School Holiday Coding Camps - 3 Reasons Your Kids Will Love Skill Samurai Coding Camps

School campings, class experiments, and other extracurricular activities are the best times from our childhood. These recreational activities on holidays have never sounded boring, even up until this day! If you have a blast during holidays, then make it possible for your child to experience it, too. 
Here’s how camps will turn your child’s holiday as fantastic as they have ever wished for. But before we get to why coding tops the camping list, let’s discuss first how camps divert your child’s screen time into a remarkable holiday.

Kids during holidays 

Kids nowadays spend a lot of time in the corner, holding their phones, while playing online games. Instead of taking themselves out of the virtual world, some children chose to give their time alone with their gadgets. 
So, as a parent, would you let your child just misuse their time and energy in playing mobile games? Would you not want them to try more enriching activities? Or would you take measures of creating educational and exciting memories while they are young? 
Of course, we want the best for our children! But how are you going to find a great activity that will grab your kid’s attention more than playing with their smartphones? 
The secret is to use their gadgets to make them learn more and enjoy extracurricular activities for kids! 
By enrolling your kids on camps, particularly in coding camps. Here’s why. 

Why will your child love Skill Samurai coding camps for kids?

#1 Your kids will have a blast learning experience at coding camps.

Kids coding camps like Skill Samurai will bring out tons of activities that will tickle your child’s curiosity! They will get to know more about their favourite mobile games such as Minecraft, Kart Racing, Fornite, and so much more. These kids will also learn ideas from game developments, animations, and robotics that they are most interested in. 
Other than that, coding camps for kids will motivate children to think, analyse, and solve things. It will strengthen their concentration and ability to handle challenges. A coding camp like Skill Samurai includes group activities that will enhance their social and teamwork skills, Children who experience kids coding camps can gain great learning experiences as they begin to understand the world of computers and programming. They can get a chance to observe and absorb fresh ideas with the games they truly love!
By letting your child learn from their interests, you can capture their hearts and minds without any hesitation. So, once you sign them up for coding camps like in Skill Samurai, you are unraveling the world of coding for your child. You are becoming a parent who lets your child gain knowledge and understanding of modern technology.

#2 Your kids will enjoy the kids coding camp’s fun and exciting activities.

Besides learning a lot from coding camps, your child can also enjoy the coding camp activities. They will not notice that they are actually studying because they will see the camp as a playing field. So, your child will engage themselves personally without forcing them to do these extracurricular activities.
Your children will have an exciting and adventurous experience while learning new things. It will not stress or bore them out as they enjoy the learning environment. You will also expect your child to be fascinated with the coding camp curriculum as it introduces popular games that kids love. 
Instead of allowing your child to enjoy watching or playing video games, why not draw their minds to much more fun and entertaining online activities?
Good job to you amazing parents if you decided to let your child create unforgettable memories through the kids’ coding curriculum’s entertaining activities.

#3 Your kids' skills and talents will shine in the coding camp and prepare their career for the future.

Without even noticing it, kids coding camp like Skill Samurai shapes your child’s future.
How? Coding camps for kids improve different skills. 
It helps children learn how to build, create, and innovate. It also nourishes their young minds using logical and critical thinking related to STEM or science, technology, math, and engineering. Through this, they might pursue the courses connected to STEM. 
Besides that, coding camps also enhance varieties of talents and abilities. It will allow you to recognise your child’s performance. It also showcases their personal likes, which helps them further appreciate their hobbies. As a result, it will mould their confidence and self-esteem.
Most importantly, once your child experiences fun and worthwhile activities from the coding camp, it will prepare them for extra challenging tasks for the future. This coding camp for kids incorporates other practical life skills on your child. It will refine their resilience, creativity, problem-solving, and leadership skills. If your child mastered these values in life, they have a higher chance of being successful individuals of tomorrow.
Just imagine your child getting ready on their path for the future. How happy would you be to witness them enjoy learning and doing something they love? 
If your child is really into online games and digital platforms, you must give it to them, and you will see how these interests will grow further.

Why is coding the best among other activities?

