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Why Robotics Can Teach Your Kids STEM Concepts and Skills

Robotics offers incredible learning opportunities for your children. It allows them to start their journey in designing, building, and coding robots according to their likes. In this process, your child starts to unlock different abilities, primarily STEM-related skills. 
As they begin robot programming, your child would discover new proficiency in science, technology, engineering, and maths. Robotics coding for kids is capable of introducing the basics of x
So, instead of tolerating your child playing mobile games for hours, wouldn't it be more valuable to let your kid play with robots?
Before revealing the advantages, let's understand robotics for kids first.
Robotics for kids applies to hands-on robot programming activities for children. It allows your child to participate in building programs that the robot will follow. So, other than learning, your child will also have a blast with this exciting robotics adventure.
To narrow down the benefits of robotics, here are some reasons why parents should teach robotics to their children.
Boosts the child’s technology skills
Robotics for kids mainly uses mobile devices and computers. You can teach them and help them do simple coding using their gadgets. Once they familiarise the processes, your kid can now manipulate these technological devices.
So, as young as seven years old, you can introduce easy learning tricks and steps to your kids. It will help them understand how the robot works and how the use of programs controls the movements. Eventually, your child will start utilising these technologies independently. 
Would it be more exciting to see a kid coding rather than the constant playing of war games? Clearly, robotics for kids helps your child to use their gadgets wisely.
Enhances creativity and innovative skills
Your child can expand their creativity and artistry as they start playing with robots. Your kid will realise that they can also build their robots. Then, when they finally know the simple methods, they can design and construct the robot they made!
Robotics for kids will touch your child's curiosity and imagination to make the programs they want. It will also inspire them to generate more inventions while they are young. Once you introduce robotics for kids, it could motivate them to come up with unique and original designs. 
Creativity and innovation are some of the important skills for STEM. If your child enhances these abilities, they will mostly enjoy STEM activities at home or school.
Strengthens teamwork
Robotics for kids allows the children to work together. All the members can perform robotics tasks whilst they are sharing new ideas. They can also produce fascinating designs as they collaborate with the robot.
In this case, your child would enjoy learning with others. They could make new friends while debugging or solving problems. It could also improve their social skills as they try computing math equations and communicating logical insights to their group mates.
So, your child learns how to strengthen their relationship with others during robotics activities.
Builds self-confidence
Another STEM skill is owning stable self-confidence. It will help the child be brave and dignified in any task assigned to them. So, it is important to enhance this self-esteem.
Robotics for kids can contribute to this skill. As the child learns to manipulate a robot, it will boost their confidence to think that they can accomplish something. On the other hand, if the program ceases to function, your child will learn resilience and perseverance.
Discovers passion and interests
In robotics for kids, your child will try various activities. They will experience new things which will help to discover their interests. Your kid will see if they are more fond of science, technology, engineering or maths.
Besides that, robotics for kids caters to a child's overall personality. Through the fun, exciting, and captivating robotics tasks, your child will then behold the enjoyment and satisfaction of robots and coding.
Launches code learning for kids
STEM education highlights code learning as it constitutes all STEM skills. Code learning for kids requires logic, critical thinking, and organisational skills which are important to master STEM subjects.
In robotics for kids, a higher chance of coding awaits them. Your kid will learn the basics of coding to be capable of controlling the robot. They will also recognise the use of coding languages which is a necessary ability for robotics.
Through robotics, your child will undergo an incredible code-learning process. Once they master coding, they can now try other STEM activities involving computer sciences and technological learning tasks.
Involves in after school activities
Your child will acquire STEM skills during robotics classes for kids. This after school care program will help them focus on studying and learning worthwhile skills. Moreover, robotics for kids can provide them with excellent extracurricular activities.
Robotics for kids will also protect your child from other unhealthy habits like screen addiction, alcoholic drinking, playing games, or even smoking. How? Your child will have more interest in discovering the awesome tricks for robots! It will enable them to learn more from robots rather than harmful things.
Prepares a kid's career
Robotics for kids opens a tremendous opportunity for your child. It allows them to grab different STEM skills which they can use in the future.
Companies today are demanding employees to possess STEM skills. So, if your child practises robotics and STEM skills, they will have a higher chance of getting the job.
Whether they want to pursue this in college or not, they can still bring this skill anywhere.
How can I teach robotics to my kid?
You can teach robotics to your kids at home. You can use coding books, kids coding toys or engineering robots for them to try. However, if you want a remarkable robotics class and STEM-accredited school, you should try Skill Samurai.
Skill Samurai is a global kids coding school. It has been helping children ages 7 to 18 to learn the basics of coding while mastering STEM skills. They are also featuring robotics and programming classes for kids.
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