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JavaScript for Kids - A Beginners Guide to Getting Started in Kids Coding

We, together with our kids, enjoy using digital platforms and applications. It became part of our daily routine, which helps to make our lives easier and more organised. Do you know how these games work and respond to you? Programming languages like JavaScript is the root. 
Another thing, JavaScript is not as complicated as it sounds because your kids can rock this kind of coding language to build their interference. Yes, through code learning for kids, they can master JavaScript. 

What is JavaScript?

One of the most common programming and scripting languages today is JavaScript. It allows programmers to build complex features and concepts on apps, platforms, and web pages. JavaScript has been known for creating fantastic games and applications you are using today. 
JavaScript is a computer language for program developers to give instructions and commands. Every move you do on a web page or app is from JavaScript. It will never work without this scripting language.
In other words, Javascript works as the brains of the computer’s operation. It includes line codes which consist of instructions and commands. Once a child familiarises its rules, it can help them understand the field of programming at a very young age.

Why is JavaScript great in code learning for kids?

Child-friendly. JavaScript is perfect for kids and even new programmers. It is a professional-level programming language, but it can cater to beginners to learn to code. Kids can learn HTML, CSS, or even much easier coding like the visual block languages. These new learners can also be aware of the basic concepts and skills for programming using JavaScript. Kids coding can also focus only on essential parts, and they can still work on it correctly.
Easy to acquire and navigate. JavaScript is very known to programmers, who made it very easy to get. You only need to download and run JavaScript on the web browser and start experimenting with the platform. There is no need to worry about other browsers because JavaScript is broadly present in different browsers. 
Fun and exciting. Kids can enjoy JavaScript's colourful icon-based features while they are gaining knowledge of basic coding. It can prepare them for more complex programming skills while savouring the great activities they can do with JavaScript.
Motivating for creativity and innovation. JavaScript includes interaction from users to the site. It lets them scroll, click, drop-down, and display pictures. Through this, kids coding learners can build other features. Kids can now practise developing apps and games using their gadgets and computers. Even beginners can create projects on their own.
Career-ready. Kids coding classes teach JavaScript to young people to prepare them for future opportunities. These learners can master programming and software development while they are young. Soon, they can integrate these skills and utilise them to make further technological developments. JavaScript became the backbone of their career in programming. 
Besides all these benefits of JavaScript these, you also need to know how JavaScript carries other tasks and developments for computer programming.

What are the functions of JavaScript?

To make the web browsers more interactive, web designers and developers ensure to use coding languages. It enables them to do various functions once they gave commands to the computer. In this case, they chose JavaScript. Here are the standard function JavaScript can perform. 
Logic handling. JavaScript, along with HTML and CSS, can handle the data as they define its appearance on the web page. It also allows HTML and CSS to work on through this scripting language.
Data manipulation. Using JavaScript, the designer can manipulate the data. It enables them to send data and information to the server. Then, it can process it inside of the server and push it back to the sender. It makes the work more efficient and effective.
HTML and CSS control. You can edit the elements, styles, and items on the web page through HTML and CSS. However, it makes it possible; JavaScript is the key to access these two. 
Event assignments. JavaScript can also handle browser events. How? If the user clicks on something, then action would happen. It means that the user can also take the activities inside the web page. 
Communication. JavaScript also makes life faster and more comfortable as it opens a new line of communication. Before, you only use forms, but now you can use a server communication line.  
Other than these functions, JavaScript is also capable of building software and platforms. That’s what you are about to learn now.

What are some JavaScript developments? 

Server-side development. JavaScript allows users to make tons of web applications, including desktop and server applications. So, it is now possible for JavaScript users to write code in transferring data between servers and sites. As a result, they can build a web using remote servers. 
Mobile development. Another exciting product from JavaScript is mobile development. It gives developers a chance to create mobile apps using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. So, you can now use it to make simple mobile applications with your child!
Faster JavaScript engines. Most companies today, especially browsers, are racing to achieve the fastest speed. This task also belongs to JavaScript. 
You see, JavaScript gives tons of new possibilities to web development. It caters to creating web apps, desktop apps, mobile apps, and server backends. That is why skills in JavaScript programming languages opens marvellous opportunities and job careers.

How does JavaScript work?

