Skill Samurai expands to Australia and New Zealand - Children's Education Franchise

Skill Samurai is expanding to Australia and New Zealand!
The company has big plans for expansion – with Australia as one of many international developments in the works. 
Founded in May 2015 by Jeff Hughes, Skill Samurai is an innovative and non-traditional approach to children’s programs. The company started with just one location in New Brunswick and has since expanded globally with locations across Canada, The United States, and Latin America.  
With units in North and South America, Skill Samurai has proven that there is skyrocketing demand for STEM, Coding, Robotics, and Artificial Intelligence classes around the world. 
This year 2021, Skill Samurai reaches Australia and New Zealand which opens new opportunities for teaching computer sciences and code learning for kids.
According to Hughes, "We've found the right business partner to launch 'down under' who believes that now is the time to revolutionize education.” 
The company prepared for this tremendous branching out from four major countries into the other two countries for franchising.
“Our head office team is working diligently to finalize trademarks, legal and support resources ready so we can make a big splash internationally in 2021 and beyond, It’s all about finding the right partners to become Master Franchise owners in each location,” he added.

Skill Samurai and its goals

85% of the jobs that will exist in 2030 haven’t been created yet. It alarms parents and teachers to provide excellent training for children, preparing them for vast career opportunities like programmers, computer scientists, and software developers.
Not just that, today’s schools aren’t teaching the skills kids will need. Some schools and instructions remain behind the traditional learning approach neglecting 21st Century skills and project-based learning. 
Besides that, higher education causes massive college debts that would make learners more unprepared for their jobs and career tracks
With all these issues, Skill Samurai prepares students for the jobs that will be in demand in the future by focusing on real programming languages and industry-recognized career certification.
At Skill Samurai, they cover a STEM curriculum and face-to-face coding classes that equip kids with life skills to help them thrive both now and in the future. It also engages students in supplemental Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths (STEM) education, giving them a real academic advantage and the skills and motivation they need to succeed in life. 
To prepare learners for a faster and more lucrative career track, Skill Samurai opens class preparatory for role-based certifications. It makes Skill Samurai as the world’s first franchise focused on career-readiness education.
Skill Samurai offers students, ages seven to eighteen, the opportunity to learn important tech skills including coding and problem-solving through computer science. It encourages children to pursue an interest in the growing tech industry through creativity, exploration, and friendship in an energetic kid-friendly learning environment. Skill Samurai classes prepare students for industry-recognized certifications.
Students from primary school, middle school, and high schools are welcome to get project-based training to acquire kids coding skills, video and game development abilities, robotics competencies, and even practical skills.

Skill Samurai for Australia

Skill Samurai is also open for more franchisees across Australia. Like in the global vision of the company, Skill Samurai Australia awaits more extensions within its islands. 
"We are now recruiting our foundation franchisees," explained Jamie Buttigieg, CEO of Skill Samurai Australia. "The best part is that you don't need previous education experience. You have to have a great attitude and a willingness to learn and our rigorous training program will take care of the rest."
Buttigieg handles three schools today particularly Rouse Hill, Hawkesbury, and Castle Hill all along New South Wales. 
"With the vast knowledge of our North American partners and an industry that's ripe for change, there's no better time to get involved," stated Buttigieg. "We believe Skill Samurai franchise owners and their teams will be the most educated and trained STEM educators in Australia."

Benefits of Skill Samurai Curriculum to Australian People

Students will get training.

Aussie students aged 7 to 18 will acquire prestigious training that involves computer sciences, STEM, and coding classes. They will get equipped with career-ready skills to prepare them for any career track in the future. 
Aside from that, students’ screen time will shift into more valuable and entertaining educational computer classes for kids. It would make them better individuals as they practice leadership, resiliency, problem-solving, and even computational thinking skills. Most importantly, Australian children would develop a life-long love of learning as they started this after-school care program.

Parents will be relieved for their child’s future.

Through Skill Samurai’s preparatory STEM and coding classes for kids, your child will receive excellent 21st-century learning experiences. It will prepare them for valuable tech skills and life skills that would equip them well. Moreover, you as a parent would lessen your worries and frustrations in providing the best education for your children.
Other than that, parents will be more certain about the education program for their kids. It would remove the anxiety of thinking about their child being left behind. Parents would feel at ease and see. how their children receive unique computer education. 

Teachers and schools will improve their curriculum.

The leap from traditional learning to modern education will enhance your schools’ curriculum and courses. As a result, it would generate more globally competitive learners making them greater leaders and resilient team players. 
Aside from that, schools with a Skill Samurai curriculum will ensure project-based learning and fun and inspiring learning experiences for their students. The schools will also utilise Skill Samurai’s 40,000 lessons that would prepare them for the future through computer sciences and STEM programs.
Additionally, schools could also offer kids coding camps and extracurricular activities for kids from Skill Samurai! It would guarantee incredible kids coding class experiences using popular games children love like Minecraft, Python, Roblox, Scratch and so on!

Entrepreneurs will open new profitable businesses.

Australian entrepreneurs will also gain advantages as Skill Samurai land in the country. Why? It gives them a fantastic opportunity to open a kids coding school business that contains an impeccable vision for both the company and students. It allows them to give more profitable businesses that would train more kids for technological advancements.
These business people would also help the country to give students an edge in the new economy. What would be the result? It could provide economic improvements due to skilled and experienced tech Aussie people. 

How to be part of Skill Samurai?

If you are a parent wanting your child to have greater career opportunities in computer sciences, you can enrol your child in Skill Samurai’s kids’ coding classes. You can also have them join coding camps for kids that would incorporate exciting unplugged activities and online games. 
Parents could also check out more curricula and courses related to their kid’s interests. We offer a STEM education, maths tutoring, robotics classes for kids, and even game development. 
As for schools and teachers, you may include Skill Samurai in your curriculum and start teaching project-based lessons for kids coding. You may book a call for an educational specialist to guide you through the overall school curriculum processes.
Last but not least, entrepreneurs or private owners are also welcome to be part of the STEM education franchise. If you are interested in creating a profitable, ethical brand that delivers a positive impact on the next generation, please contact Jamie at .ua.moc.iarumaslliks%40eimaj