Why All Kids Should Learn Coding

Most people wonder how Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Drew Houston, Jack Dorsey, and prominent personalities in digital technology were able to create their renowned masterpieces like Microsoft, Facebook, Dropbox, and Twitter. Other people think they must be genius or they have incredibly innate superpowers.
And as parents, we want our kids to be able to have that kind of "superpowers" so they can have a future career that they both love and be proud of.
Most people don't know that every success that these personalities have now had one thing in common. And this common thing is something that most schools do not teach even though the success rate is very high.
Now, let me share with you the stories behind these successes.

What makes Bill Gates, Jack Dorsey, Drew Houston, and Mark Zuckerberg apart from the rest?

Bill Gates, the creator of Microsoft, was 13 when he first accessed the computer. He wrote his own version of tic-tac-toe.
Jack Patrick Dorsey, who created Twitter, was eight years old when he had access to a computer because his parents repurchased a Macintosh in 1984.
Drew Houston. the founder of Dropbox wrote his first program that only asks simple questions like 'How old are you?" or "What's your favourite colour?"
Mark Zuckerberg started young. He started coding when he was in 6th grade. Back then, his goal was not to learn all the concepts in computer programming, but he just wanted to make a program where he and his sisters could have fun.

What do they have in common?

They learned about coding and how coding works. It's that simple.
And coding is something that your kids, even you as parents, can learn and be an expert of.
Coding does not require any superpowers or unique gifts. Although there are kids with innate coding skills, two of the main driving forces are interested in learning how to code and the determination to continue learning.
Learning how coding works is a skill that kids can learn whilst having fun at the same time. The goal is not only to understand the concepts or be a genius at such an early age but for kids to discover what they can create from coding whilst enjoying how to do it.
The coding process should be something that parents should focus on rather than the end product of what kids should learn and become. Just like in life, the process of living your life, how you make life choices, the memories you build, and the people you encounter on your journey are much more important than the destination.      
Coding is very much different from learning sports or even starting on a new instrument. Teaching sports is hard at first for kids, but they can get a hand in it the first time they try it. Whilst coding is something that most people feel intimidated by and even dreadful. Dealing with different coding languages is like doing mathematical equations and just looking at them makes some people confused, nervous or intimidated. But just like any other thing, coding is something that they can learn. 
Beyond the codes and symbols, the concept of coding is just reasonably simple. It all boils down to the process of ethical problem-solving rather than the complicated algorithms used in coding. That's why coding can help your kids develop problem-solving skills that would help them solve problems in coding and use these skills in their personal and professional life in the future.

So why should all kids need to learn how to code?

Your kids don't have to be genius to learn how to do coding. Like facing any problem, all they need is the determination to learn how to code, solve the given situations, and learn something new every time. And as parents, making your children more interested from the very start is what you can do to help your kids learn new coding skills and improve online code learning.
They need to learn all about coding--the concepts, techniques, and processes because, in the long run, coding would help them build their future career in technology. Especially now that most countries are leaning toward the latest and advanced technology in almost any field and industry. Kids, especially girls are advised to take coding classes early to strengthen their logical and thinking skills, especially their problem-solving skills. Coding would also help them perform better academically, train their patience and determination, and make them highly competitive in STEM Education.
I could list down all the advantages of learning how to code and what you can do as parent to help your kids thrive in school. But the best thing that you can do right now is to decide on starting your kids as early as now. 
To help you get familiar with code learning, here are the following questions you might encounter. 

How young can a child learn to code? 

Kids can discover the world of coding as young as possible. Some parents allow their children to code at age 5. Kids 6 and above can also begin learning to code and even try to do it independently. 
Even teens can start code learning which can be helpful to make them ready for tech skills. It could help them in doing academic studies up until they pursue college. Besides that, teens can continue with their careers or jobs as they embody coding and programming skills. 
So, it reveals that kids of any age can start to learn to code. However, it is highly recommended to begin it as early as possible. So if your child is around age 6, you may start training them in basic concepts and principles of coding and computer sciences. 

Why is code learning for kids unique among other after school programs? 

