YouTube Creation Coding Camp for Kids

Youtube is extremely popular today, and even your kids are genuinely fond of using this platform. Your child can watch, discover, and learn from the videos available here. But would it be extra exciting if they are the ones to create their own YouTube videos?
Watch out how your kids can begin their YouTube channel during kids coding camp. Keep browsing to see how and if this project guarantees safety and child protection. 
But before determining these factors, let's first find out more about YouTube and how it gives so many benefits to kids today. 

What is YouTube? 

YouTube is a video-sharing website accessible globally. It has online videos that users can watch and enjoy. Youtube is also free, resulting in them becoming one of the most common sites on the internet. Besides watching videos, Youtube is also open for content creators that can share their videos online. 
However, adults are not the only ones who can enjoy Youtube, even kids. Here are the reasons why kids undeniably love YouTube.

Why do kids love YouTube? 

Due to a massive pool of video compilations, YouTube is an excellent source of information. It combines varieties of videos that keep the audience, adults, and kids, watching even more. This kind of craze is due to the following reasons. 
Entertainment. Your kids can watch movies for kids and other video performances on YouTube. They can also watch their favourite cartoon characters whilst they enjoy singing and dancing with them. Youtube even entertains them if fantastic kids show featuring different themes suitable for kids! 
Learning. Of course, YouTube also offers an incredible list of educational videos. It starts from alphabets, colours, and shapes into complex lessons in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and maths. Furthermore, YouTube comprises museum tours, tutorials, and even tasks online like coding for kids or maths challenges. 
Inspiration. Besides entertaining and teaching kids, YouTube also gives motivation to the audience. It gives them new ideas to innovate and try new things. Some videos also promote DIY activities and other incredible things you can apply in your everyday life. As a result, kids start to do it independently, like making their cupcakes, arranging their LEGOs, or moulding their PlayDo. 
You see, YouTube is undeniably part of a kid's life, making it one of their sources of happiness and discoveries. It also ensures their screen time is more valuable than just playing video games
But then, is it more compelling if kids are the ones to create the videos? Would it help them improve, or would it only give a burden to their young minds? How are all these projects and content creation possible for kids?

How can kids Start their own YouTube channel? 

One way to promote a YouTube channel and video creation project is through a kids coding camp. It is part of school holiday camps or summer camps that invite kids to learn new things about computer sciences, particularly in STEM, coding, robotics, and in this case, YouTube creation. 
The YouTube creation coding camp for kids would involve various activities for video creation, storytelling, and video editing. It also includes fun, educational, and entertaining activities to promote STEM challenges and tasks.
Other than that, kids school holiday camps like YouTube Creation camp would bring so many things to kids! It would enhance their development and provide them with a fantastic day at the camps. 
However, is it essential for kids to indulge themselves with YouTube video creation? 

Why should kids start their Youtube channel today? 

Other than watching videos on YouTube, kids can also experience being content creators! It would give them a new experience of making their videos whilst enjoying various tools and equipment. 
But how exactly would Youtube benefit your children?
It enhances their self-expression. If kids create their own videos, it can help them show their personality. It can also help them express what they feel in front of the camera. Even during the editing process, they can still express themselves through the art of video making. 
It helps your children master digital video skills. Kids who have their YouTube channel could excel in tech skills. Creating videos allows them to learn how to use technology whilst discovering more about computer sciences properly. Other than that, your kids and teens can also get familiar with video editing, adding music, and inputting video effects and animation. 
It improves their storytelling skills. Of course, before shooting the video, the creator needs to plan and develop the story that they want to show on the video. They need to compile the ideas and prepare what to use to ensure quality and entertaining video. Sometimes, creators also need to draft the script to have a smoother and more effective video presentation.
It channels their creativity and innovative ideas. Your child would also practice creative skills in their videos, making them more enthusiastic about doing the project. The video-making task would also help your kid think of themes they are really interested in. Well, will also drive them to be innovative from the videos they have been watching on YouTube. But in this case, they are the ones to perform it. 
It promotes collaboration. During the video creation coding camps, your child can try it with other children or even with you as their parents. They can also do games, arts, and other activities with their guests, similar to popular vloggers today. Through this, your kids would learn how to communicate with other people whilst enjoying their deals and collaboration with them.
Increases self-esteem and confidence. Due to more exposure online, your kids could improve their self-confidence as they appreciate themselves. However, you can also make them feel special as you give them extra encouragement. It will also help your kids listen to criticism whilst you help them improve their projects and performance. 
It prepares for a lucrative job and career opportunities. Kids who are skilled and experienced in video editing, basic kids coding, and computer skills are more prepared for different careers. Due to the demand for tech skills for employees, your kid is getting equipped with essential skills today. So, as your kid learns more about YouTube video creation, they are becoming more ready for any job and career they want to pursue.

How to join YouTube Creation kids coding camp?

Skill Samurai is a code school that offers Youtube Creation summer camps and school holiday camps. It helps kids build their own YouTube channel whilst learning more about how to make engaging videos. Skill Samurai can also train your kids to learn about scriptwriting and storyboard creation. Other than that, Skill Samurai also develops children's and teens’ production skills, transforming them into lucrative skills for their tasks and future careers for them.
Besides YouTube creation, Skill Samurai offers several kids coding camps and coding classes for kids. They are a STEM education franchise with school STEM programs, certifications, and courses. So, Skill Samurai is ready to provide your kids’ coding classes and coding camps. 
If you want to begin your kid’s coding camp in YouTube Creation, you may request a Skill Samurai notification.
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