How to Get My Child Into Coding and STEM - Daily Routine

Many experts encourage parents to teach child coding. It has several benefits, particularly helping them get equipped for career-ready skills in the future. So, parents take the advice and start introducing coding to kids. One simple way to rock the learning process is through a planned and regular code learning system.

Kids coding and parents’ challenges 

Children today are busy playing with their mobile phones and spending time on television. They also prefer to do online games and other activities instead of learning new things. In this case, during each STEM and code learning for kids, children resist. Why? It is due to the child’s lack of interest and attention.
So, what could be the solution? A daily routine!

Benefits of obtaining a perfect routine to teach child coding

Some parents and teachers believe that practice makes permanence. The way to make things normal and interesting for kids is through a clean and disciplined routine. It helps many to embody the skill and competency if they keep on doing it. 
Like in learning how to ride a bike, kids became familiar with the process every day, making it possible for them to ride it without any stabilisers. Through their constant bike riding, they become more calm, focused, and excited to roam around.  
In this case, it is clear how a usual routine can help you teach your kids the proper way of learning coding and STEM. Check out the simple steps to enhance your child’s coding and STEM skills without any hassles. 

Ways to make a great daily routine to teach children coding

#1 Assess your child’s situation

The very first step to make your child’s daily coding and STEM routine is to check the problem. You need to identify the things that cause them to get distracted. See for yourself the gadgets and games that hinders your kid to become interested in coding and STEM activities
It is also helpful to observe their interests and hobbies. You may use these pursuits to incorporate the code learning processes. Through this, you may get their full attention whilst they have a fun time learning. You may also see their learning style as if they need some visual aids, audio materials, or even hands-on things they can work on. Check out the things suitable for their learning process.
Other than that, you can also verify the best learning time. It is helpful to know the calmest hour for them to focus on coding tutoring instead of doing something else. 
If you consider your child’s situation and other factors that might affect their learning, you would determine the accurate ways to engage them. Moreover, they would wholeheartedly like to learn with you without any hesitations. 

#2 Create the plan of attack

After verifying your kid’s learning style, you may now analyse your observations and make a possible plan to solve this problem. However, before that, you must also include your short-term and long-term goals to see the real vision of this daily routine. 
Once you completed the goals, you may now start plotting the schedule or daily routine of your kid. Start with the simple steps, like wanting them to get familiar with basic concepts and principles. Then, you should now find the activities suitable to teach it. 
For example, if your child loves to watch on YouTube, then you may let them watch the fun and entertaining videos about kids coding. But if your kid loves toys, you may use robotics toys that they can interact with whilst learning. You may also use online games like Minecraft, Roblox, Scratch, and Python if your kid is very fond of online activities. Another way is through coding books, helping them read, observe some images, and try activities. 
You can have any STEM and coding tasks for them that are capable of interjecting coding concepts and principles. As long as you make it very much interesting for their personality, you would surely succeed in the teaching journey. 

#3 Make coding a habit for kids

To continuously grab your kid’s attention, you should make this learning session a habit. You may do this every day for about 30 minutes to one hour. You can schedule it after lunch or after school. Some parents do this activity during weekends to regularly input coding and STEM principles to their children. 
Through this habit, your kid would appreciate more of the lessons without noticing that they are progressing. Furthermore, kids would also master the coding and STEM skills in every session. 
Whether you prefer weekly or daily coding sessions, it’s up to you as their guardians. However, experts suggest you do coding and STEM learning every day with simple activities inside the house. It includes DIY activities, unplugged coding activities, and household tasks like baking, stacking groceries, and other tasks related to STEM and coding concepts. 
In this case, you are helping your kid get familiar with STEM and coding in real-life applications. So, if they face a real computer problem, they would be able to execute it well. Aside from that, they are becoming more prepared for any situation they could face in the world of coding or even in reality. 
Another recommendation for parents is to give rewards regularly. It would help kids to feel appreciated whilst influencing them how rewarding coding and STEM learning is. Moreover, a reward system would also make these young minds more inspired and motivated to learn.

#4 Design a coding and STEM “zone”

The learning environment is also a big factor to obtain a healthy daily coding and STEM learning routine. As parents, you need to ensure that your child has a nice and cozy place to learn to code, especially if they are already dealing with more complex coding activities. 
You may use just a little corner from where they can charge their tablets or laptops. A cabinet would be helpful to store their coding robots, programming literature, and other STEM and coding materials. 
The coding and STEM zone would set your kid’s mind that they would have fun and educational space. It would also make them feel comfortable and productive. 

#5 Minimize distractions

Several distractions are present inside the house, making it extra challenging to teach child coding. So, you need to solve this issue and find ways to remove these distractions. 
If you are using smartphones or laptops whilst teaching coding to your kids, you may lock up some games non-related to coding. You may also help them stay focused if you, too, are focused on the activity. You may use other alternatives to prevent temptations, ensuring your child would focus on your coding and STEM activities. 

#6 Set an alarm

You can prepare your child through an alarm. Once you both hear it, then you should get going to the coding and STEM zone. The alarm would also remind your child to stop anything they are doing and move along to the coding and STEM activities. 
If you become successful in the previous steps, you would surely see how excited your child would be if they hear this alarm. It means that they are having a great time learning abou coding and STEM.

#7 Attend coding classes for kids

As you continuously do the routine, your child would improve their coding and STEM skills. However, you can further enhance these skills through formal and well-established kids coding classes and coding camps for kids. Through these ways, your child would learn from other kids whilst the great supervision of a coding tutor. 
Kids coding camps would introduce them to incredible coding and STEM activities for a day! On the other hand, coding classes for kids can help your child master coding and STEM in a concrete learning track and environment. As a result, they would become more equipped due to a proven curriculum.
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