs to get loot. To survive in the adventure mode, the players must trade with other villagers to acquire tools and gears. They should also kill hostile mobs to get cheap armour, weapons like arrows and bows, and rotten flesh as emergency food. Your child must be creative in finding solutions to the puzzles. It will help them to survive and enjoy the game.

What is Minecraft Adventure Mode for?

Minecraft Adventure Mode has different rules, limitations, and features. However, it still carries the original Minecraft qualities. But why does Minecraft build this mode if it still has the same elements with the in-game modes like survival, creative, and hard-core?
This is because Minecraft wants its players to think, design, and plan out their own game. They want to allow users to use their rich imagination, creativity, and innovation to build personalised games.
Other than that, kids who explore Minecraft Adventure Mode coding will teach them the basics of kids coding. It will introduce code learning for kids that will mould their coding skills today. 
Most importantly, Minecraft encourages kids and even adults on content-sharing, production, and connection with the game. It allows children to commit themselves on their very own built game. It makes them inventive, which improves their intellectual knowledge, coding skills, and kids learning programming skills. 

Where can my child learn to build and use Minecraft Adventure Mode?

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