After knowing some standard terms in JavaScript, we will not walk you through the things you can do with JavaScript. 
User interaction. JavaScript provides you with alerts and buttons while playing or creating a program. You can click any pop-up windows or interact with any web-based code. You can also run a function by just clicking the buttons. Through this, you and your kid can make in-game decisions while using the program.
Mouse movements, clicks, and physics. Your mouse can move material. It can grab, drag, and rip for a tearable cloth program. This kind of simulation is available with JavaScript.
Projectile Shooters. Your characters can move, sway, and even shoot projectiles. You can add enemies to make it more exciting. It lets you do the top-down shooter games you ever imagined! 
Random Numbers. The organisation and ordering of random numbers are also present with JavaScript. Minecraft and Tetris use this for their random generated games. Some dice and other number-related games are available too. 
Arrays and Yes o No questions. Another game to build in JavaScript is a Magic 8 Ball which uses Yes or No questions. The ball will shake, and an array will hold other responses. Then, an answer will appear. 
Image recognition and voice controls. JavaScript can also build image recognition and voice controls for the machine. It is perfect for mobile devices and machines for everyday life.

How to learn JavaScript? 

Step 1. Let your kid learn the basics of coding, including its principles, concepts, and standard terms similar to the glossary above. Other than that, you can also introduce syntax, rules, and coding scripting to your child whilst they are beginning.
Step 2. Once your child familiarises the basics, then they can now start with building and designing things. How? By simply creating easy tasks, enabling them to practice. Aside from that, they can also first copy and paste code as they start indulging in the coding activities.
Step 3. Guide your child to try coding on their own using JavaScript. You can further practice their skills if they experience fixing and debugging code. They can build, then rebuild, creations as they became perfect to work. Then, they may start with other programming principles like Object-Oriented Programming, Functional Programming, and Application Programming Interface. 
Step 4. In this step or phase, your child begins to learn more about JavaScript. It enables them now to create their web pages with proper guidance from your or a teacher. They can use frontend frameworks and learn Node for building backends. Then, they can further enhance their JavaScript skills. 
The following steps require time, most significantly, a long period to master JavaScript. However, with you and your child’s courage, you can help them master this scripting language at a very early stage. They can still search for tutorials, books, and chat rooms available for JavaScript coders if they get stuck. Through that, they will begin learning more!
Check out other things you need to know about JavaScript. It will guide you and your kid to your JavaScript coding adventures.

Tips in learning JavaScript for kids

Point 1. Before text-based coding languages, kids should start with block-based coding programs. Why? It would help them get idea from coding through visual learning. It also gives them experience and varieties of background about coding terms, principles, and concepts. 
In this case, kids are encouraged to begin with Scratch. Then, they can now jump into the incredible scripting language of JavaScript. 
Point 2. Kids would truly embrace coding if you help them learn it whilst they are young. So, you can begin them with books, unplugged coding activities, toys, and materials to invite them about coding. If they see how incredible this skill is, then they will surely appreciate it and participate in it without any doubts.
Point 3. It is excellent for kids to have the freedom in choosing the activities they want to perform. You may help them have options for fun projects. Give them the chance to select it independently because that is how they will learn effectively.
Point 4. Don’t push them too hard in learning to code. Kids have different pace of learning. They also have varieties of exciting and understanding of things. As long as they are enjoying coding, then give them time to master it.
Point 5. Code schools for kids, coding boot camps, and after school STEM and coding programs are great to help your child learn more about coding. These programs would guide your child to introduce block-based coding and text-based coding. In this case, your child will undergo a more concrete and well-proven curriculum to shape their coding skills efficiently. 
For you to further know JavaScript, we provided you with a short glossary for JavaScript. Browse these terms to prepare you and your child with the familiar words in the language.

JavaScript Glossary

arrays - holds and combines variables
colliders - invisible collision boxes to surround images 
function - a group of instructions or statements in scripts to give specific tasks
game mechanic - action or event of any active player in the game
keywords - words with meaning in a coding language
libraries or JavaScript libraries - a database for references as it includes pre-written functions; it also helps to simply codes
loops - a continuous checker of a condition before running a code block until the condition is false. The white loop runs forever until the state is false, while For loops helps to combine counting aspects into a line from the white loop. 
parameters - a place you add the information that dictates how the function runs
script - sets and combination of steps written by a code for the computer to follow
Sprites - images serve as the game assets
statements - rules and instructions. If statements let the block of code run if the condition is true while Else statements are for false conditions. Else if statements permits a program to react differently depending on inputs. 
variables - represents a single word, number, or information. It includes a type, a value, and a name. 

Are you ready for your child to learn JavaScript?

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