Coding camp is not a typical camp from where kids can play along with others. In coding camps, your child can learn coding and get familiar with programming, STEM, and robotics. It also allows your kid to get equipped with 21st Century skills needed in this digital age. 
Unlike other camps, coding camps assure your child to acquire various skills that they can enhance in just a day. They could learn about coding languages and platforms where they can even play themselves. Coding camps also highlight impeccable skills and abilities to excel in STEM and computer science that can help their overall mental development and academic performance. 
You might not see all these benefits among other camping activities available in your place. It is because coding camps are not ordinary! These specialised camps have an exceptional list of activities that you and your child will look forward to.

What are the new things to expect in a Skill Samurai kids coding camp? 

Children will learn about game development, Minecraft modding, and Kart Racing with Unity and C#. Your child can also be the next game developer or YouTube Creator. Furthermore, you can expect your child to be curious and have fun during the Junior Astronaut Camp. 
These new themes and activities are available in Skill Samurai. They have the equipment and tools to organise these coding camps. It truly gives your child a unique and extraordinary experience with their friends and instructors. Through this, Skill Samurai allows your child to have an incredible holiday.
Your child will also look forward to Skill Samurai’s unplugged coding activities or games that do not require gadgets like smartphones, laptops, or tablets. They could have challenges that allow them to communicate with others to enhance their teamwork and communication. 
The varieties of activities and challenges on the Skill Samurai camps would all be new to your kid’s experience. However, it will guarantee that they will learn in every minute they are inside the coding camp.
Aside from that, you the parent can also expect that the teachers and instructors are highly trained and skilled in handling coding camps. They have clear safety protocols and procedures to ensure security for your children. You could also anticipate that the coding camp has behaviour management policies making the camp very modest and safe.

What does a typical day look like in a Skill Samurai Coding Camp?

Other camps spend days or even weeks for their camps. However, in coding camps like Skill Samurai, it can only take a whole day. Before the camp, you will receive the list of the activities for your child’s errands. 
The coding camps begin by checking your children around 8:45 to 9 in the morning. Then, the Skill Samurai coach will conduct a simple mixer game that will help the campers to get to know each other. Afterwards, the whole class will continue with the computer time from where campers can choose what platforms they are more comfortable with.
After an hour of computer time, kids will have a recess. During this time, they could eat their morning snack and hang out with their friends. They can even have board games and other games outside. Then, the kids would go back to the computers and continue the activities on their own. 
During lunchtime, the kids could take their meals and then have some time with friends. Then, they will continue using the computer to learn more about coding and computer sciences. 
After all the activities, the kids would gather around 3:45 and ready for parents to pick. So you may get them up until 5 in the afternoon. 
The whole day of Skill Samurai coding camp would give your child a chance to get familiar with the world of coding. It would also help them see how amazing computer sciences are. Within a day, you just helped your kid learn about coding. 
But then, coding camps are only for a day. You can still make your kid’s coding skill to the next level, through kids coding classes.

 How can parents help their child enjoy classes? 

Bring out the best in your child by nurturing their skills and curiosity. Do not just let them enjoy technology without earning something. So, alter their atmosphere by providing them with a unique, thrilling coding classes experience as they unfold their favourite mobile games’ systems.
Skill Samurai has an excellent coding class that will give rise to your child’s awareness and personality. This program is not for your child if you are unwilling to teach them new skills outside the world. However, if you wish to lead your child’s mind to keep its phase with the changing technology, then this coding course is for them! 
Remember, do not let them just stay sitting in the corner playing games. Make them go around and try something new! 

Are you ready to let your child try these awesome activities?

Grab this first-ever chance to take advantage of their love of gadgets into a great opportunity of learning about coding languages. 
Register their names now to the upcoming kids coding camp in Australia! Skill Samurai gives you an option to choose either Castle Hill or Rouse Hill if which one is the nearest coding camp centre for you. 
To learn more about the best coding camps, check out the lists of activities they offer.
Sign up your kids now at Skill Samurai and get notified first of the upcoming activities only available in Skill Samurai.