Home-schooling? Add Coding to Your Child's Curriculum: 3 Reasons to Add Coding to Your Child's Home-school

Homeschooling brings out better academic flexibility and a warmer learning environment for your child. It promotes efficiency in academics while providing more time with your kid's prior needs such as mental, behavioural, emotional, and physical health. But then, you can still make their homeschool much more interesting than ever. 
While you and your child enjoy the convenience of studying at home, you can further make the most out of it. How? 
… by adding a unique and stimulating homeschool adventure - to let your child try the code learning for kids! 

Tried and tested

Parents around the globe have been considering coding classes for their children. According to a poll, over 90% of parents are interested in enrolling their kids on this curriculum. They believe that coding helps their child thrive better-using technology. 
Want to know why? Here are the three significant reasons why coding for kids is perfect for homeschooled students.

#1 Your child will fall in love with maths!

Whose parents do not want their kids to like maths? Well, maths is one of the main subjects at school that is also extremely important in real life. To get your child to enjoy maths today, coding classes for kids is one of the first significant steps you should consider. 
Coding strengthens your child's maths skills such as arithmetic, computations, and logic. It also trains your kid to observe, investigate, and analyse abstract and reality in one. Through coding classes, your child will practise more of their critical thinking skills and solve mathematical equations. 
Besides math skills, kids learning programming or coding also teaches them life skills. It helps them solve situations and conquer every problem using their ways. The activities in the coding classes for kids inspire them to create and innovate. It also motivates them to work harder to achieve their goals.
Children who know coding can master maths while younger. On the other hand, kids who might be clueless about coding take more time and effort to learn math.

#2 Code learning not just excites students, but even parents!

Code learning is fun and exciting for your child, even for you. You will both appreciate its engaging and thrilling activities while your child discovers new ideas. 
Homeschooling with Skill Samurai will include first-hand building experiences, digital puzzles, and more fantastic robotics activities! Together with your child, you will have excellent bonding while learning.
Your child can also be fond of programming toys and math-related games that will further enhance their skills. Other than that, your kid will also have a blast learning coding through their favourite popular games. No doubt, it makes them so excited about playing Roblox, Minecraft, Fortnite, and other online programming games while realising that they can build their own games. 
There will be no dull moments of learning at home if they have a fantastic leisure activity using their smartphones, laptops, and computers. 
As they conquer the world of coding, kids coding and programming can touch their curiosity, inspiring them to learn more. Afterwards, these young men and women might then create and build their games at home.
Like other parents, if you believe code learning for kids brings joy to your youngsters while gaining additional skills and knowledge, it is a smart move to introduce coding with them. 

#3 Young programmers are today's necessity 

Many believe that today's fourth literacy is coding. Other than reading, writing, and arithmetic, coding is another crucial skill. It also consumes about 60% of today's job requirements.
Other than that, coding serves a massive impact in different fields like business marketing, law, medicine, health, teaching, agriculture, and even other professions. In that case, there are vast job vacancy problems for programmers and computer specialists as of 2020. These STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) fields are a big necessity today.
If the younger generation is more likely to take STEM Education careers, they might be the best helpers to the technological advancements in the future. They will be the ones to design and build programs or platforms that might cover the community’s needs.
Taking a STEM Education course starts with a child learning maths and coding. It will be less intricate and complicated for them to innovate if they already master the skill. That is one of the primary reasons, which is why you need to hone your child's skill while they are young. Code learning for kids will boost their coding skills that will make headway of better technology. 

Code learning activities for homeschooled children 

#1 Free Coding Websites for Kids

Staying at home is very convenient for kids, giving them a chance to explore the Internet thoroughly. One way to use it wisely is through various educational websites.! So, here are some of the coding websites available for kids to enjoy their homeschool setup. 
Scratch. Massachusetts Institute of Technology or MIT created Scratch for code learning and interactive games for kids aged 8 to 16. It is also for children who want to build their own storyboards, animations and design their games. Other than that, Scratch is free and capable of making coding projects with or without the Internet! 
Your child can try Scratch at home and see how it can introduce the world of coding and programming. 
Code.Org. Besides coding platforms, your child can also enhance their coding skills at home through an online course like It is a closed platform that is more modern than Scratch. It also includes engaging modules for a kid age 6 and up to experience creating apps and games. 

#2 Coding Books

Besides the available coding websites, books are also ready to make your child’s homeschooling a great experience. Well, it is not just ordinary books with stories, but literature with coding and programming activities. You can use this book whilst your child uses the computer for easy and fast reference. 
You may order online or even ask for some coding books in your local libraries. Through these books, your child improves their coding skills whilst enhancing their literacy skills. To make it possible for you to teach both, visit these links to check the coding books and STEM books perfect for homeschool activities. 

