The Top 12 Coding Toys & Board Games That Teach Kids Coding -2020

Make your child’s home activities as marvellous as possible with incredible toys and board games. These are not typical toys they could play with, but toys related to coding, robotics, and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths)! 
It allows your child to develop a sharp mind and pleasant personality as they discover new skills. In this case, you help your kid understand more of computer sciences whilst preparing them to acquire tech skills today. 
Witness how these coding toys and board games can make a significant impact on your child’s development. For now, let’s find out the best coding games you may introduce to your child.

The Best Coding Games & Board Games That Teach Kids Programming

When we were young, we used to play a lot outside with our friends. When we don't have anything to do, we always stick to playing different board games that were enjoyable and challenging and would help sharpen our minds, make us think, and solve problems.
But today's generation is very different with pretty much everything we did, especially when playing games. With the latest technologies readily available to kids, from smartphones to tablets, they can readily play all sorts of games.
And sometimes, with the freedom, our kids using these gadgets can either make or break the way they see technology and empower them now and their future career successes.
And this is where coding comes in. 
Coding can definitely help your kids in various aspects of their lives, from improving their academic performance to honing their problem-solving skills. But with all the advantages of kids coding classes, our kids still need the time out from gadgets and have them physically spend more time with the family and their friends or have fun and play games without any devices.
You can always introduce the usual board games that you had played when you were a kid or buy them toys that they would love. But if you want something different but at the same time something that they would enjoy, then let me share with you what you can buy for your kids.

Introducing your kids to coding toys and board games

Whilst board games and toys are what your kids would love to have; you can opt to buy them something unique. Coding board games and toys are things that would enhance and sharpen their minds whilst having them enjoy all together. Especially for you parents who have already introduced coding classes to your kids.
Here are some of the top 12 coding toys and board games that you should buy and teach your kids.

1. Cubetto

Cubetto by Primo is a wooden robot designed to teach kids of all ages the concept of computer programming. Your kids can do coding using this tangible toy by navigating and touching its blocks so the robot can go wherever your kid wants it to go. Not only that, your child can learn coding like an adventure as Cubetto can be used with specialised maps and books without your kids using any technological devices. 

2. Robot Turtles

Robot Turtles by Thinkfun is a coding board game that allows your kids to learn the four fundamentals of programming using actual cards. You can buy this for your kids, for both boys and girls, as early as four years and up. Your bonding with your kids would never be the same with this fun board game.

3. Code Master

Code Master by Thinkfun is a master coding logic game that allows your kids to have an adventure using programming logic. They can do this by navigating and utilising a map. This board game would teach your kids the principles of coding and apply a particular set of skills that your kids would develop like logical reasoning, planning and problem-solving skills.

4. Ozobot Bit

Ozobot Bit by Ozobot is a robot toy designed for younger kids. It comes with a STEAM starter kit of stickers, an OzoDice game, markers and 25 different activities. Your kids could enjoy colour codes or drawing lines in maps, cityscape or a maze.

5. Code Monkey Island

Code Monkey Island is a board game that allows your kids to learn computer programming using cards. This game has a booklet that contains the basics of programming syntax. This board game is used in various schools and universities worldwide and is popularly seen in Mashable, Yahoo!, Nick Jr., Kickstarter, and many more.

 6. Hacker

Hacker by Thinkfun is a cybersecurity STEM and coding toy that allows kids from 10 years old and above to think logically and use their child's problem-solving skills to outsmart cybercriminals. There are 40 challenges and 120 coding puzzles included.

7. Osmo Awbie

Osmo Awbie by Osmo is a coding game that allows kids to learn coding skills using actual blocks as programming commands. These blocks will guide Awbie, the playful character, through a fantastic strawberry adventure. Osmo Awbie includes 19x magnetic blocks, Awbie app and Awbie stickers. Your kids would definitely love this game whilst learning programming fundamentals and problem-solving skills.

8. Qwirkle

Qwirkle is a mix and match game that uses wooden blocks with various matching colours and shapes. It is a great coding game that would enhance your child's brain development and memory through strategy and pattern recognition.