Kids coding is not an ordinary after-school care program that only teaches teamwork, leadership, and social skills. Instead, it highlights skills that would also prepare children for any career they want to take. 
Unlike arts, crafts, theatre, or other activities, kids coding classes focus on moulding your child's overall development and skills. It teaches them life skills whilst mastering tech skills that would be lucrative and rewarding. 
Other than that, kids coding classes use fantastic and incredible tools and equipment, exposing your children to real-life experiences! It would help them acquire various learning as they observe how coding and programming work.
As the famous people indicated earlier, your child would also get unique, extraordinary, and authentic skills highly suitable for their future career needs. 
It’s not wrong for your child to join the theatre, racing, singing, or other activities, but coding classes would give them such skills necessary today. They would get equipped with essential 21st Century skills that would make them exceptionally talented and skilled! 

What career can my child pursue once they learn to code? 

Your child can become like the ones I mentioned earlier or even much better after code learning. Well, it is likely possible! 
Kids who love coding and programming have a bright future in computer science. They can be computer programmers, coders, computer scientists, security and data engineers, computer architects, and developers of apps and software. 
Other than that, they can also run businesses on various gadgets like computers, tablets, smartphones, and other devices that use robotics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning
Besides the technology field, your child can also begin their teaching, medicine, and even law journey. Your child can also become a professor and mentor for other learners who want to master programming and computer sciences. They can also invent new machines and procedures for health and pharmaceuticals. The law would give them skills and knowledge for cybersecurity, cyberbullying, and other related branches of law in the computer world. 
Several careers are open for tech skills. Due to the high demand of companies for individuals with tech experience and skills, your child could endeavour in these careers. It would bring them to any job they prefer. 
Kids pursuing careers like Mark Zuckerberg's will guarantee vast income and revenue for your child in the future. So, you should now do what would help your kid learn coding whilst they are young. 

Who can introduce code learning to my child?

Shaping your child's mental and overall health is your top priority. So, you should introduce practical and valuable skills and knowledge to them. But, who can start teaching about coding? Of course, it is none other than you as their parents. 
Parents can help their children learn basic foundational skills of coding at home. They can begin with coding books, literature related to programming, and even unplugged coding activities. It includes board games, DIY activities, and even STEM challenges
You, as the parents, can teach your child the importance of technology as you incorporate screen time management. You may allow your kids to learn using their gadgets. In this case, kids can watch coding tutorials and other videos related to coding and computer sciences. Furthermore, you may also assist your kid to play with STEM and coding games using their gadgets. 
Besides the parents, teachers at school can also incorporate coding and STEM-based learning. They could help your child learn more about coding and other fundamental principles. Sometimes, schools discuss computer lessons that give your kid a chance to discover its parts and uses. Primarily, schools also utilise technology for the instructional material, which is also a plus.
Even your kids’ friends can also introduce them to code learning. For example, they create mods in Minecraft; they are already presenting the world of basic coding. Through this, your kid can learn a few things about how programming works.
However, as parents, you can still make a considerable effort to help your children familiarise themselves with coding whilst they are young. There are available coding schools and after-school programs that highlight coding, STEM, and robotics. One of which is Skill Samurai.

 How can my child start to learn to code with Skill Samurai?

Skill Samurai is a face-to-face code school available in different countries. It is also present in Sydney, Australia, particularly in Castle Hill and Rouse Hill. To begin your child’s journey, you should have a tour of Skill Samurai’s website or even its location! 
You may learn the courses, curriculum, and programs that Skill Samurai offers. You may check out the code learning classes that your child is best suited for. Skill Samurai has available classes for kids 6+. Other than that, they are also very welcoming to boys, girls, and kids with special needs like visual impairment, autism, and others.
Skill Samurai also offers 21st-century teaching approaches, ensuring project-based learning. In this style, your child would experience coding on their own using gadgets. Another exciting activity with Skill Samurai is how they include popular games and software that kids love during the coding classes, such as Minecraft, Roblox, and Youtube. Moreover, they also never skip programming languages like Scratch, Python, HTML, CSS, and more!
Once you see the offers and programs in Skill Samurai, you may now begin finding the best schedule for your child. You can sign up your kids for coding classes now.
Start here if you want to help your child build their future career just like what Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Drew Houston, and Jack Dorsey did back when they have the chance to learn coding, without the need for superpowers!