#3 Subscription boxes and kits for coding

Kids can also enjoy their homeschooling set up if you invest with subscription boxes and kits. It would help them get fascinated with different activities mainly designed for coding and programming. Other than that, it would also help them excel more in this field as they start to acquire valuables skills. 
Subscription boxes and kits can regularly give new activities that cater to your child’s ability and competencies. In this case, their homeschooling experience will never be dull and boring.

#4 Hands-on Toys for Teaching Coding

Homeschooling not only focuses on school setup, but it can also incorporate fun games and activities. So, you can use hands-on toys to teach your child coding concepts and principles. Some of the popular coding toys are listed here.

#5 STEM tutorials

You might find the right school and instructor for your student. However, you may separate their academic teacher from their STEM tutorials. Through this, you may still find a STEM tutor or maths tutor that would focus on improving your child’s STEM and 21st Century skills.
STEM education franchises highlight coding, robotics, artificial intelligence, and even 3D printing technology. They can also teach game development to your child, particularly games and platforms in Minecraft, Roblox, Python, and YouTube Creation.
Through STEM tutorials, your child’s learning experience would become more exciting, helping them get inspired for more learning and development.

#6 Code Courses

Besides all the activities indicated above, your child’s homeschool experience can still become more stable and credible. They can have concrete and more meaningful learning paths through coding courses or kids' coding classes.
In this case, the code school can access your child’s strengths. It helps your children know their abilities and determine the skill they need to improve. Other than that, a formal code school for kids would see the best-fit learning course for your child, ensuring that these young minds would indeed excel in the subject. 
Here are some suggested courses your child would take whilst learning at home.
Khan Academy. It is a free coding education globally. Salman Khan built this academy with compilations of well-produced videos about computer science. Bill and Melinda Gates partnered with Khan Academy to highlight different programming languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and more. Your child can enjoy the tutorial videos on this free course and let them witness how coding works.
Tynker. One visual programming course is Tynker. It is a coding platform for kids ages 5 to 17 to learn coding and programming quickly. It also develops various skills like critical thinking skills and problem-solving abilities.
Skill Samurai. A code school in Sydney, Australia, with an excellent course and learning resources, is Skill Samurai. It is also available globally, ensuring great coding, STEM, and robotics classes for kids. It also focuses on teaching life skills, coding skills, and other 21st Century job skills today. They are welcoming boys and girls age 7 to 18.

Homeschool Setups to learn kids coding 

After identifying the stimulating and exciting activities for homeschooled kids, you can now choose the best and most credible ways of teaching coding to your child. Here are the options.
Drag and drop. Your child can enjoy drag-and-drop coding activities like in Scratch and Tynker. They can teach your child the principles of coding whilst incorporating them into the world of computer sciences. Aside from that, drag-and-drop platforms include colourful blocks, simple instructions, and focus on easy coding activities.
Closed Platform. Kids who prefer more complex learning can choose a closed platform. They can select from Khan Academy and, which both emphasises text-based coding activities. It would also give in-depth coding and programming challenges for these kids.
Real Coding Tools. As for the third option, your child would try the actual programming setup to build their games, animations, and platforms. It would make them more familiar with and master coding and programming.
However, you may not choose among these three setups but use them all at once. It is like a progressive learning process that would make your child learn as a beginner until they become legends! 
It is why you should have a concrete coding curriculum for your child. It would help them have a stable learning journey in coding and programming. One thing that guarantees you this kind of learning is through kids coding classes.

How coding classes make a change?

Coding classes for kids like Skill Samurai is not a typical homeschool setup. It does not only focus on modules, books, or study materials that might exhaust your child. On the contrary, Skill Samurai coding for kids encourages students to learn through application and implementation. Your child will learn while utilising what they have discovered. It is a much better way of training them to innovate and create. 
Through this, your homeschooling journey will become more exciting and elevating. You will not get tired of pushing your child to learn. Why? Because these youngsters will participate in coding classes for kids wholeheartedly. They will surely enjoy and learn coding at the same time.

Are you ready to take homeschooling to the next level? 

Sign up your kids on Skill Samurai homeschool coding classes for kids. It will make your homeschool better and healthier as you both learn coding with your children. Whether your children are boys or girls, they will become fascinated with the world of coding. You will never know. Your child might be the next star programmer of their generation. 
Do not miss this opportunity, and never settle for anything less for your child’s education. Bring out the best in them as you enrol them with code school for kids.
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