9. Robot Wars

Cardboard Learning Robot Wars is perfect for kids seven and up which incorporated Java programming language that kids would quickly follow. Using these simple commands, kids would be able to move the robot in the artificial warzone. This game would improve your children's coding skills.

10. Bloxels

Bloxels by is a game board that uses blocks that kids could transform into interactive actual video games by capturing a photo using their smartphones and even tablets. This game is excellent since kids would create and build their games using the blocks and guidebooks.

11. Prime Climb

Prime Climb by Math for Love is a coding board game that is just perfect for pre-teens and teens who love STEM. It is ideal for a family night or bonding with friends because this game requires multiple players. This game also involves Math skills like multiplication and division to get around the colourful game board. 

12. Code: On the Brink

Code: On the Brink by Thinkfun allows kids to build their coding skills and the other essential skills in their future success in STEM education. There are about 40 challenges within this game, and their ultimate goal is to find the proper sequence of moves for every coloured path they encounter. It is just perfect for kids who want to learn advanced programming skills.
So there you have it! We have a list of coding toys and board games that your kids and even parents would definitely love and enjoy. There are also other games that you can look for to make sure that your kids would also reap the benefits of programming without too much exposure to gadgets. 
But then, do you really need to collect the following toys for your kids? Let’s see if it is indeed necessary. 

What are the benefits for a child experiencing these toys? 

The above list is not ordinary toys for your kids. It has the best and most common tech and STEM toys that can enhance your child's mental development. It could also nurture your kids' skills, abilities, and talent for computer science and technology. 
Unlike the usual toys that kids like, these coding toys, robots, and board games increase your child's vocabularies on programming. It also opens their young minds to the basic concepts and principles of computer sciences, resulting in a more mature cognitive development. 
Other than that, these toys incorporate hands-on learning, promoting 21st Century approaches. Through this, your child would experience the tools and equipment immediately, which opens new learning opportunities. In this case, they discover new things independently whilst allowing these toys to tickle their imagination and interests in computer sciences. 
Choosing these tech and STEM toys would also help in screen time management. Instead of playing invaluable games online, the toys would divert your child’s attention to the fun but educational games. It could also help them have more learning time whilst having a blast with the incredible toys you gave to them.
You see, these toys could even change your child’s perspective and development. Experts believe that toys, especially educational toys, improve children’s overall development. It even shapes their abilities and moulds their talent for the future. 
Clearly, it is a wise choice to invest in tech toys for your kids. But, where could you get these toys or even purchase them during this time?

How to find these coding toys and board games? 

You can check out these toys in the malls, especially at toys stores. It could be along the tech and robot toys section from where other engineering and STEM toys are. You can also buy these board games in outlets of bookstores with school supplies products. 
However, for your safety and convenience, you can order these toys online. You only need to search for the following products and see the best online shop. Before paying it online, just make sure that the feedback is excellent and has a high rate. It is to ensure that the store is a legit seller of these products.
To cost you less, you may just form a club at school that would have a project for coding toys. It would help the school to add these tech toys and board games for the lessons. 
But then, a better way is to join your child into an after school program that already uses the following toys. You can find the code schools that have face-to-face classes that highlight coding and STEM learning. Of course, these code schools already invested in coding toys for their students, ensuring them to get equipped with the proper coding skills.

How to improve your kids’ coding skills? 

You can use varieties of ways to enhance your kids’ coding skills. Some parents use coding books, literature about programming, and other materials to practise coding at home. You can also try STEM DIY activities for your child that you may search on the internet. 
Due to your kid’s interest in online games and platforms, you can also include YouTube, Minecraft, Roblox, and so much more for their code learning! 
Most importantly, you can also allow them to join after school activities in a code school near you. In this case, they are receiving the best kids coding classes with a smooth and concrete learning experience.

Are you ready to take your child’s coding skill to the next level?

You can always alternate the use of the actual coding toys and board games with face-to-face coding classes. It would be an excellent option for you and your kids to try something new whilst enjoying the journey of coding and programming. 
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