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Things to Consider Before Hiring A Coding Tutor

Things to Consider Before Hiring A Coding Tutor

Help your child thrive more in academics and in life as they begin code learning for kids. To get equipped for career-ready skills whilst young, find someone who would guide them through the process. One in-demand way to teach your child about computer sciences is through coding tutors. 

Why do you still need a coding or programming tutor? How do you find one?  Before digging into these details, let’s first learn more about coding tutors. 

What is a coding tutor?

Coding tutors teach and assist students in learning about coding, programming, and computer sciences. They are skilled, experienced, and trained in the said field, making them capable of passing the knowledge and skills to others. 

Usually, coding tutors are for kids and teens. So, part of the coding tutor’s duty is to introduce the basics, the principles, and prior knowledge about coding and programming. Afterwards, coding tutors are also competent in providing coding activities, either online or unplugged lessons. 

Sometimes coding tutors are independent instructors, but some are also incorporated in a particular code school or after school care programs for coding. 

Why does your child need a coding tutor?

You might be busy due to the hectic work and home schedules, resulting in lesser bonding and learning time with your kids. But you don’t need to worry about it because coding tutors can help your child learn more about technology. 

Hiring a coding tutor would help your child thrive more in coding and computer sciences. It will also influence them to become lifelong learners whilst acquiring life skills and competencies. Other than that, the coding tutors can guide your child through the beginning process of code learning up until they become tech-savvy programmers

It is great that you still invest time, money, and effort to provide a great education for your kids. Despite your busy schedule, you still made a few sacrifices to help your child become a career-ready kid

With the benefits of hiring a tutor, one question remains unanswered, “How to find the best coding tutor for my kid?” Here’s how.

What are the things to see first before hiring a coding tutor?

#1 Credentials

Parents should verify the credibility and ability of the coding tutor. It will ensure the programming tutor’s ability to teach and knowledge regarding the subject. Aside from that, checking one’s credentials for the job would connect your expectations to the tutor. 

Like assigning someone for a job, you also need to see if they are fitted for the position. The same goes for hiring a coding tutor; you are required to browse their personality, background, and competencies in the field. 

Would you want just someone to start teaching things to your child? Of course, we want to be very sure of our child’s welfare. 

#2 Recommendations and Testimonials

After checking the tutor’s credentials, it is also advisable to view the recommendations given to them. You may watch for their ratings and reviews to see if they are good. 

Determining their previous client experience would prove their skills and abilities as tutors. Moreover, once you browse through their testimonials, you could learn more about them, both positive and negative feedback. 

#3 Curriculum and learning track they offer

Once you see that they have a great background as a tutor, you can now ask for the curriculum and lessons they teach. It will help you familiarise the topics your child would learn during every session. 

Other than that, determining the coding tutor’s learning style and track would provide you with the learning objectives, ensuring that they will reach them after the lesson. 

You can view in this stage the activities, challenges, and workbooks your child would use during the lesson. 

#4 Demonstrations and Performance

As you talk to the coding tutor, you would see if they are great in teaching or not. You will also observe their ability in explaining and teaching. However, one basic step is to join in their free trial classes and witness how they really teach and facilitate the whole kids coding class

#5 Materials and equipment

Besides the curriculum list and demonstration teaching, you should also ask for the materials during the learning process. In this way, they could show you the tools, equipment, and facilities they own for coding tutoring. 

Some coding tutors provide robotics materials like VEX. While others also include laptops and other online platforms for their students. Moreover, some coding tutors even invest in 3D printing technology to provide an excellent learning experience for your children.

#6 Inclusion in the tutoring program

Coding tutors have a pool of activities for their learners. So, they are usually organising activities, programs, and even coding bootcamps for their students. In this case, you may also identify the inclusion in the tutoring program. 

See more of their offers and freebies as you enrol your child to this coding tutor. Through this, you will find out the extracurricular activities they offer for their students that could also be tried by your kid.

#7 Compatibility 

One subjective consideration for finding the coding tutor is through your compatibility. Sometimes, in a simple greeting, you will feel glad for a particular person immediately. You could even give the trust right away in just one meeting. 

Similarly, if you don’t like the coding tutor initially, you should find the next one. However, if you feel very comfortable with them, you should give it a shot! 

#8 Professional Affiliations

Coding tutors usually have professional associations. Check out if they are related to any other coding groups or organisations. Through this, you will expect them to become updated and innovative in teaching with others. 

#9 Location

After agreeing with the things above, you should now consider the location for the code tutoring. Some prefer it at home for one-on-one classes. Also, other parents want it to be online coding classes. However, if you want face-to-face classes, you should find the nearest one to yours. 

The location of the coding classes for kids depends on you and how should you do it. You may also choose the best way and location very convenient for you. Many prefer to do face-to-face classes as it promotes teamwork, leadership, and hands-on project-based learning.

#10 Fees

The last thing to consider in hiring a programming tutor is the fees. You may ask for their detailed pricing plan or even the cost per session. You should also discover their membership fees and programs and weigh things that would cost you less.

Sometimes these coding tutors ask for miscellaneous fees for materials and equipment, so you should verify these things, too.

However, another interesting thing for coding or programming tutors fee, you may just have a plan for the expenses based on the sessions you want for your child. So you can adjust it for your satisfaction. 

Above all these indicated in the list, are you ready to find your child’s coding tutor?

How to Book a coding tutor?

In Sydney, Australia, you can find programming tutors Sydney through Skill Samurai. It is a code school open in Castle Hill and Rouse Hill that provides coding and STEM tutoring

Skill Samurai has skilled and experienced coding tutors that will ensure your child’s impeccable coding experience. They are catering for boys and girls age 7 to 18

See more about their courses and learning tracks here.

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